Chapter 40 – The Killer Kills Everyone

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“This is a robbery!”

These two words were neither light nor heavy, floating on the wind and reaching the ears of everyone down the hill. Gao Feihu’s heart skipped a beat, wondering if he had heard wrong.

“Hey, robbery, it’s robbery! Men stand on the left, women stand on the right, and there are no men and women standing in the middle!” Cheng Dalei rode his horse, shouting a wildly fabricated threat.

Gao Feihu was agitated, now confirming that he had heard correctly, and he finally understood that Cheng Dalei closed the fortress gates not because of childish anger, he was really going to rob!

But why?

Gao Feihu couldn’t understand this question.

Hadn’t he seen the flowing blood of the Zhu Clan Bandits and the 30s of people who had died tragically like pigs and dogs?

Didn’t he see Lu Heng’s elite army of over a hundred people, waving those people’s heads at spearpoint!

Didn’t he see the bandit clan leaders in the Blackbull Mountains all kneeling down and lowering their tails like dogs?

He saw them, but he still rode his skinny horse and said two words in front of the elite soldiers and the heads of people.


Lu Heng narrowed his eyes slightly, then the corners of his mouth grinned and he raised his palms.

“On the count of five, come and kneel under my horse and I can choose to forgive you for what you just said.”

Cheng Dalei dismounted from his horse, put his axe aside and rolled up the hem of his shirt and pulled it to his waist.

Gao Feihu nodded gently at the sight, “It doesn’t matter that he was crazy for a moment, now he kowtows to Lu Heng and begs for forgiveness, even if it’s humiliating, but what does this humiliation mean if he can survive?”

At this moment, Huang Sanyuan and Xu Shenji pushed the heavy crossbow in front of the gate, then darted away.

Cheng Dalei came to the crossbow, turned the winch, drew the bow and placed a special arrow on the crossbow.

Gao Feihu’s eyes widened and he realized that he had thought wrong, this was not a prostration to beg for mercy, he was going to – attack!

Is this a mistake? He was single-handedly about to attack 100 troops, Gao Feihu felt his worldview had been subverted.

Lu Heng had just counted to three and held up three fingers, his hand clamped awkwardly in the air, somewhat unable to continue counting.

Cheng Dalei raised his axe with both hands and glanced down the hill, seemingly expressing his displeasure that Lu Heng hadn’t come down yet.

“I said this is a robbery!”

The voice fell to the ground and the axe slammed hard on the trigger, the buckled spring opened and the winch spun rapidly, the crossbow mounted on it was pushed and charged furiously towards the men.

This crossbow, or more correctly called a bed crossbow, is considered a deadly large weapon. The heavy crossbow used by Cheng Dalei had a range of 800 steps and a killing range of 500 steps.

The distance from the Toad Camp gate to the bottom of the hill was four hundred steps.

A horseman was knocked over and a heavy arrow lodged in the cart.

“The cavalry split up, the infantry used the wagons as defense.”

Lu Heng gave his first order, knowing that this crossbow was powerful but not accurate enough.

So Lu Heng didn’t dodge, as long as his luck wasn’t too bad, he wouldn’t be hit by these heavy arrows. He lowered his iron bow on his horse and opened it like a full moon, shooting Cheng Dalei on the hillside.

Cheng Dalei did not dodge, he repeated the same action he had just done, turned the winch, prepared the arrow and smashed the trigger with his axe, triggering the crossbow to shoot down the hill.

A man came out of Toad Camp with a long spear in his hand and swung it to deflect the arrow shot by Lu Heng.

There were also cavalrymen shooting upwards from the bottom of the hill, but first of all the distance was too far beyond the attack range, and shooting upwards from the bottom of the hill would have little killing power even if they reached Cheng Dalei.

Under Qin Man’s support, Cheng Dalei repeated the same actions as before, drawing his crossbow, firing his arrows and hitting the trigger, his movements clumsy but firm. He considered the arrows shot from the bottom of the mountain to mean nothing, just repeating the same actions over and over again, killing cleanly on the group below the mountain.

There were screams, bodies fell to the ground, and horses ran wildly out of control, sending up smoke and dust.

When 10 arrows from the crossbow that was a gift from the system had been shot, only then did Ceng Dalei get up and observe the situation.

The anger in Lu Hum’s eyes was already visible to the naked eye, as he gripped the sword in his hand and shouted a single word under his breath.


At that order, the cavalry took the lead and the infantry followed, charging up the hill in packs.

“Where is Qin Man!” Cheng Dalei shouted.

“I’m here!” Qin Man raised his spear.

Cheng Dalei raised his arm and pointed at the charging Lu Heng, “I want his head.”

“I’ll take it for the Big Boss!”

The arrows that came rushing in couldn’t get close to him, and he only had one target, which was Lu Heng on his horse, or rather, his head.

Those who kill always get killed.

If Lu Heng could behead a man, he should have thought that someday he would be beheaded too.

Cheng Dalei rolled onto his horse and watched the group charging at the bottom of the hill.

The raiding team ran into trouble as soon as they broke through the hillside. The cavalry fell to the ground hard, the beast traps were activated and the arrows hidden in the ground were triggered ……

After Toad Camp was rebuilt, Li Xingzai exclaimed when he saw the living facilities in the camp, but he didn’t know that the reconstruction of the camp, those living facilities were just an addition, and Cheng Dalei’s focus was on the defense of the camp.

Qin Man was an excellent hunter from the beginning, but now he is a top mountain bandit. It is likely that few people in Toad Camp know how many traps are buried in the flat mountainside.

So there was only one safe path from the mountain down, the path Qin Man took, and other than this path, all other paths were buried with traps.

This distance of four hundred paces became the longest path these soldiers had ever traveled in their lives.

Cheng Dalei turned to his horse, but did not attack, just stared calmly down the hill.

Of the three capable fighters in Toad Camp, Qin Man was the top, Lin Shaoyu was excellent, and Cheng Dalei was only mediocre, so he was the least capable. He could only rely on his heavy axe and huge killing range to bang around.

Lin Shaoyu also pushed his horse out of the fortress and stood behind Cheng Dalei.

After paying a heavy price, the attacking enemies finally approached Cheng Dalei. There was no doubt in their minds that they would eat Cheng Dalei alive if they could get close enough.

There was the sound of drums, and on the wall Xu Ling’er pounded the drum hard, which was the system reward, a battle drum with the buff skill attached.

The drums sounded like they were beating in everyone’s heart, pounding loudly, while the distance between the enemy and Cheng Dalei became shorter and shorter.

Cheng Dalei and Lin Shaoyu covered their faces with their muslin almost simultaneously, and Cheng Dalei shouted softly, “Don’t rush, I have divine power that can invite heavenly thunder!”

The story that Cheng Dalei knows the Five Laws of Thunder has spread widely, some people believe it naturally and some don’t, but today he did it in public, could it be that he really mastered the Five Laws of Thunder.

The fact that Cheng Dalei held his head high and his arms outstretched, seemed to be urging the immortal laws.

“Here we go again, here we go again!” Gao Feibao shouted.

“Behold the heavenly thunder!”

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