Chapter 41

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===041 – Where Are the Level Four Students?===

At the Lingyun Martial Arts Academy, when students reach level three, they need to undergo outdoor training at the base under the guidance of teachers. The main focus of this training is to learn survival skills in the wilderness and skills to fight against beasts.

After nearly a year of outdoor survival training, the gap between level three students and level two or one students has become very wide, to the point where their temperaments are noticeably different.

Almost every level three student has experienced combat with fierce beasts. Some more formidable ones have even sparred with the care of teachers.

But all of this is unimportant to Su Hao. No matter how diverse the experiences of level three students may be, they are just a group of twelve or thirteen-year-old teenagers, a group of ordinary martial artists. Even if there is an exceptional genius who has broken through to become an elite martial artist, it is still limited to the initial stage of an elite martial artist and fundamentally no different from ordinary martial artists.

Su Hao can easily defeat them.

Arriving at the residence of the level three students, Su Hao handed He Qingqing over to Fatty and rushed towards the clearly marked target of the level three students. Along the way, he loudly declared, “I am Wu Xiangwu, here to challenge all level three students. You can all attack me together.”

At this point, a large number of level one and level two students had already arrived and found good spots to watch, discussing among themselves.

Moxin leaned close to Jin Dayan’s face, widened her eyes, and curiously asked, “Jin Dayan, do you think this Wu Xiangwu can defeat these level three students? They are all tall and strong, and they look like tough characters.”

Jin Dayan distanced himself and shook his head, saying, “I’m not sure, I can’t see through this person.”

Jinxiaohan pulled Moxin aside, protecting her brother, and said, “Moxin, ask if you want to ask, but don’t take advantage of my brother.”

Moxin giggled and said, “In my opinion, Wu Xiangwu won’t make it this time. Level three students are different from level two students.”

Jinxiaohan nodded and said, “I think so too. He is too arrogant right now.”

Moxin nodded and said, “This Wu Xiangwu is indeed a monster, and he has the right to be arrogant. But I’m afraid he’s going to fall flat on his face this time.”

Moxin turned around with a smile and said, “Jin Dayan, aren’t you envious of Wu Xiangwu? He is one of the geniuses of Lingyun Town.”

Jin Dayan didn’t care and said, “Of course, I’m envious, but I’m just a genius. He is a monster. Why should I compare myself to a monster?”

Mo Xin and Jin Xiaohan had nothing to say to each other.

On the other side, Xiao Yushu stood in the corner, silently watching Su Hao’s figure. It was a figure that rushed into the crowd without hesitation, with a hint of confusion in his eyes. He muttered to himself, “Wu Xiangwu, I am not as good as you!”

Su Hao had already arrived in front of a third-level student who looked bewildered. He raised his hand and threw a punch. The third-level student instinctively reached out to block, but Su Hao swiftly sidestepped, accurately landing a punch on the opponent’s chin, sending him flying and knocking him out.

Knocking someone out was the easiest way.

Without stopping for a moment, he moved towards the nearest person.

The person quickly assumed a defensive stance, anticipating Su Hao’s movements and predicting his attack.

Su Hao once again evaded and moved to the side, and then launched a flying uppercut!

Sent flying!

At this point, the third-level students realized that someone was causing trouble.

To meet someone and immediately resort to physical violence, they were being too arrogant!

So, some of them excitedly rushed towards Su Hao, shouting that they wanted to beat him up. More people stood by, some not understanding what was happening.

But it didn’t matter, they would soon understand.

Within a short period of time, Su Hao had already knocked out one person with a punch, kicked another person away, and either caused them to faint or left them wailing on the ground, unable to get up.

The daring ones who rushed over were quickly defeated, and the scene was in chaos.

Su Hao didn’t stop, he continued towards those further away, loudly proclaiming, “I am first-level student Wu Xiangwu, here to challenge all third-level students, welcome to brawl!”

Su Hao charged forward, killing in all directions. Every punch and kick carried immense power, sending anyone he hit flying and causing them to wail on the ground.

Soon, the remaining third-level students became afraid. Some tried to escape, while others reluctantly attempted to fight back, only to be defeated and unable to get up again.

“This fool doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s too powerful, we can’t stop him. Go find Ye Xiaomeng.”

“Find Ye Xiaomeng? Can you afford to lose this person?”

“That’s right, if you can’t beat him, why go after a female warrior? If you want to go, then go yourself. I’m not going.”

“But now only Ye Xiaomeng has a chance of being his opponent.”

“Remove that possibility. Ye Xiaomeng is already an elite warrior, this fool definitely isn’t her match.”

“Oh damn, that fool is charging towards us.”

“You guys hold him off, stall him. I’ll go find Ye Xiaomeng.”

“Hold him off? Who can stall him?”

Not far from the third-level training ground, there was a large trial ground where many dangerous beasts were kept under control. It was specifically used for practical combat training for third-level students.

At this moment, in a closed room in the training ground, a short-haired girl of about thirteen or fourteen was facing off against a giant bear-like creature.”This creature is two meters tall and at least three meters long. It looks like a bear, but it’s not a bear. Its head is similar to that of a crocodile, with a long mouth and exposed sharp teeth arranged in a formidable manner. It has sharp bones resembling fish fins that grow along its spine, giving it a terrifying appearance.

This creature is called a Crocodile Tooth Beast. It is the lowest level of ferocious beast characterized by slow movement, but its thick and sturdy body makes it resistant to attacks, making it suitable for training third-level students.

Although it is the lowest level of ferocious beast, it is still a ferocious beast and stands firmly among the elite level. Even a beginner elite-level warrior may not necessarily be able to match this Crocodile Tooth Beast.

Suddenly, a short-haired girl moved, shouted tenderly, and charged straight towards the Crocodile Tooth Beast. In the instant the Crocodile Tooth Beast opened its mouth to bite, she moved aside and delivered a high-level kick, kicking the creature’s neck and causing the entire front half of its body to rise up high.

“Gong gong!” The Crocodile Tooth Beast let out a muffled scream from its throat, and instinctively tried to swipe its short, thick claws towards the short-haired girl.

With a light backward jump, the short-haired girl avoided the claw strike and was about to continue attacking the Crocodile Tooth Beast. Suddenly, the voice of her companion came from outside the door.

“Xiaomeng, come out quickly! Something big happened in the training ground!”

“What happened?” The short-haired girl inquired, and with a kick, she sent the enraged Crocodile Tooth Beast staggering backwards. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she disengaged from the fight and went out through the door.

“Follow me quickly, only you can stop that lunatic!” As soon as they stepped out of the door, a freckled girl immediately grabbed her and they ran.

On the other side, the third-level students in the area had lost their will to resist. When they saw Su Hao charging towards them, they scattered like birds and beasts, each trying to save their lives. At this moment, Su Hao couldn’t catch up with everyone, and his attack efficiency became extremely low.

After a moment, Su Hao stopped, discontented, and said, “Where is the backbone of you third-level students? Come on, let’s settle this! You can all attack together, I’m fine with it.”

The remaining third-level students in the vicinity cursed in their hearts, but couldn’t utter a word.

Because they all knew that as long as this foolish guy had set his sights on them, there was no way for them to escape.

Just then, a group of people surrounded a short-haired beauty and walked towards Su Hao.

The short-haired girl was dressed in a martial arts outfit and exuded a strong aura. If she wasn’t a girl, many boys would probably be willing to be her partner.

One of the third-level students pointed at Su Hao, wearing a face of sadness and indignation, and said, “Xiaomeng, it’s him! He doesn’t know if he’s sick, he just goes and starts a fight when he sees someone.”

Ye Xiaomeng raised her chin and said in a crisp voice, “That kid, are you causing trouble?”

Su Hao grinned, didn’t say a word, and charged straight over.

Let’s settle everything after knocking everyone down. Speaking before the fight when the other side has more people is being in a weak position, but if he knocks them all down, he will have the upper hand, and then speaking makes sense.

“Arrogant!” Ye Xiaomeng’s expression turned cold, stepping out from the crowd, she rushed towards Su Hao. She wanted to teach this ignorant fool a lesson.

Su Hao’s gaze froze for a moment. This little girl’s speed exceeded that of a high-level ordinary martial artist by far. Not bad.

But it was all meaningless. Su Hao suddenly burst out, his speed instantly reaching its peak.

“Gliding Shadow Step!””Rising Sky Fist!”

The two quickly made contact. Little girl Ye Xiaomeng screamed in pain, flew high in the air, and landed heavily on the ground.


All third-level trainees felt despair in their hearts. The strongest competitor of their generation had already fallen. Did they still have hope?

“Charge! Let’s all go together.”

“Yes! Shoulder to shoulder!”


The voices contained endless tragedy!

But it was still useless. When the power disparity is too great, numbers cannot make up for it.

Finally, after everyone had fallen down, Su Hao took a deep breath and relaxed.

Overall, third-level trainees were much stronger than second-level trainees. This battle today had consumed a lot of his strength.


The first and second-level trainees who were watching immediately stirred up.

They had personally witnessed an incredible battle miracle. A first-level trainee had defeated all the third-level trainees. No matter who it was, they all fell with just one hit. Even the super genius known as Ye Xiaomeng, who had already been promoted to an elite martial artist, collapsed with a single blow.

The hearts of the second-level trainees became balanced. A few months ago, they had also been defeated by Su Hao alone, and now it seemed like nothing. It was normal for them, second-level trainees, to not be able to beat him.

“Wu Xiangwu is so powerful! He single-handedly defeated all the third-level trainees.”

“Unbelievable! It’s worth it to witness such a miracle today!”

“This is the hotheaded flying man Wu Xiangwu!”

“In the future, Wu Xiangwu will be my big brother. I’ll bring good wine and food to worship him tomorrow. Who wants to join?”

“Count me in!”

“I’ll join too!”

Su Hao walked, then suddenly pulled a person aside and asked, “By the way, do you know where the fourth-level trainees are?”

The person was puzzled and stammered, “I…I don’t know!”

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