Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: This woman is too greedy, wanting to have 10 children!

Lin Beifan turned his head in surprise and said, “Miss Ziyue, how did you come?”

The person in front of him was Princess Ziyue.

She was still wearing a purple dress, with a layer of purple veil on her face, revealing only a pair of captivating purple eyes. Although the content couldn’t be clearly seen, judging from her graceful figure, she must be an absolute beauty.

When had the people from the White Elephant Kingdom seen such a beautiful woman? They were all momentarily stunned, forgetting their work. Princess Ziyue approached gracefully, as if she were carried by the wind.

In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Lin Beifan. Tilting her head slightly, her purple eyes were charming as she smiled, “Of course, I came to see Lord Lin. It’s been over a month, and I missed you so much that I couldn’t help but come!”

Such a melodious voice captivated the surrounding White Elephant Kingdom residents.

“This isn’t a place for conversation. Let’s find somewhere else to talk,” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

Princess Ziyue looked around and nodded, “Lord, you’re right.”

So, the two of them left, chatting and laughing.

The onlookers couldn’t help but discuss as they watched them leave.

“This woman in purple is so beautiful, like a celestial being from heaven!”

“Yes, she’s more beautiful than any woman I’ve seen in my life. I wonder who can possess her.”

“No need to say, it must be the consort of Prime Minister. Didn’t you see the way that goddess looked at Prime Minister? Full of admiration and love! When they stand together, they’re like a perfect match!”

“Haha, a man like Prime Minister, who wouldn’t love him among all women on earth?”

“True! Enough chitchatting, let’s continue working!”

About the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, the two of them arrived by the river. There was no one around. Lin Beifan asked again, “Princess, what brings you here this time?”

“Strategist, didn’t I say it? I came here just to see you, this heartless man!” Princess Ziyue looked at him somewhat reproachfully. “I only found out through other sources that you didn’t even have me in your heart. What kind of person are you if you’re not heartless?”

Lin Beifan waved his hand repeatedly, “Princess, you’ve misunderstood! I came to Wuxi on a mission to resolve the internal troubles of the White Elephant Kingdom and promote food production. I’ve been extremely busy!”

“And, Princess, you’ve been busy with your great undertaking in Dayue as well. I didn’t want to disturb you, so I didn’t contact you. Please forgive me!”

“I understand completely, that’s why I came in person! Strategist, did you feel surprised?” Princess Ziyue raised her head slightly, her purple eyes turned gentle, and she said with a smile, “Of course, I was surprised! Princess, did you bring any special gifts? I prefer things that are yellow and white, commonly known as gold and silver! If you didn’t bring those, valuable items are also acceptable. The essence of friendship lies in sincerity, and as long as your intentions are good, I can accept anything, whether it’s a lot of money or a little!”

Princess Ziyue was a bit angry, “Strategist, I traveled all this way to see you, and all you care about is money! Do you really like money that much in your eyes? Do you think money is more important than me?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, saying, “Princess, you’ve misunderstood me. I don’t like money, and I’m not interested in it!”

Princess Ziyue was a bit bewildered, “You don’t like money?”

Lin Beifan replied, “That’s right. I like people who have money!”

Princess Ziyue: “…”

Lin Beifan’s gaze turned mischievous, “Beautiful women like you, Princess, are naturally wealthy, and that’s what I like the most!”

Princess Ziyue giggled, “Strategist, you really know how to talk, and I’m enjoying it! With your smooth tongue and sweet words, you must have deceived many women, right?”

Lin Beifan felt innocent, “Princess, you’ve got it all wrong again! Men like me are always in demand. There’s no need for deception. Women are like moths to a flame; they come rushing in, and you can’t stop them!”

Thinking of the beautiful women in Lin Beifan’s household, Princess Ziyue nodded approvingly.

“Especially a certain woman…” Lin Beifan’s gaze drifted off. “Always going against my wishes, making moves on me, and I don’t even have a chance to resist, so I can only surrender!”

“Strategist!” Princess Ziyue scolded, her face blushing slightly, which made her look especially charming.

“Did I say something wrong?” Lin Beifan asked.

Princess Ziyue let out a little sigh, “Strategist, your words are not wrong. But you’ve reminded me!”

Lin Beifan was confused, “Reminded you of what?”

“Reminded me to do what I should do!” Princess Ziyue pounced on Lin Beifan and hugged him.

Lin Beifan looked somewhat resigned. This woman had come again! Every time, she was so impatient, not giving me any choice!

Alright, I can’t resist, so I’ll just enjoy it! Letting you have your way?

Humph! If it weren’t for my hidden abilities, where would you…

The two embraced for a while, reluctant to part. Princess Ziyue talked about the situation in Dayue, and at the moment, everything was going smoothly.

Princess Ziyue led her troops to set fires everywhere, while the Dayue Dynasty was busy extinguishing them. The country was in chaos, and the situation was gradually becoming uncontrollable.

Lin Beifan nodded and smiled, “Princess, the situation is really favorable. The day of Slanted Moon’s revival is approaching!”

“Strategist speaks the truth! If no external forces intervene, I am confident that within half a year, I can overthrow the Dayue Dynasty and revive my Slanted Moon!” Princess Ziyue said ambitiously.

Lin Beifan cheered in agreement.

“At that time, I will be the Empress of Slanted Moon, and you, Strategist, will be the Prince of Slanted Moon, my husband! Together, we will govern Slanted Moon and then have a group of imperial sons and grandsons! How about we have 10 children, Strategist?” Princess Ziyue daydreamed.

Lin Beifan sweated, “Princess, you’re thinking a bit too far ahead, even considering children!”

Princess Ziyue looked very serious and said, “Strategist, I have no choice but to consider this! The bloodline of our Slanted Moon royal family is thin, and the continuation of our lineage relies solely on us!”

Lin Beifan was sweating, “But there’s no need to have so many, two or three should be enough!”

“It’s necessary to have that many! It’s not just for the Slanted Moon royal family, there’s another important reason!”

Lin Beifan asked, “What’s the important reason?”

Princess Ziyue touched Lin Beifan’s cheek and said, “Strategist, you are the most outstanding and intelligent man I’ve ever met! Your bloodline is so exceptional, it must be passed down, so we must have many children!”

Lin Beifan was drenched in sweat, realizing he was being treated like a breeding pig!

Inwardly, Lin Beifan sighed deeply. It’s so difficult to be a man as outstanding as me when even marriage is not a matter of choice!

They continued to talk, discussing the matters of the White Elephant Kingdom.

Princess Ziyue raised an eyebrow, “Strategist, aren’t the matters of the White Elephant Kingdom really that simple? I find it hard to believe that such trivial matters would trouble you so much. Couldn’t just send an official to handle it?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Princess, you’re underestimating it. There are more reasons, and I’ll tell you, but don’t mention it to anyone!”

“Strategist, please go ahead quickly. I promise not to reveal anything!” Princess Ziyue leaned in curiously…

So, Lin Beifan explained the plan to eliminate the White Elephant.

After hearing it, Princess Ziyue was greatly impressed, “Truly worthy of being a strategist, you can come up with such brilliant tactics! Although the plan has just begun, I have a strong feeling that it will succeed!”

Lin Beifan nodded with a smile.

Then, Princess Ziyue became jealous, “What virtues and abilities does that woman have to receive such help from you?”

That woman naturally referred to the Empress.

“After all, I’m currently a Prime Minister in the Great Wu Empire, responsible for serving the dynasty and shouldering its burdens. It’s only natural for me to serve the Empress! Besides, in these past two years, she has treated me well, and helping her with some matters is the right thing to do!” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

“Strategist, you’re not wrong! But now you have to be careful because your achievements are too great. You’re not just the Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of the Great Wu, but even a King now, and there’s nothing left to reward you with! The saying ‘achievements high enough to shake the ruler’ is not just a saying! Throughout history, not many people who have reached this position have had good endings!”

“Moreover, you’ve offended many officials and generals in the court. If there’s any trouble, they will definitely take advantage of it!”

Lin Beifan nodded, “I understand this, and I will be cautious!”

He had always been aware of his situation and was prepared to escape at any time.

“Especially be careful of that woman. She doesn’t seem that simple!” Princess Ziyue said with caution, “Although I’ve only seen her once, I have a strong intuition that this woman is absolutely extraordinary!”

Lin Beifan also nodded. As he spent more time with the Empress, he gradually realized that she was indeed not as simple as she appeared on the surface.

She wasn’t as incompetent as outsiders claimed.

Some things were indeed in disarray, but others were handled perfectly.

She was the kind of person who seemed a bit muddled on small matters but was astute on big issues.

Especially as she became more astute over time, overseeing the destruction of the Three Great Fiefdoms, she handled many matters skillfully. From the perspective of national affairs, they often reached a consensus without discussing it. Currently, the only foolish thing she seemed to be doing was being overly infatuated with men.

Lin Beifan touched his own face. Any wise emperor would practice the art of ruling, ensuring a balanced court, so they could firmly control power and have officials and generals serve them. Even if it were just one person, they would need to maintain balance to avoid being sidelined.

However, the Empress had gone ahead and delegated all power to him. He was not only the Prime Minister and Supreme Commander but even a King, with support overwhelmingly leaning in his favor. It was too much for him to handle.

If he were indeed a power-hungry minister, the Empress would have been finished long ago!

“Strategist, Great Wu is not safe! Only Slanted Moon is your permanent destination!” Princess Ziyue added.

Lin Beifan nodded, “Princess, I understand!”

If he ever had to escape in the future, Slanted Moon would indeed be a good place to go. The only thing he would have to deal with is Princess Ziyue. This woman is too greedy; she wants to have 10 children. How can I handle that?

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