Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 Lin Beifan, you f***ing cheating me!

As Wang Yao approached, Lin Beifan’s attack became fiercer.

Originally, he used to unleash two powerful moves after taking a pill. Now, he takes multiple pills at once, continuously unleashing powerful moves.

Sword qi poured like rain, the assault like a tide, shocking everyone!

Under such comprehensive attacks, even Wang Yao couldn’t withstand and was forced back.

But as a seasoned Divine Sea powerhouse, he wasn’t easy to deal with.

He also took pills, and Lin Beifan couldn’t clearly see what kind of pills he took.

However, after taking the pills, his whole body shone with golden light, his momentum increased by more than 50%, and then, with an unstoppable force, he broke through layers of sword rain and arrived in front of Lin Beifan, striking down with a sword.

Although Lin Beifan’s attack was still fierce, it no longer had an effect.

“Ah! Lin Beifan is going to lose!”

“When a Divine Sea powerhouse gets close, the weakness of a Divine Power expert is exposed, and it’s basically impossible to turn the situation around!”

“It’s over, although I don’t like him, it’s indeed impressive to last until now!”

“Lin Beifan, even in defeat, you can still hold your head high!”

Wang Yao also felt quite confident.

No Divine Power expert could survive under his sword.

Despite Lin Beifan’s exceptional talent and possession of divine weapons and elixirs, surviving my sword is absolutely impossible.

The only regret is that this is a duel arena, and he can’t kill him.

“Anyway, it’s all over!”

“In this duel, I won!”

However, under this sword, Lin Beifan smiled faintly and sheathed the spiritual sword in his hand.

Wang Yao was instantly puzzled. What does he want to do?

Does he want to concede directly?

No way!

I will never give you the chance to concede!

At least I have to beat you up, vent my frustration, and then end this battle.

So, Wang Yao’s attacks became even more intense.

At this moment, the confusing thing that puzzled Wang Yao happened again. Lin Beifan unexpectedly pulled out a treasure sword.

You can’t win against me even with a spiritual sword. What’s the use of a treasure sword?

However, Lin Beifan, holding the treasure sword, seemed even more confident. He looked up into Wang Yao’s eyes and said something he couldn’t understand.


Then, this treasure sword in his hand…




The world suddenly became quiet!

Faintly, only one voice of anger and resentment could be heard.

“Lin Beifan, you f***ing cheating on me!”

Of course, when the smoke cleared from the explosion, everyone looked back at the duel arena and found Wang Yao had been blown full of holes, lying unconscious on the ground.

Lin Beifan still stood there, seemingly unharmed.

“Damn! The winner is actually Lin Beifan!”

“He actually fought against a higher realm and defeated Wang Yao in the Divine Sea realm!”

“How did he manage that? It’s completely impossible!”

“Indeed impossible! Just a moment ago, Lin Beifan was clearly about to lose, and now, in the blink of an eye, everything changed?”

“My goodness! Can someone tell me how he did it?”

There was a commotion outside, everyone was going crazy!

Only Lai Xiaoqiang was ecstatic, overjoyed: “I knew it! I knew it! The winner must be my brother-in-law! Now I’m going to get rich, make a fortune, haha!”

The staff came on stage to check and found that although Wang Yao was injured and fallen, he had no serious injuries. With about half a month of rest and faster medication, he would recover.

In fact, he was already awake, just pretending to be asleep.

There was no way; losing to Lin Beifan was too embarrassing, waking up would only make him feel awkward.

Lin Beifan didn’t bother to expose him. He got the prize money from the notary and happily went to share the winnings with Lai Xiaoqiang.

“I bet against Wang Yao and earned 35,000 points! I made about 20,000 from the opening bet, so I made a total of around 55,000! For the whole day, not only did I not lose, but I also made a little profit!” Lin Beifan was very pleased.

“Lin Beifan, can you share a bit more with me?” Lai Xiaoqiang looked at the just-received 200 points with a pitiful expression.

Lin Beifan was in a good mood, so he gave him an additional 100 points.

Lai Xiaoqiang was overjoyed and continued to plead: “Give me a bit more! Look, you’ve earned so much; you eat meat, at least give me some soup!”

But Lin Beifan disagreed: “No, 300 is enough for you, just to fill your pocket. Giving you more might lead you into the bad habit of gambling! If your sister finds out, she’ll definitely come and deal with me!”

“No way, she cares about you so much…”

Thinking of that ugly face, Lin Beifan shivered: “Stop talking, you want to scare me to death! I won’t chat with you anymore; I have something to do, goodbye!”

With that, humming a tune, he left in a cheerful mood.

Lai Xiaoqiang looked at the points in his hand and shouted to Lin Beifan, “Lin Beifan, thanks for helping me win money! Whether you like it or not, you’re my brother-in-law now!”

“Heh~~ you little rascal!” Lin Beifan’s face turned black as he turned around.

However, Lai Xiaoqiang had already disappeared.

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