Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – We are the Forest Rangers 1

-One month has passed since Aix retired from being an adventurer.

-The effect duration is finally over.

-Monsters are becoming active in the Great Forest.

-The Forest Guard’s pride, their new barrier, has turned into a useless fence.

-The former Guild Master’s shop has had all its advanced equipment shut down.

-The Viscount’s house is being hit by a cold draft. It seems that a lot of firewood will be needed this year.

“Hey, where’s Aix?”

This was asked by Evanston, a sub-contractor for the Forest Guard who likes to brag and pick on weaker people. He’s not worried about the effect duration, but about the contract. This man is so unbelievable that he doesn’t even know that his contract extension has expired.

Looking back, Aix probably gave his retirement notice to the parent company, not to a low-level like him so it’s understandable that he doesn’t know.

However, since the contract is between the guild and the sub-contractor, Aix is also partially responsible. Well, the blame lies with the receptionist who failed to report the termination.

“Why hasn’t he come yet? He’s never been late for the job before. It’s already past noon! It’s really late.”

Evanston has been waiting for Aix, tapping his chair anxiously.

…Aix retired thirty days ago.

“We’re in trouble if that boy doesn’t come. This is very bad. If you think about it calmly, no one else can do that job, right? When will he come?”

Furthermore, one reason why he is so panicked is because there are plenty of reasons why he might not come.

In hindsight, I pushed him too hard, thinking that he wouldn’t complain about about anything. To be frank, I was pushing everything onto him. I also took my frustration out on him at home by being harsh with him, because my wife was being hard on me. Maybe I should have been kinder to him.

“No, there should be a trust between me and Aix that he understands it’s a joke. So it’s just a matter of poor physical condition. Who is the idiot who overworked my cute grandson until he collapsed?!”

Throwing a huge boomerang with all his might.

If only it would pierce through roughly.

“Usually, I conveyed the instructions I received from the client as the main contractor, and Aix wrote a report, which I checked.”

In a panic, he stands up. And then, like a spinning boomerang, he begins to circumnavigate the chair. Occasionally, he remembers that a chair is for sitting and repeats standing and sitting.

“Hurry up and come. There’s no time left.”

He glares at the ticking clock with resentment. The regular report time had long since passed.

“I can’t wait any longer.”

Finally made a decision.

“For now, I’ll go to the guild and check it out.”

Evanston entered the adventurer’s guild but felt like the atmosphere was like a funeral compared to before. He went outside and checked the sign, and confirmed that it was still the adventurer’s guild. He wondered if something had happened and found a receptionist to complain to.

“What kind of education are you giving in your guild? Your Aix still hasn’t come to us yet?”

“Huh? …Aix-san?”

The receptionist looked at him as if he was speaking nonsense and responded.

“Oh, what nonsense. Aix-san already quit a month ago!”

The adventurers also looked at Evanston with cold eyes.

“Hey, some weirdo just came in. Who’s that ultra-idiot?”

The receptionist was pleased with the commotion and resumed her paperwork. She didn’t mention Aix’s resignation to Evanston because she neglected her reporting duties.

“I am Evanston, a subcontractor of the forest security force! You’re no help. Call the guildmaster.”

“Huh? The guildmaster is at the mines. If you have any business, go to the mines. Or better yet, just go!”

Ignoring the red-faced Evanston telling him to go home, the receptionist started writing failure request documents. Why are there so many of these?

“Wha-what? What do you want?”

“Or perhaps, could you introduce me to some good adventures?”

The receptionist lost her temper at the bald man who kept bothering her, slammed her desk, and the eyes of the adventurers who had been disappointed in their failures turned to Evanston.

“These weaklings are not even worth talking about!”

Everton was overwhelmed and fled the adventurer’s guild. He realized that the job details and payment for Aix were beyond the norm. There was no godly talent that would take on such conditions.

“For now, let’s report back to the client.”

He was in a predicament. This was his first time in five years! He scratched his thin hair.

“Aix, where are you? Aren’t we close? Come back soon!”

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