Chapter 40

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===040 Third-level Disciple===

The sun rises and sets, time flies.

Three months quietly slipped away, and cherished opportunities were seized.

Inside the Lingyun Library, Su Hao flipped to the last page of “The Mysteries of Elite Warriors” Bodies,” where only one sentence remained: “All secrets are contained within our bodies, and one day, we will truly understand ourselves.”

Su Hao closed the book and put it back in its original place.

Glancing at the girl who had cried because of him three months ago, he noticed that she was now holding a book and quietly reading. The sunlight shone through the window, casting a soft reflection on her face, making her look serene like an angel.

Su Hao liked the environment of the Lingyun Library, so he came here to read every afternoon.

Every day, he would see this girl in the library. She looked fragile on the outside, but he learned from her companions that her name was Xiaomei.

What Su Hao found interesting was that after crying because of him one day, she had the courage to come into the library the next day and continue reading. He really didn’t know whether to say that this girl was brave or timid.

One thing was certain, Xiaomei was someone who loved books, or in other words, loved knowledge. Based on this alone, Su Hao had developed a slight liking for her.This subtle fondness is not based on romantic feelings between genders, nor is it about whether this girl is attractive or not. It lies in Su Hao’s admiration for scholars and his respect for those who pass on and explore knowledge.

People like this may be a part of why this world is so beautiful.

It can be foreseen that many years later, this timid little girl, Xiaomei, will become a respected scholar in this world.

Su Hao sat back in his original position, closed his eyes, and his consciousness entered the game space, opening the body status list.

“Age: 10 years and 4 months;
Height: 153 cm;
Weight: 53 kg;
Physical condition: Healthy;
Level: High-level elite warrior;
Elite bloodline: 40;
Weapon control: Basic knife skills (mastered); Basic combat skills (mastered); Basic shield skills (mastered); Basic battle axe skills (proficient); Basic war hammer skills (proficient);

Basic combat skills: Ascending Fist (ultimate skill); Shield strike (mastered); Horizontal slash (mastered); Deceptive stab (proficient); Power punch (proficient); Charge (proficient); Jumping cleave (proficient);

Basic footwork: Basic footwork (mastered); Shadow slide (mastered); Long-range sprint (proficient); Jumping (proficient);

Variable control: Bloodline enhancement function (mastered), Muscle enhancement function (mastered), Bone enhancement function (proficient), Vital organ enhancement function (not started), Five senses enhancement function (not started).

The biggest change over the past half year has been his height. Not only has he surpassed 1.5 meters, but he has also grown by 3 centimeters. It is delightful. With such a pleasing momentum, it is believed that in a few more years, he will reach a height of 1.8 meters and become a true tall, rich, and handsome guy.

With his rapid growth, his physical strength has already surpassed that of an ordinary person and reached a level he couldn’t imagine.

This can be attributed to his variable control.

With the help of muscle enhancement and bone enhancement functions, his body has become exceptionally solid, with bone strength comparable to fine steel. If a knife were to be stuck in his body, the most likely outcome would be that the knife would get stuck in his muscles and not penetrate deeply.

The powerful body brings Su Hao unparalleled sense of security.

He is confident that he can smoothly live to adulthood in this life. With his strength, it is impossible for him to be easily killed by others. As for the disease that took his life in the previous life, he is not worried either. System is observing his body condition at all times, and any abnormalities can be discovered early on.But looking at his strong body now, he can easily deal with any terminal illness.

The strength of his body has led to a surge in his blood energy. It has increased from 31 points to 40 points. It can be said that his physical strength has made great progress.

As for abilities…

Among these abilities, Su Hao’s favorite is the “Ascending Fist.” It can send someone flying with one punch without causing serious injuries.

This is a skill for fighting. In the past half year, Su Hao has become extremely skilled in the technique of the Ascending Fist through countless fights.

While Su Hao was happily admiring his basic data, Fatty suddenly rushed to the library and found Su Hao, saying, “Xiangwu, something happened to Qingqing!”

“What?” Su Hao was shocked. He immediately stood up and ran outside, saying, “Quick, take me there, tell me as we go.”

Fatty had lost some weight compared to before, with a swollen nose and bruised face. It seemed like he had been beaten up. He ran ahead of Su Hao, leading the way, and said, “Qingqing has been confronted by a third-grade student. That third-grade student, along with a dozen others, has blocked Qingqing’s dormitory. Several girls have been injured and are bleeding.”

Su Hao asked, “Where is Qingqing?”

Fatty said, “Qingqing should be fine for now, but after a while, I can’t say.”

Su Hao frowned and said, “Aren’t the third-grade students stationed in the wilderness? How did they appear in the academy? What happened exactly? Start from the beginning and tell me everything.”

Fatty looked at Su Hao strangely and said, “The third-grade students have been back for several days. How come you didn’t know?”

Su Hao said, “Get to the point.”

Fatty awkwardly smiled and explained, “Well, three days ago, Qingqing accidentally bumped into a third-grade student in the cafeteria and knocked his tray to the ground, spilling his meal. After that, no matter how Qingqing apologized, the other party blamed her, saying that as long as Qingqing agreed to be his girlfriend, he would forgive her.

Qingqing immediately refused, and they caused quite a scene that day. Eventually, those people left. We thought this matter was over, but unexpectedly, they came again today and directly found Qingqing’s dormitory, trapping her inside. They are still there, and they even threatened to beat her roommate until she agrees. What kind of situation is this!”

Pointing at his own face, Fatty said, “I tried to reason with them, but ended up being beaten like this.”

Hearing this, Su Hao roughly understood the situation.

It was obvious that knocking over the tray was intentional on the other party’s part. How could a martial artist be easily approached by a little girl and have his tray knocked over?

A burst of anger erupted from Su Hao’s heart, unstoppable.

It’s understandable for these teenagers to admire the opposite sex, but their methods are so immature that it infuriates people.

Everyone has the right to pursue love, but it should be consensual. If they use despicable means or their strength to force the other person, it becomes unbearable.

Soon, Su Hao and Fatty arrived in front of He Qingqing’s dormitory. There were already a crowd of people gathered there, mostly with the intention of watching the excitement. Only a few were angry, but their strength didn’t match their inner sense of justice, so they could only stand aside, feeling anxious.

A dozen teenagers were scattered in front of the dormitory, effectively blocking the entrance.Among a group of teenagers, there were three girls with messy hair surrounded by them, squatting on the ground and crying. Blood stains could be seen on the ground.

One of the boys, with narrow eyes and a relatively trendy hairstyle, shouted loudly to the dormitory, “Qingqing, just agree to be my partner for a month, that’s all.”

“Hahaha~” The surrounding teenagers burst into wild laughter. In the current academy, they were the strongest among the third-level students, and no one could control or dare to manage them.

Not seeing any reaction from Qingqing in the dormitory, the boy with the trendy hairstyle continued, “Qingqing, as long as you agree, I will release your roommates now. Otherwise, they will still suffer.”

Just then, Fatty and Su Hao entered the crowd.

Fatty immediately pointed at the boy with the trendy hairstyle and shouted, “Xiangwu, it’s him.”

Xiangwu? The hot-tempered Wu Xiangwu?

Most of the people surrounding them were first and second-level students. As soon as they heard the name Wu Xiangwu, their eyes instantly lit up.

“Huh?” Xiangwu and his partner turned their heads in confusion, looking at the two people who suddenly appeared. He recognized one of them, whom he had just kicked a moment ago, but who was the other one? He had never seen him before.

Without saying a word, Su Hao’s elite blood filled his body in an instant, he stepped forward, and his body shot out.

“Sliding Shadow Step!”

A punch struck Xiangwu’s cheekbone.


The sound of bones shattering echoed throughout the venue. Xiangwu couldn’t react in time and was immediately sent flying, tumbling over the crowd and falling to the ground, instantly unconscious.

It wasn’t over yet. Xiangwu’s companions quickly followed in his footsteps. Su Hao smashed all their bones, sending them flying in all directions. Those who luckily didn’t faint were rolling and howling on the ground, holding their broken hands, legs, and shattered jaws.

When everyone was lying on the ground, Su Hao pointed at Xiangwu and asked Fatty, “Is this person the mastermind?”

Fatty nodded, “It’s him.”

Su Hao walked over and kicked him straight in the crotch.


Everyone heard the sound of eggs cracking and couldn’t help but inhale sharply, covering their own groins and taking two steps back.

But to everyone’s surprise, Xiangwu was awakened by the excruciating pain. He held the mangled area and let out a mournful scream.

To Su Hao, evil was evil, regardless of age. Even if the other party was a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy who had done something bad, they were still evil. When dealing with evil people, he never showed mercy.

Su Hao withdrew his foot and said to Fatty, “Fatty, take me to where the third-level students gather.”

“Ah?” Fatty was initially stunned, but then suddenly remembered that a few months ago, Su Hao single-handedly took care of the entire second-level students. He instantly understood Su Hao’s intentions.Excitedly, he said, “Xiangwu, I know where they are, come with me.”

At this moment, a figure rushed out from the dormitory and threw herself into Su Hao’s arms. It was He Qingqing.

Su Hao held He Qingqing in his arms and gently patted her back.

The trembling body of the young girl and the feeling of fear had not yet dissipated. Tears quickly wet the front of his shirt.

After He Qingqing’s emotions stabilized, Su Hao pushed her away and said, “Qingqing, wait here for a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

He Qingqing immediately grabbed Su Hao’s hand and said, “I’m coming too!”

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao nodded. He turned to Fatty and said, “Fatty, show us the way.”

And so, Fatty led the way, with a large crowd of onlookers following behind Su Hao.

Soon, the entire academy was in an uproar.

Everyone received the latest news: Wu Xiangwu, a level one student and super genius, was now on his way to challenge all level three students.

Quickly, a large group of students rushed towards the residence of the level three students.

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