Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: The Resemblance of a Goddess and Demon, Bai Guanyin!

This shows that she had already set her sight on him a long time ago! And she was originally here to kill him! She only refrained from doing so after seeing the things he did for the people along the way!

All along, his life had been hanging by a thread! It was truly terrifying!

“Who are you? What is your purpose for being here?” Lin Beifan asked.

“My real name is Bai Qingxuan, but in the martial arts world, I am known as… Bai Guanyin!” The figure in front of him spoke.

There seemed to be a thin layer of white mist enveloping her body. Although her appearance was not clear, from her graceful figure, she must be a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

“Bai Guanyin!” Li Shi Shi in Lin Beifan’s arms exclaimed.

“You know her?” Lin Beifan asked, lowering his head.

Excitedly, Li Shi Shi nodded her head. “I do! Husband, there’s no need to be afraid. She’s a good person!”

Lin Beifan released her and looked at the white figure before him. “Bai Guanyin is a female martial artist who appeared ten years ago. No one knows her appearance or background, but her martial arts are powerful and unfathomable, resembling that of a goddess and a demon. Each time she appears, she only leaves behind a white figure, floating like a fairy.”

“Bai Guanyin comes and goes without a trace, but each time, she brings with her a bloody storm! From corrupt officials in court to powerful villains in the martial arts world, no one can escape from her grasp!”

“What is most praised about her is that she once hunted down three master villains who brought chaos to the world, crossing three thousand miles and three dynasties, to ultimately defeat them with her martial arts. This battle made her famous across the world!”

Lin Beifan was shocked. Even the master villains were killed by her hands. No wonder she was so terrifying! As a small beginner, he couldn’t afford to provoke her!

“There are some deeds that I won’t go into detail about. She often dispersed the money collected from corrupt officials to the common people! Because of her beauty and kindness, so she was known as… Bai Guanyin! But in recent years, she disappeared. I didn’t expect to see you again!”

Li Shi Shi asked excitedly, “Are you really Bai Guanyin?”

The other party replied calmly, “Absolutely!”

“Why haven’t you taken action against the rampant corrupt officials in recent years?”

The other party sighed, “Because later, I met a child! She was very wise and intelligent! She told me that killing corrupt officials and villains wouldn’t solve the problem if the root cause was not addressed. As long as the soil that nurtures them remains the same, there will still be corrupt officials and villains even if you kill them. When will it end?”

“In her, I saw the social malady, but also saw hope! So I stopped, guarding by her side, watching how she changes this…corrupt world!”

Lin Beifan and Li Shi Shi heard the deep helplessness in her tone.

There were too many bad people killed, and she became filled with despair towards society. Even with unparalleled martial arts skills, what can she do?

So, were you planning to come and kill me?” Lin Beifan asked sullenly.

“What do you think?” The other party’s gaze shifted over.

Although he couldn’t see her face clearly, Lin Beifan felt that she was smiling, a smile that was neither a smile nor a frown.

“Bai Guanyin, my husband is the best official in the world. Please don’t harm him!” Li Shi Shi stood in front of Lin Beifan.

Bai Guanyin, or Bai Qingxuan, said, “Naturally, he is a good official, or else I would have killed him a long time ago. But the way he is a clean official is really eye-opening for me!”

“It’s because of the circumstances!” Lin Beifan said sullenly.

“I understand that. When corrupt officials are vicious, clean officials must be even more vicious. Otherwise, how can they compete with corrupt officials? Right?” (Bai Qingxuan)

The other party smiled ambiguously.

“Hn!” Lin Beifan nodded reluctantly.

Unexpectedly, the words I said to Li Shi Shi that night were heard by her!

That night, some indescribable things happened.

Was she spectating on the sidelines that time?

Luckily, you are a female!

If you were male, I would fight you right away!

Li Shi Shi also relaxed.

“As for the money in your hand, if it has no other use, why not give it to me?” Bai Qingxuan looked at Lin Beifan and said.

“Do you want to use it to help the poor?” Lin Beifan asked.

“No! That method is the lowest, it can only help for a moment, but not for a lifetime! As long as society doesn’t fundamentally change, there will still be poverty, injustice, and people will still suffer! Therefore, I want to use it to do something big! Once it is done, the entire empire will undergo earth-shattering changes!”

At this point, Bai Qingxuan’s eyes shone.

“Okay! It’s all yours!” Lin Beifan pushed all the broken silver and silver notes in the box out without hesitation.

Bai Qingxuan was stunned: “You didn’t even ask, you just gave it to me?”

“I’m too lazy to ask! If I ask too much, it will only cause trouble! As a powerful person like you, who has achieved great accomplishments, you don’t need to talk to me, a small person, and you don’t need my consent to take the money! And the fact that you asked me about it shows that you are a principled and bottom-line person!”

Lin Beifan smiled. “In addition, from our conversation just now, I found that we are doing the same thing, but the methods may be slightly different! Since that’s the case, why should I fuss over these small matters?”

Bai Qingxuan looked deeply at Lin Beifan and laughed, “You are a smart little guy, no wonder you can become the top scholar!”

“Also, in the future, I can give you all the money I earn from greed!” Lin Beifan continued. “I just hope you can promise me one thing!”

“What is it? Say!”

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