Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Saying you have no relationship, yet flaunting affection so openly!

Unconsciously, it was finally Lin Beifan’s turn.

The miscellaneous disciple behind him followed him into the arena.

Both sides demonstrated their strength, both reaching the Body Refinement Realm.

The Body Refinement Realm was a broad stage, divided into three smaller realms: Strengthening Muscles and Bones, Refining Organs and Strengthening Viscera, and Moving Blood and Exchanging Marrow.

Lin Beifan was currently in the Refining Organs and Strengthening Viscera stage, while his opponent was in the final stage of Moving Blood and Exchanging Marrow.

In theory, his opponent was one small realm higher than Lin Beifan, with a stable advantage. However, in the end, Lin Beifan managed to dominate the fight.

In less than 30 rounds, he kicked his opponent out of the arena.

“The match is over. Lin Beifan wins!”

The outer disciple in charge of monitoring announced loudly.

“Senior Brother, do you think I could…” Lin Beifan looked up, his eyes filled with hope.

The outer disciple felt a bit reluctant and said, “I’m sorry, Junior Brother Lin. Although you’ve perfected all the martial arts techniques, your aptitude is not good, and your strength is not enough. Therefore, I have to eliminate you.”

“Oh, thank you, Senior Brother,” Lin Beifan said with a disappointed head lowered.

Although he knew it would happen sooner or later, the disappointment was inevitable.

His comprehension was excellent, learning various martial arts techniques quickly and proficiently. Cross-level combat was not difficult for him.

But his aptitude was too poor, which meant slow progress and low potential, making him unworthy of investment for the sect.

The sect would not waste resources on him.

“Also, Zhao Chuan, you’re eliminated too! Both of you, step down, next batch!”

“Yes, Senior Brother!”

The two left the stage in disappointment.

The assessment continued, but it was no longer related to Lin Beifan.

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqiang arrived with his followers, smiling, “Lin Beifan, just watched your assessment. Did you pass?”

Lin Beifan gave him a disdainful look, “You’re asking for trouble!”

Lai Xiaoqiang grinned, “I knew it!”

After laughing, he approached Lin Beifan, smirking, “Don’t say I didn’t take care of you. I’ll give you one last chance. As long as you bow down to me and call me ‘big brother,’ I’ll persuade my sister to let you stay.”

Lin Beifan gave him another disdainful look, “Dream on!”

Lai Xiaoqiang frowned and earnestly said, “Lin Beifan, why are you so clueless? My sister rarely likes someone, that’s why she has repeatedly given you chances!”

“Only by staying can you continue to cultivate. What’s wrong with bowing down and compromising? Moreover, if you and my sister are together in the future, we’ll be family. Between family members, what’s wrong with bowing down? Don’t you think so?”

Lin Beifan had heard this same rhetoric dozens of times, and he couldn’t be bothered to deal with Lai Xiaoqiang. He walked away on his own.

Feeling ignored, Lai Xiaoqiang couldn’t accept it and caught up with him.

“Hey! I told you not to leave. I’m not done talking!”

“Walk one more step and see!”

“Alright, you’re really leaving… Consider yourself spineless!”

“Lin Beifan, I’m telling you, your life will always be like this, forever without achievement!”

“Someday, you’ll kneel down and beg me!”

Lai Xiaoqiang cursed vehemently, extremely displeased.

At this moment, his follower tugged at Lai Xiaoqiang’s sleeve.

“Big Brother Qiang, I… I…”

Lai Xiaoqiang frowned again, displeased, “Speak up!”

Blushing, the follower said, “Big Brother Qiang, since Lin Beifan doesn’t want it, let it go! I personally really like your sister. Can you give me another chance?”

Lai Xiaoqiang was once again infuriated, shaking with anger. “It’s you again, you bastard! Can’t you look in the mirror and see if you’re worthy? I must teach you a lesson today and get rid of this idea!”

Without hesitation, he started to hit the follower, causing the poor guy to scream in pain.

“Ah… Qiang Brother! Qiang Brother, stop it, I’m begging you! Look over there! Look quickly!”

“What are you looking at? Don’t try to divert my attention!”

“No… just look over there! Sister Bai is actually looking for Lin Beifan!”

“Which Sister Bai?”

“The one you often fantasize about!”

“Where is she? Where is she?”

Following the direction pointed by the follower, Lai Xiaoqiang looked over.

There, the Sister Bai he had longed for arrived gracefully in front of Lin Beifan, asking with concern, “What’s wrong? You seem a bit unhappy…”

Lin Beifan sighed, looking downcast. “I didn’t pass the entry assessment. I’m planning to leave.”

Bai Yiyi’s heart tightened.

If her brother leaves, wouldn’t their chances of meeting again decrease?

She would never agree to that!

“If you didn’t pass, you didn’t pass. Every year, many people fail the assessment. Don’t take it to heart. If you want to stay, I have a solution.”

“What solution?” Lin Beifan looked up, his eyes filled with hopeful anticipation.

“It’s to become my servant. This way, you can continue staying in the sect. In the future, if you make progress, there will be a chance to formally enter the sect and practice profound techniques.”

Afraid that Lin Beifan might misunderstand, she hurriedly explained, “Don’t get me wrong; it’s just a cover. Internally, we still address each other as senior sister and junior brother without any difference in status!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Thank you, senior sister, for your kind offer! How could I mind?!”

“In that case, hurry up and go back to pack! Let’s go together. Forget it, I’ll go with you!”

Lin Beifan was surprised, “So urgent?”

“It’s necessary; let’s go quickly!”

Bai Yiyi urged him on, pushing Lin Beifan from behind.

With joy in her eyes and a smile like a blooming flower, she looked extremely happy.

Hehe, I can be with my brother again!

In the previous life, my brother took care of me all his life!

In this life, let me take care of my brother!

Thanks to the heavens for giving me this opportunity!

Hail to the heavens!

This scene left everyone present in shock!

The exceptionally beautiful and pure White Senior Sister was actually so intimately warm with a miscellaneous disciple?

Physical contact, eye contact, without any reservation, it seemed more than just a casual relationship!

Who on earth was this miscellaneous disciple?

How did he manage to win Bai Senior Sister’s favor?

The miscellaneous disciple who had questioned Lin Beifan earlier turned green in the face!

Lin Beifan, you scoundrel!

You said you had nothing to do with Bai Senior Sister?

And now you’re openly displaying your affection like this!


You big deceiver!

Even Lai Xiaoqiang was dumbfounded.

“D*mn it! When did Lin Beifan manage to win over Bai Senior Sister?”

“He’s openly showing affection, too much!”

“She’s my goddess!”

“Lin Beifan, give back my goddess!”

About to catch up, but the two had already disappeared without a trace.

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