Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – The White Royal Family Wants to Get Along 6

Excitement bubbled up within Aix as he washed his hands. If the anticipated large silver coin was real, he could play for a while. It would be ideal to live an easy life, earning small change with little effort.


When he returned to his seat, he saw a wealthy person bathed in the shimmer of gold. It seemed like they had laid out all their assets on the table.

Geez, I thought they were a nice person, but now they’re bragging about their wealth?

If that’s the case, then I’ll just take one big silver coin without any hesitation. That’s fine, right?

The older sister who saw my scowl made a scary face. Yes, yes, if it’s for a big silver coin, I’ll listen to your family’s bragging.

Rula opened her mouth with a mischievous tone.

“Fu fu fu… Great Magician Aix, please choose your reward from within this selection.”


I had to choose for himself?

Where is my large silver coin?

Shirone glared at him with an icy look, and he shivered a bit.

“Please, choose whichever you like.”

Aix wondered if the three of them had bet on which coin he would choose.

He felt sorry for Rula, but Aix wanted to see Shirone’s smile.

Which one is it?

However, he couldn’t find the large silver coin he was looking for. Unfortunately, all the coins appeared to be gold coins.

Should I choose a gold coin instead? No, no, that’s too good to be true.


He understood. He had heard rumors of counterfeit coins. In other words, he had to choose the correct one from what was presented to him. Isn’t that right, Shirone?

When he gazes at her intently, Shirone nods.

It’s been a while since he used the appraisal magic. He had almost never touched a gold coin, so he didn’t understand. He needed to think.

Gold is heavy, so he took two coins and compared their weights. He still couldn’t tell. They were the same.

No, to begin with, they didn’t even tell me the number of winning and losing coins. It’s a complete no-hint situation. Both coins could either be winners or losers.

Damn, it’s truly a challenge with gold coins.

The bar is high.

Since I took my time to choose, everyone started to get restless.

I tried a sneaky strategy of wobbling my hand over the gold coins while looking at Lady Shiron’s face, but I couldn’t understand anything. Her expressions kept changing from anger to relief and I knew I was causing trouble. I’m sorry.

Cheating is not allowed.

I’m a man too!

I’ll grab one without thinking.

How’s this?

“Is that all you want for your reward?”

Lady Shiron looked puzzled.

Damn, did I lose?

Although she implied that I should take what I chose, it would be unfair to draw a second coin at this point. So, I nodded my head in resignation.

“Hahaha. I always believed in our Great Magician!”

Rula was delighted.

Sorry, Lady Shiron. I don’t know why, but I think this child is supposed to be our winner.

“Please clean up the game.”

Lady Shiron’s voice reverberated, ending the game.

The gold coins and Lady Shiron’s favor were put away, and dessert was brought out.

I think I can eat now that I’ve exercised my brain.

Was the tasteless game a consideration for allowing dessert to be eaten? I will never understand the wealthy.

A mysterious candy, with layers of white and brown stacked alternately in a transparent container, was brought out.

Scooping it up with a small square spoon, he felt a smooth resistance in his mouth.

The three-dimensional sweetness and pleasant bitterness lead him to a new world of happiness. He realized the goodness of bitterness for the first time. Oh, I feel like I’m tripping.

Sharon was ashamed of her own thoughts.

Did he not want to work because she was disinterested in material desires?

Showing a little bit of friendly interest in the young man in front of her, she asked a pivotal question to see his personality as a mage.

“If it’s okay with you, could you tell me about your specialization, Aix-sama?”

“My specialization is an extension of the duration of effects. It’s very useful. However, I can only use basic magic at the cost of sacrifices.”

His response seemed less interested than the tiramisu in her mouth, and she felt disappointed.

The mage’s specialization should be everything in life, yet there was no passion in his words. A feeling of discomfort that could not be erased. And he was also talking lightly about the sacrifice that was a big miss and it didn’t make any sense.

“I-it was a harsh sacrifice, wasn’t it?”

“No, I could use advanced magic. I gave it up myself.”

Shocked by the passionate response, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He voluntarily gave up his own benefit? It was an answer that Shiron, who was satisfied with the benefits of the royal family despite feeling cramped like a caged bird, couldn’t even imagine. Before she knew it, she was listening with great interest.

“Do you have any regrets about that choice?”

“No. If I did, it would be convenient, but I chose this path myself. I’m just a useless person who has reached the peak of incompetence.”

Rula barked!

“Alix-sama, I, Rula Whitening, recognize you as a great magician in the name of my own. So please never say such things again.”

“Hehe, thank you.”

Aix let the child’s words flow past him, but at that moment, he became an officially recognized great magician by the royal family! A mysterious young man who was not well understood suddenly registered at the highest rank of the wizard’s retreat.

Current active rank 11, Aix Extension.

Details unknown.

Activity suspended.

Recommended by third princess Rula Whitening.

“Is it a choice to give up benefits yourself?”

Shiron murmured quietly. Shiron’s pure common sense was being polluted by Aix’s vague thoughts. She thought it was her fate to be forced to marry a partner as per the minister’s intentions, but if she had the courage to give up her benefits, she could be free. Without realizing it, dhe began to feel respect for the revolutionary Aix.

The hunter had become the hunted.

Shiron had acquired the seed of freedom. If Grandpa realized this fact, he would undoubtedly be even more worried.

The old man, who was praising Princess Rula without noticing the critical situation, may need to reflect on his behavior.

“Aix-sama, are you satisfied with your current life?”

“Yes, after leaving the guild, it’s been enjoyable.”

There was something suspicious about his response. “Did something happen in the guild?”

“I realized my incompetence. I couldn’t refuse the requests and kept failing until I became an F-rank. Well, in the end, it was unofficially upgraded to A-rank though.”

The old man took the bait. “There’s no such thing as an unrefusable request. It’s just hard to refuse. This needs to be investigated.”

“Is that so? However, it seems like being an adventurer was just not for me.”

After finishing the tea with a bit of bitterness, the dinner party came to an end.

“Thank you for inviting me today. It was very delicious.”

“No, it was a fun time. I’ll treasure the warm stone.”

“Please play with us again, Great Magician Aix.” While Shiron gazed at the stone she held dearly and respectfully, Rula smiled and bid farewell, and the old man made a cool bow. “See you, Lula.”

If we step into the twisting space, we’ll return to the hideaway café. I wanted to complain to the guide, but it seemed like they’d already left, so it was decided that we would walk back.

Stupid guide. I feel like I’ve been tricked by some kind of demon.

Did I keep the small coin with me?

Yes, I already have it!

That’s good. I just have to make sure it is real.

“I’d like to exchange these, please.”

As I nervously placed the coins on the empty counter, they promptly disappeared and were replaced by ten large silver coins.

Hahahaha! I won the bet! This means I can extend my noble lifestyle!

I was grateful for my unexpected good luck.



Back in the room where they saw Aix off, a troubled-looking servant asked hesitantly what to do with the pile of real gold coins on the movable table. Before they were lost, they wanted to return them as soon as possible.

“Um… what should we do with this pile of gold coins?”

Her blue eyes twinkled.

“Fufufu, Grandpa.”

“Yes, even without Princess’ words, I understand. I’ll be sure to give them back to Aix-sama in due time.”

“I bet on the reputation of the White Kingdom.”

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