Chapter 4

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===004 Escape from Danger===

Su Hao had previously experienced various ways of dying, so he didn’t have a strong fear of death, which made him appear relatively calm.

Death was threatening right in front of him, and it seemed that he might not be able to escape this time, but he didn’t intend to give up without a fight.

The assailant’s eyes were bloodshot, and his mind had already descended into madness. The strikes from his knife were no longer precise.

Su Hao accurately judged the path of the knife and quickly rolled to the side, successfully avoiding the hasty attack of the assailant. He quickly got up and ran towards the small slide in the classroom, where there were some obstacles that might provide cover.

The assailant’s knife swung in empty air. Without much thought, he wanted to strike again when he saw the cool kid rolling and crawling towards the side.

Running? Can he escape? A cruel look flashed in the assailant’s eyes, and he immediately pursued.

Su Hao caught a glimpse of the assailant behind him, just a couple of steps away. The assailant lifted the knife to strike. Su Hao calmly predicted where the strike would land – his own right shoulder.

Su Hao immediately threw himself to the ground, narrowly avoiding the knife that sliced past his head, almost hitting him on the head.

As he was about to get up and continue running, he realized that his ankles were firmly grabbed by a strong hand, pulling him backward. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t stop his body from sliding backward.

“It’s over!” Su Hao sighed in his heart, realizing that he really couldn’t survive past the age of five!

The assailant smiled triumphantly, thinking that this annoying kid wouldn’t be able to escape this time. He raised his knife for the third time and aimed to strike Su Hao from behind.


The knife struck the hard plastic surface behind Su Hao and bounced back, making a crisp sound.

The assailant froze, not believing what had just happened. He struck again with the knife, but it rebounded once more. He forcefully ripped open Su Hao’s clothes, and two plastic boards fell out from the front and back of his chest. The assailant’s eyes gleamed with wickedness and he couldn’t wait to strike again. This time, he wanted to see how this annoying kid would defend himself and hide!

As the plastic boards slid off his body, Su Hao grabbed a handful of sand from his pocket, which was something a child would play with, and threw it towards the assailant’s face, which was just inches away.

Instinctively, the assailant loosened his grip on Su Hao’s ankle, using his hand to shield his eyes. Although he blocked most of the sand, it was too close, and some of it still entered the assailant’s eyes.

“Ah!” The assailant screamed in pain, desperately blinking his eyes and hurriedly rubbing them with his hand.

Su Hao quickly got up and delivered a powerful punch to the assailant’s groin.

“Ouch!” The assailant dropped the knife from his hand, clutching his vulnerable area, and slowly squatted down in agony.

Su Hao immediately ran towards the exit.

The sand in his eyes would be automatically cleared soon, and the impact to the vulnerable area would recover in a few seconds. If he stayed, he wouldn’t be able to escape.The criminal came at him again with a knife, and he had no other way to defend himself.

Su Hao successfully escaped out of the door and saw several men in their thirties and forties holding various sticks and objects, charging towards the classroom.

“Phew, the reinforcements finally arrived!” Su Hao immediately breathed a sigh of relief, continuing to run forward without stopping, until he was picked up by a stranger.

The man carried him into the crowd, placed him in the protected pile of children, and then turned around and rushed back into the classroom.

At this time, the kids were crying. When they saw Su Hao coming in, they all paused for a moment, and then Su Hao’s gaze swept over them. The kids surprisingly stopped crying collectively, turning their faces away as they silently sobbed.

Soon, the criminals in the classroom were subdued by several men. In the distance, the sirens of ambulances and police cars could be heard.

Su Hao excitedly waved his little hand. For now, they were temporarily safe.

Until now, due to excessive tension, his little heart continued to beat rapidly, his breathing was rapid, and his face was completely flushed.

If he had been even slightly panicked and made a mistake earlier, he would be lying inside, waiting for the ambulance. He didn’t believe his small body could withstand that glinting knife.

The most dangerous moment was when the criminal grabbed his ankle. He was already like fish on a chopping board, ready to be carved up. If the criminal had aimed for his head instead of his back, he would undoubtedly be dead.

After slowly calming down, Su Hao noticed the change in himself. Previously, he would never have been able to remain calm and think flexibly in the face of such vicious criminals.

After experiencing many deaths, rebirths, and deaths again, his mental resilience had become exceptionally strong. The more critical the moment, the more he could think clearly.

However, this was not entirely beneficial. He had lost his awe of death. Upon further reflection, this was quite terrifying, as it meant losing the desire to fight for survival in dire situations.

Soon, the situation was resolved. The scene was sealed off, the criminals were taken away by the police, the injured children and security guards were urgently taken to the hospital for treatment, and the kindergarten teachers notified the parents to come and pick up their children. A large number of reporters swarmed in, conducting various reports.

When Huang Shujun, with a panicked face, arrived at the kindergarten and saw Su Hao safe and sound, tears flowed from her eyes like a rushing river. She tightly hugged Su Hao and refused to let go.

Su Hao was grateful that he was still alive and well. If he had truly died today, his mother would have been filled with immense pain and self-blame.

Soon, a video from the scene started to circulate.

The video showed a young boy repeatedly evading the attacks of the criminal and finally counterattacking to injure him, successfully escaping.

The young boy in the video was Su Hao.

“Damn, can’t help but admire. This is the legend of defeating the strong with the weak.”

“Who is this kid? He’s incredibly handsome!”

“I admit that this kid can beat me several times…”

“I’m impressed!”

“The criminal was probably stunned by the kid’s skills.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t be able to beat this kid either. Am I too weak?”

“Be confident and eliminate possibilities.”

“This is incredible!”

“I thought the movie was exaggerated, but after watching this video, I realized it’s even more exaggerated. Impressive!”

“Remember, everyone is different.”

“Who is this little boy? I want to marry him, I’m willing to wait for him for ten years.”

The person upstairs is worse than a beast. He would only be fifteen or sixteen after ten years! How could he do such a thing?

“I don’t know if anyone noticed, but this child remained very calm throughout the whole ordeal. He immediately went to find two boards for protection as soon as he encountered the intruders. He even grabbed some sand and put it in his pocket. He’s just too strong. Definitely a genius.”

Su Hao has become famous, the name of a genius.

After watching the video, everyone had to admit that geniuses really exist in this world. You can’t deny it.

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