Chapter 4 – The master’s wife is mine, so is the master’s daughter!

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The two on the bed were startled by the sudden attack.

But Yang Huan’s reaction was very quick.

The moment Yue Lingshan pushed open the door, he immediately jumped onto the roof.

With a gentle leap, he landed firmly on top of the room’s beam, without a sound.

Ning Zhongzhi was amazed and said, “That’s an amazing lightning technique.”

And Ning Zhongzhi didn’t hesitate, immediately picking up the clothes of two and stuffing them into the blanket.

When Yue Ling Shan walked in, she didn’t see anything unusual.

However, Ning Zhongzhi immediately scolded, “You girl! What did Mom teach you? When you go to your parents’ room, you should learn to knock on the door and ask permission to enter!”

When Yue Lingshan saw Ning Zhongzhi lying on the bed and still covered with the blanket, she guessed something.

She then immediately apologized and said, “Mother, I know I was wrong, I’m sorry ……”

“But I see dad is already out, so I just go straight in……”

After hearing Yue Lingshan’s explanation, Ning Zhongzhi was helpless, and at the same time she was also somewhat vain.

Therefore, she didn’t think much about this, but asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Mother, didn’t we agree to accompany me down the mountain today to buy fabric to make a wedding dress?” Yue Lingshan said.

It was then that Ning Zhongzhi remembered what she had agreed with her daughter yesterday.

“Mom knows, and you should go out first.”

Ning Zhongzhi waved her hand and let Yue Lingshan go out first.

Yue Lingshan didn’t think much of it, so she turned around and left.

Only after she left, Yang Huan came down from the beam of the room.

Ning Zhongzhi threw his clothes at him and complained, “It’s all your fault, you came so early in the morning and almost got caught by Lingshan.”

“Hey hey, madam, sooner or later it will definitely be discovered anyway, no problem.” Yang Huan said unconcernedly.

But just now when Yue Lingshan came, it was indeed quite stressful.

However, when Ning Zhongzhi saw Yang Huan at this moment, she had mixed feelings in her heart.

She felt as if she had made a big disaster.

This disciple was not as simple as he seemed!

“Huan’er, looking at your aura… when did you enter the Houtian realm?” Ning Zhongzhi asked.

“Yesterday, after entering into this Houtian of yours, madam.” Yang Huan was still making dirty jokes.

But Ning Zhongzhi grimaced and asked, “Don’t joke, I’m asking seriously!”

“I’m telling the truth, I just broke through yesterday.” Yang Huan became serious and replied.

“So that means, your cultivation technique is…”

“Madam.” Yang Huan directly interrupted Ning Zhongzhi, and then changed the subject, “Do you really intend to let senior sister, marry Lin Pingzhi?”

He knew what Ning Zhongzhi wanted to ask, but regarding what Ning Zhongzhi wanted to ask, Yang Huan didn’t want to answer.

As a Houtian expert, Ning Zhongzhi could naturally see that the lightning skill that Yang Huan had just performed was not the Huashan Lightning Skill.

At the same time, Yang Huan’s martial arts have always been mediocre, and suddenly he improved a lot, which is indeed easy to arouse suspicion.

Yang Huan didn’t know how to explain it, so he immediately excused himself.

It seemed that Ning Zhongzhi could also see what was on Yang Huan’s mind, and the questions Yang Huan asked her were actually the same questions that had been bothering her all along.

Half a month ago, she realized something was not right with Yue Buqun.

After trying for some time, she realized that Yue Buqun was actually practicing Bixie Swordplay Manual!

And the price for practicing the Bixie Swordplay Manual was to use the sword to kill himself!

At the same time, that Swordplay Manual was the Lin family’s martial art!

The reason for the Lin family’s destruction was because of Bixie Swordplay Manual.

What would Lin Pingzhi do if he found out that Yue Buqun had the Swordplay Manual in his possession?

He might be helpless against Yue Buqun, but not Yue Lingshan!

He would definitely vent his anger on Yue Lingshan. And she would suffer the most.

“It’s true that Lingshan likes Ping Zhi, but their marriage was purely because of your master’s greed.”

“Pingzhi is absolutely not a suitable match for Lingshan, if possible, I certainly don’t want Lingshan to marry Pingzhi.”

Ning Zhongzhi shook her head and said.

Although her was unwilling, but there was nothing she could do.

Even now, she was still confused whether she should expose Yue Buqun.

Yang Huan looked at Ning Zhongzhi, and he could see the complicated expression in Ning Zhongzhi’s eyes.

He knew that although madam had made sex to him, in madam’s heart, she still had love for Yue Buqun.

It could even be said that Ning Zhongzhi actually chose to do that kind of thing because she loved Yue Buqun so much that she ended up doing that out of love and hatred.

And Yang Huan, of course, didn’t want to see such a result.

After all, Yue Buqun would definitely try to kill him, so he also had to find a way to kill him.

It’s just that at this time Yang Huan may not be Yue Buqun’s opponent, and even if he kills Yue Buqun now, Ning Zhongzhi’s heart may not turn away from Yue Buqun.

Perhaps Ning Zhongzhi would still feel guilty towards Yue Buqun and suffer another blow.

Therefore, if Yang Huan wanted to improve madam’s situation, he still had to find a way to let madam see Yue Buqun’s true face first before killing him!

However, if he wanted to truly win madam’s heart, he would have to try hard to do so.

A good choice would be to start with Yue Lingshan.

Yang Huan immediately said, “Madam, you are right, Lin Pingzhi is indeed not a suitable match for Senior Sister!”

“This Lin Pingzhi seems to be very simple, but in fact his mind is very meticulous, and this person has a deep blood feud, so he can easily go to extremes.”

If he knows that Master is plotting to obtain the Swordplay Manual, he will definitely go to great lengths to take revenge on Master!”

Ning Zhongzhi nodded, agreeing with Yang Huan as he said, “I understand what you’re saying, but …… if Lingshan likes him, and if your master also wants to hand her over, what can I do?”


Yang Huan’s face looked serious as he made a neck rubbing gesture at Ning Zhongzhi.

Now that Yang Huan had the Evil Deeds System added to his body, killing someone was definitely considered an evil deed.

But who was better to kill, Yang Huan hadn’t thought about it yet.

He wasn’t a murderous demon who would kill anyone he found.

After thinking about it, he thought that Lin Pingzhi would be a good candidate.

Getting rid of Lin Pingzhi would, on the one hand, stop Yue Lingshan from marrying Lin Pingzhi, and on the other hand, trigger the system, something that would kill two birds with one stone.

But Ning Zhongzhi was obviously shocked, she didn’t expect that this Yang Huan would be so ruthless!

She immediately said, “No, no! Pingzhi is a poor child, our family has done wrong to him, and how can we ……”

“Madam, I know you don’t have the heart, so I will do it!”

Yang Huan said firmly, “Evil deeds, let me do it! Dirty work, also by me! For madam’s sake, I’m willing to do anything!”

Seeing Yang Huan’s stern eyes and those straightforward words, Ning Zhongzhi couldn’t help but be infatuated ……

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