Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 Now, I can unleash my power!

After returning home, Lin Beifan continued multitasking, dreaming of “creation” while practicing, completely indifferent to the outside world’s ups and downs.

Time flew, and a week passed in the blink of an eye.

Regarding creation, Lin Beifan made no progress.

In cultivation, despite abundant resources, hindered by his innate talent, progress was not rapid, barely keeping up with ordinary disciples.

However, there was significant progress in the study of divine symbols.

Since Lin Beifan bought several divine symbols, he had been studying them whenever he had spare time.

After a week of research, he had made some progress.

Now, Lin Beifan could be seen holding a brush, diligently writing and drawing on a piece of paper.

In less than a moment, the paper was filled with chaotic lines.

As Lin Beifan put down the brush, the paper with the mystical drawings shimmered, showing a faint flow of divine power, looking very magical.

Lin Beifan burst into laughter, “Done!”

This was the first divine symbol he created, named Thunder Symbol.

By sealing the palm thunder into the paper, it only needed to be torn open when in use.

“It doesn’t seem that difficult. Just cultivate the palm thunder to perfection, then concentrate divine power and meticulously outline the casting process without any mistakes in between!”

Lin Beifan summarized his experience.

“But, this is not easy for others!”

“Meeting the strict requirements of cultivating techniques to perfection is challenging for almost everyone! During the process of drawing symbols, one must be completely focused, precisely control divine power, and not make any mistakes; otherwise, all previous efforts will be in vain!”

“So, divine symbols are rare, and there are few symbol masters who can craft them!”

“With the effort and time spent on this, why not use it for cultivation? Is it not good for forging weapons or refining elixirs?”

“Why bother putting effort into these disposable tools?”

“But, this profession is perfect for me!”

Lin Beifan’s mouth curled up in satisfaction.

“I have good comprehension, learning various calligraphy and divine techniques takes no time at all. I can reach perfection in a short time.”

“Due to cultivating the ‘Great Dream Heart Sutra,’ my spiritual power is very strong, so my control is also excellent!”

“I am also a well-rounded practitioner, capable of creating divine symbols of various attributes, even composite symbols. It can completely compensate for the shortcomings in my innate talent and maximize my strength!”

The more Lin Beifan thought about it, the happier he became.

He felt like this profession was tailor-made for him, and he should promote it.

Just then, the divine symbol in front of him spontaneously ignited and turned into dust.

“It seems ordinary white paper can’t bear divine power; I need to find another material,” Lin Beifan sighed.

He had read books on this topic, and they mentioned that divine symbols had requirements for the paper used.

The stronger the symbol, the more divine power it needed to bear, and the longer it needed to be preserved, the higher the requirements for the paper.

Usually, demonic leather was used, as only demonic leather could bear divine power.

Of course, other materials could be used, such as those used for forging spiritual weapons.

However, they were far less cost-effective than demonic leather.

After understanding this crucial point, Lin Beifan immediately went to the weapon shop to purchase demonic leather.

The shopkeeper recognized Lin Beifan and warmly said, “Junior, what do you want to buy? We recently got a batch of swords, all of them are spiritual-grade. Do you want to take a look?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “My sword is sufficient. I’m here to buy demonic leather. I’ll take as much as you have!”

The shopkeeper was surprised, “Demonic leather? Demonic leather is usually used to make divine symbols. Have you already learned how to draw symbols?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “Not yet!”

Understanding the principle of “cherishing the jade while knowing its value,” Lin Beifan knew it well.

Learning a symbol-drawing method that had stumped countless people within a week – now, wouldn’t that be astonishing?

He planned to showcase it after some time.

“Exactly because I don’t know how to draw them, that’s why I bought them for research!” Lin Beifan added.

“Well said!”

The shopkeeper brought out all the stocked demonic leather and spoke earnestly, “I appreciate your business, and I’m glad! But to be honest, this thing is not something an ordinary person can afford to play with. Without talent, it’s impossible! So, if you don’t see much progress, just give up. Don’t get obsessed!”

“Thanks for the advice. I’m leaving!”

Lin Beifan paid and took the demonic leather, then headed to the Pill Pavilion and bought a large quantity of Revitalizing Pills.

“Now, I can unleash my power!”

Excited, Lin Beifan picked up the brush and started drawing divine symbols on the demonic leather.

Explosive Thunder Symbol, Aqua Escape Symbol, Golden Light Symbol, Blazing Fire Symbol…

One by one, divine symbols were rapidly created in his hands.

Due to the fast production, his divine power couldn’t keep up.

But he wasn’t worried at all because he had plenty of Revitalizing Pills.

Once his divine power was depleted, he immediately took a pill to replenish it.

In less than half a day, Lin Beifan produced hundreds of divine symbols.

Although these hundreds of divine symbols were ordinary, once detonated, they could still injure a Godsea realm expert.

What if he had 1,000 divine symbols, or even 10,000?

Just thinking about it was incredibly tempting.

So, Lin Beifan couldn’t stop himself.

“Let’s set a small goal first, draw 10,000 divine symbols!”

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