Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Accepting Disciples

Just as the system was spouting nonsense,

The mountain masters present also began to focus their gaze on the disciples who had successfully passed the trial and possessed good and excellent spiritual roots.

“What is your name?”

Sitting next to Li Zhoujun, Liu Yan cast his gaze upon the crowd and focused on Chen Shaohua, who was standing near Su Nan.

“I am disciple Chen Shaohua!”

Chen Shaohua said respectfully.

Liu Yan smiled and said, “With your exceptional talent, would you be willing to join our Fire Maple Mountain as an inner disciple? With your aptitude, once you join our Fire Maple Mountain, an elder should take you as their true disciple.”

“I am willing!”

Chen Shaohua said excitedly.

“Good, wait here for a moment, and later you can come back to Fire Maple Mountain with me.” Liu Yan nodded.

Then, Liu Yan’s gaze began to shuttle among the young men and women on the Ascension Platform, looking for those with good or excellent fire spirit roots.

In the Daotian Sect, those with good or excellent spirit roots would be selected by the mountain masters as inner disciples. Among them, those with excellent spirit roots would be fought over by the elders once they returned to their respective mountains.

It was similar to how the mountain masters earlier fought over those with exceptional spirit roots.

At the same time, Chen Shaohua, who successfully became an inner disciple of Fire Maple Mountain, smiled and looked at Su Nan, saying, “Miss Su Nan, you also heard what Master Liu said just now. With my talent, once I go to Fire Maple Mountain, the elders will take me as a true disciple. It’s much better for you to become my Dao companion than just being an outer disciple.”

“Young Master Chen, with your talent, you will definitely find a better woman. You are a good person, but I am still young. Really.” Su Nan said sincerely.

At this moment, Su Nan felt a vague sense of unease in her heart. After all, Chen Shaohua was known for his debauchery in Pingyu City, relying on the power of his family to bully others.

Now that he had become an inner disciple of Daotian Sect’s Fire Maple Mountain and had the potential to become a true disciple under an elder, Su Nan didn’t know what he might do to her family, the Su family…

Seeing Su Nan’s attitude, Chen Shaohua still had a smile on his face but sneered inwardly, “Stubborn!”

Meanwhile, on the Ascension Platform, among the thousands of new disciples of the Daotian Sect, those with good or average spirit roots had already been chosen by the mountain masters.

Liu Yan turned to Li Zhoujun and jokingly said, “It seems that Master Li Zhou did not find any disciples he favored today.”

In fact, Liu Yan looked down on this ordinary person who was on equal footing with him. He knew that Li Zhoujun didn’t have the ability to take in disciples, so he couldn’t help but make fun of him.

[Ding: Host, how can you bear this ridicule?]

[Ding: System assigns a task to get up and walk to Su Nan! Completing the task will reward you with the ‘Awakening Ability of Spirit Roots!’]

Upon hearing the system’s task, Li Zhoujun smiled slightly and did not respond to Liu Yan’s sarcastic remarks. Instead, he slowly got up and walked toward Su Nan among the new disciples on the Ascension Platform.


“What is Li Zhoujun up to?”

“Could it be that he wants to take in disciples?”

“What a joke! He’s a useless person who doesn’t even have spirit roots. How could he take in disciples?”

The mountain masters of the Daotian Sect saw the situation and their expressions changed from surprise to mockery.

But Li Zhoujun didn’t pay attention to these gazes. He walked up to Su Nan and smiled, “Are you willing to be my disciple?”

“Ah… Ah, really… really?” Su Nan couldn’t find words to express her excitement.

What’s going on?

A Mountain Master personally came to her and wanted to take her as his disciple. Isn’t this a dream?!

Oh my god!

Obviously, Su Nan, who was overwhelmed with surprise, didn’t notice the subtle expressions of the other Sect Heads.

“Of course.” Li Zhoujun smiled.

At the same time, Chen Shaohua, who was standing near Su Nan, was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand why this Mountain Master would accept someone with a mid-grade spiritual root as a true disciple.

It’s simply baffling!

The system spoke at this moment.

[Ding: Congratulations to the host for completing the task and standing in front of Su Nan! The host receives a reward, ‘Awakening Ability of Spiritual Roots!’]

As the system’s voice fell, Li Zhoujun smiled at Su Nan and said, “If you’re willing to be my disciple, just call me Master.”

“Master, greetings to you!” Su Nan exclaimed in joy.

[Ding: Congratulations to the host for successfully accepting a disciple!]

[Ding: The host receives a reward, ‘Holy-grade Ice Spiritual Root!’]

[Ding: The host receives a reward, ‘Perfected Golden Core Cultivation!’]

[Ding: The host receives a reward, ‘Mysterious Dark Heart Sutra!’]

[Holy-grade Ice Spiritual Root]: Possessed by those who have the closest affinity with the icy spiritual aura between heaven and earth!

[Perfected Golden Core Cultivation]: The cultivation realm in this world is divided into Qi Refinement, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Divine Transformation, Void Returning (Immortal of Emptiness), Union, Tribulation Crossing, Great Vehicle…

[Mysterious Dark Heart Sutra]: The ice attribute cultivation technique practiced by the Mysterious Dark Immortal Emperor, which the system has helped the host learn automatically.

“What the f*ck?”

Hearing the system’s string of rewards, Li Zhoujun was dumbfounded.

Holy-grade Ice Spiritual Root!

Now I also have a spiritual root, and it’s even holy-grade?! In my mind, suddenly appeared the “Mysterious Darkness Heart Scripture”. This is the ice attribute cultivation technique practiced by the Mysterious Darkness True Immortal who ascended to the immortal realm thousands of years ago. And this Mysterious Darkness True Immortal has now become the Mysterious Darkness Immortal Emperor?!

From this perspective, the “Mysterious Darkness Heart Scripture” is definitely the top cultivation technique among the top cultivation techniques!

Moreover, the system didn’t waste any words and directly gave myself the Golden Core cultivation base!

In other words, my lifespan has increased, you know, the lifespan of a Golden Core cultivator generally reaches five hundred years!

“System, I love you!”

Li Zhoujun now really wants to hug the system and give it a smooch.

[Ding: Host, please don’t get too excited. The cultivation system has hidden your cultivation base in order to make you look like a true super expert in the future, to better show off. Host can choose to activate or deactivate the Hidden Cultivation buff in the future.]


“It’s a pity for such a girl.”

“Well, when the time comes, this girl will know that her master is a useless person and she will regret it.”

At the same time, the various mountain masters all shook their heads.

“Could it be that this mountain master is the useless mountain master of the Daotian, Yunju Mountain Master?”

The disciples on the Ascension Platform looked at the expressions of the various mountain masters, and after some speculation, someone couldn’t help but murmur quietly.

Originally, Su Nan, who was happy to become the true disciple of the mountain master, froze when she heard this.

She blinked her eyes and looked at Li Zhoujun weakly, asking, “Master, you’re really…”

“Yes, I am Yunju Mountain Master,” Li Zhoujun smiled and said.

Upon hearing this, Su Nan immediately covered her chest with her small hand, almost fainting on the spot.

Damn it!

It’s over!

She had heard about the fact that the Daotian had a useless mountain master who couldn’t cultivate.

But she never expected that she would become the true disciple of this useless mountain master so readily!

What a disaster!

“Um, can I still regret it now?” Su Nan showed a smile uglier than crying and asked Li Zhoujun.

Li Zhoujun shook his head, “No.”

Su Nan: “…”

At this moment, Su Nan restrained the urge to cry and comforted herself, as well as Li Zhoujun, “It’s okay, Master, I believe in you. My dad often said that the more someone looks like a useless… ordinary person, the more powerful they are. I’m sure you are like that, right, Master?”

Li Zhoujun smiled and did not speak.

At the same time, Chen Shaohua laughed.

He had been worried before that this girl would become the true disciple of the mountain master and he would not be able to afford to offend her.

Now it seems that he had worried for nothing.

A useless mountain master who can’t even do the basic cultivation, his status might not even be comparable to an outer disciple, right?What else is there to be afraid of?

[Ding: The system detected that the people around do not think highly of the host and his disciple. A task is now being issued. The host is required to help Su Nan awaken the holy-grade Ice Spirit Root. Upon completion of the task, the host will receive a reward!]

When Li Zhoujun saw this task, he was confused and thought, “System, you have ill intentions. If Su Nan awakens the holy-grade Ice Spirit Root, wouldn’t I become the target of everyone’s criticism?”

[Ding: If that’s not the case, how can the host show off his abilities and feel superior? What would the system be needed for?]

Li Zhoujun: “…”

You make a good point. I’m willing to call you the Ultimate Show-off System…

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