Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: This woman is becoming smarter and smarter. How can I fool her in the future?

Lin Beifan said calmly, “Your Majesty, although there have been legends about the elixir of immortality since ancient times, countless emperors and ambitious individuals have sought to refine the elixir of immortality, aiming to rule the world forever. But in the end, they all failed!”

“So, I have always believed that the elixir of immortality is like a flower in a mirror and a moon in the water. It may look beautiful and within reach, but it’s just an unattainable dream!”

The Empress countered, “But just now, we received news from Great Yan that the Empty Void Daoist has successfully refined the legendary elixir of immortality!”

Lin Beifan calmly replied, “Indeed, the elixir was successfully created, but it was destroyed by the heavens. This indicates that such a divine elixir is absolutely not meant to exist in this world! Your Majesty, think about it. If there really is an elixir of immortality, and someone consumes it, gaining eternal life and eternal dominion over the world, then who will have the final say, that person or the heavens?”

The Empress nodded thoughtfully.

“This creates a contradiction! So, the heavens will not allow eternal beings to exist! No matter how powerful a person may be, they cannot contend with the heavens unless they possess abilities equal to the heavens or transcend this realm. Otherwise, they can only be subject to the heavens, trapped in the cycle of reincarnation.”

The Empress nodded once again, “You make a valid point, Minister.”

Lin Beifan emphasized, “Therefore, I hope Your Majesty won’t become obsessed with immortality but focus on state affairs, work diligently, and be a benevolent ruler to your people. In this way, even if your physical body perishes after a hundred years, your spirit will achieve true immortality, remembered by future generations.”

The Empress smiled, “Minister, you’re right! But I sense a hidden agenda in your words.”

“What hidden agenda?” Lin Beifan blinked innocently, wearing a slow smile. “Minister, are you perhaps suggesting that I’m neglecting my duties for leisure and should review the memorials?”

The Empress gave him a sharp look.

Lin Beifan felt a bit panicked. How was the Empress becoming so astute? The moment he showed a hint of slacking, she noticed it. This woman was getting smarter. How could he continue to deceive her in the future?

“Your Majesty, there’s absolutely nothing like that,” Lin Beifan said sincerely.

“Really?” the Empress pressed.

Lin Beifan immediately shook his head, “Absolutely not!”

“Since there isn’t, I can relax then!” The Empress enthusiastically took out a fishing rod and waved it at Lin Beifan. “Minister, you should go attend to state affairs. I came here for a rare break, so I’m going to enjoy it. You’ll have to work hard!”

Lin Beifan was quite exasperated. “Your Majesty, it’s been over half a month! I’ve been reviewing memorials for more than twenty days straight. I’m about to lose it. Can’t you let me have some fun too?”

“No, state affairs are pressing, and we can’t slack off. I came here rarely and just want to relax. So, I’ll have to trouble you!” The Empress was firm in her words.

Under the Empress’s strong insistence, Lin Beifan reluctantly continued reviewing memorials.

They stayed for a day and then headed towards the east along the river, gradually moving away from the Great Yan Dynasty.

Meanwhile, the capital of Great Yan was bustling with activity.

Due to the rumored creation of the legendary elixir of immortality, various factions had sent spies to the capital, and the city’s defenses were at an all-time high.

Great Yan had mobilized many soldiers and experts for intensive patrols, leaving no room for complacency.

However, in the Imperial Palace, things appeared unusually calm. In a luxurious palace, on a grand bed, lay a person wrapped like a mummy.

This person is none other than the Empty Void Daoist. After being struck by lightning last night, he was seriously injured and unconscious. He was then rescued and brought to the palace for treatment by the Great Yan Emperor. Fortunately, he had a strong constitution, and after a day of rest, his body finally showed signs of recovery. He woke up in a daze and saw a familiar figure in a yellow robe.

“Imperial Teacher, you’ve finally awakened! I was so worried about you!” The person before him was the Emperor of the Great Yan Dynasty.

At this moment, the Emperor’s eyes were somewhat bloodshot, and he seemed to have not slept at all throughout the day. However, upon seeing the awake Empty Void Daoist, his spirits appeared exceptionally high.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry to have caused you worry! Ugh, where am I?” The Empty Void Daoist looked around, feeling that this place was unfamiliar but also somewhat familiar.

“Imperial Teacher, this is the imperial bedchamber of the palace! Last night, you suffered a heavenly punishment, and your injuries were extremely severe. Moreover, your residence was also destroyed, so we brought you here for healing. I personally watched over you for the night!” The Emperor said with a smile.

The Empty Void Daoist was taken aback. He not only found himself in the Emperor’s bedchamber but also had the Emperor watch over him for the night? This was such a tremendous honor!

The Empty Void Daoist quickly got up, feeling anxious. “Your Majesty, this…”

The Great Yan Emperor was also flustered. “Imperial Teacher, you’re still heavily injured. Please lie down quickly. If you have any concerns, just speak, and I’ll listen.”

Under the Emperor’s strong insistence, the reluctant Daoist finally lay down. He felt even more nervous.

He hadn’t done anything significant, so why was the Emperor being so good to him? He decided to ask this question.

“Imperial Teacher, have you forgotten?” The Great Yan Emperor said excitedly, “Last night, on that stormy night with thunder and lightning, you successfully refined the legendary divine elixir – the Elixir of Immortality!”

The Daoist was completely bewildered, stammering, “I… I refined the legendary Elixir of Immortality?”

“Exactly!” The Great Yan Emperor exclaimed with great excitement. “I couldn’t believe it myself, Imperial Teacher, you actually refined such a heaven-defying divine medicine! It’s a golden pill, emitting a faint fragrance, suspended in the air without being affected by wind or rain, like a miracle! Everyone saw it, and some even kowtowed in reverence!”

Empty Void Daoist blinked.

He only remembered being struck by lightning before losing consciousness.

But before that, in a vague moment, he saw a golden light shooting up from the alchemy furnace, dazzling and magnificent. Could that have been the Elixir of Immortality?

Oh my goodness!

He had messed around without a clue, and he had actually refined the legendary divine elixir?

Even if it wasn’t the Elixir of Immortality, it was probably another miraculous elixir with extraordinary effects!

Could he really refine divine elixirs like this?

He must be the most favored child of the heavens, hahaha! The Empty Void Daoist also became excited.

“It’s just a pity that such a divine medicine is too heaven-defying and cannot exist in the world. Otherwise, I would have consumed it long ago and realized my dream of becoming an immortal,” the Great Yan Emperor said with a hint of regret.

The Daoist was shocked. “What? The divine elixir is gone?”

“Yes! Imperial Teacher, you don’t know. When the elixir was completed, it caused an uproar, and countless powerful individuals came to seize it. But in the end, heavenly thunder descended and destroyed the elixir! It’s truly a pity!”

“It’s indeed a pity!” The Daoist nodded heavily, his heart aching.

He had stumbled upon a rare opportunity, concocting such a divine elixir with great effort, only for it to be destroyed by the heavens!

If he could find another one like it, he would definitely ingest it before being struck by thunder and lightning.

“Though the divine elixir is gone, fortunately, Imperial Teacher, you’re still here!” The Great Yan Emperor excitedly held the Daoist’s chubby hand, his face filled with zeal. “Imperial Teacher, do you remember the method of refinement?”

The Daoist suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

They were both grown men, and now they were holding hands. It was too cheesy! Especially the Emperor’s gaze, he seemed like he wanted to swallow him whole. The Empty Void Daoist quickly pulled his hand away and said, “Your Majesty, I remember the method of refining the divine elixir!”

Though the elixir had been concocted through his trial and error, he remembered the materials used and the entire process very clearly. The most unique aspect was that he had added Ivory Dragon Bones to it.

Could it be that the dragon bones played a role?

The Daoist became excited; he seemed to have grasped a key point!

“Just remembering is good enough! It’s good enough!” The Great Yan Emperor said enthusiastically. “Though we failed last night because we didn’t know the consequences of the elixir’s completion, we should be able to preserve the divine elixir next time with better preparation!”

The Daoist nodded excitedly. “Your Majesty is absolutely right!”

“Imperial Teacher, you can rest here, and from now on, you’ll reside in the imperial palace! Once your injuries are healed, we’ll refine the divine elixir again! If you need any materials, just tell me, and I’ll search the world to find them for you!” The Great Yan Emperor guaranteed, patting his chest.

“Thank you, Your Majesty! I need…” The Empty Void Daoist opened his mouth and listed a long string of rare and precious materials. However, the Great Yan Emperor didn’t hesitate and had his attendants note down the list.

He then gave some instructions to the Empty Void Daoist and left the palace.

He immediately summoned civil and military officials for a court assembly and passed on the list.

“Everyone, no matter what method you use, you must find the items on this list for me! This matter is crucial for my path to immortality, and all of you ministers must take it to heart and make it your top priority!”

An elderly minister hesitated, “But, Your Majesty, this will exhaust the people and resources, and it might provoke public outrage. The country is currently in turmoil, and there is chaos everywhere. Shouldn’t we wait for peace in the land before collecting the items on the list?”

The Great Yan Emperor slammed the table in anger, saying, “They are all a bunch of shortsighted commoners, hindering my grand ambition of immortality! How can they not understand that once I become an immortal, I will bring blessings to the entire world? They don’t understand gratitude and are obstructing such an important matter under my reign! Their crime deserves death!”

“Your Majesty, you speak the truth!”

“They are all a group of shortsighted commoners! Your Majesty, once you achieve immortality, the world will be at your fingertips, and everyone will enjoy peace! They not only lack understanding but also seek to hinder Your Majesty’s great endeavor. Their crimes deserve execution!’

“Your Majesty, I support your idea!”

When the civil and military officials saw the legendary elixir of immortality, they wholeheartedly believed in it and rallied behind the Emperor. Even if there were some opposing voices, they were drowned out by the mainstream opinion and couldn’t create any disturbance.

“So, pay no attention to them! Whoever dares to resist, send the troops to suppress them!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

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