Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: National Goddess, Bai Yu Luo!

After about 5 minutes, Lin Beifan arrived at Jade Seal Park.

Near the entrance, there was a luxurious RV, and Huang Zhengbo was standing beside it, excitedly waving to Lin Beifan.

“Here! We’re here!”

Lin Beifan walked over.

The other party grabbed Lin Beifan’s arm and said, “Brother Lin, let me tell you, there’s a world-famous beauty and superstar sitting inside the car! When you see her later, try not to get too excited!”

“Brother Bo, come on, even if I saw the Jade Emperor, I wouldn’t get excited!”

“Alright, that’s what you said!”

Lin Beifan boarded the RV.

Inside the car, besides the driver, there were three women.

One of the women had short hair, wheat-colored skin, sharp facial features, and a somewhat fierce gaze. She was dressed in tight-fitting clothes, likely a close bodyguard.

Another woman had a petite figure and a slightly chubby face, seemingly an assistant.

The last woman wore a white T-shirt, ordinary jeans, a baseball cap on her head, and sunglasses and a black mask covering most of her face, almost hiding her entire body.

However, her figure was graceful, with the right curves in all the right places.

Moreover, her skin was radiant and exceptionally dazzling.

Although she was concealed from head to toe, Lin Beifan recognized her at first sight.

National Goddess, Bai Yu Luo!

He knew her because she was incredibly famous.

Bai Yu Luo debuted in the music industry at the age of 18, releasing one album per year, and each album sold millions, reaching platinum status.

At the age of 22, she became the queen of the music industry.

After that, she made a strong entry into the film and TV industry, starring in TV dramas with prominent female roles.

These were the kinds of dramas where there was no male lead; it was solely the sister who fought from beginning to end, slashing anyone who stood in her way.

With a heroic and fearless aura, she was unparalleled and took down both men and women.

In the end, her consecutive three TV dramas became hits, earning her the title of National Goddess.

Her astonishing acting skills also won her the Best Actress award.

It was said that she was currently striving to become a movie queen, aiming for the top in the film industry.

This woman not only had a stunning appearance but was also a sensational singer and an explosive actress. In less than 8 years, she had achieved such remarkable success.

Sometimes Lin Beifan wondered if she was the real protagonist of this world.

At this moment, Huang Zhengbo nudged Lin Beifan with his elbow and chuckled, “Recognize her?”

Lin Beifan calmly replied, “Recognized her, it’s the National Goddess, Bai Yu Luo.”

Huang Zhengbo was puzzled, “Since you recognized her, why are you so calm? She’s Bai Yu Luo, the number one female star in the world…”

“Because I’m not a fan!” Lin Beifan said confidently.

“Well… You’re quite something!”

At this moment, the three women in the RV were also sizing up Lin Beifan.

To their surprise, the landlord mentioned by Huang Zhengbo turned out to be a young man around 20 years old.

Although he was dressed casually and had an ordinary appearance, he exuded a handsome and compelling aura, even more handsome than the top male stars they had seen.

“Sister Bai, this guy looks so handsome! He’s even better looking than those top male stars we’ve seen!” the assistant with a slightly chubby face whispered, excitement in her eyes.

“He does look good!” the female bodyguard next to her added.

“Not only handsome, but he also looks very clean!”

National Goddess Bai Yu Luo examined Lin Beifan with a satisfied expression, took off her sunglasses and mask, revealing a stunning face.

Then she extended her delicate jade hand, smiled gracefully, and said, “Hello, I’m Bai Yu Luo. Nice to meet you!”

Her voice was incredibly pleasant, with a gentle hint of magnetism, befitting of a singer.

Lin Beifan also shook hands with her gently, “Hello, I’m Lin Beifan!”

Bai Yu Luo continued, “These two are my assistant and bodyguard. They are called Yu Xia and Luo Hong, respectively.”

“Nice to meet you!” Both women smiled slightly.

Lin Beifan responded with a smile as well, politely saying, “Nice to meet you both. I’m honored to know you! However, it’s a bit crowded here, not very convenient to stay, shall we go and see the house first?”

“Thank you, Mr. Lin!”

After getting off the car and informing the security guards, Lin Beifan led everyone into the garden.

In about two minutes, they arrived at his own villa.

As he led them inside, he introduced along the way, “As you can see, this villa is a three-story structure with an area of approximately 500 square meters. It has 8 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 5 bathrooms, and 4 garages! Your RV, although large, can fit here!”

“In addition, all the household appliances, shelves, and beds are all set up and ready to use. Everything is brand new, and you can move in with just your luggage!”

“If you are interested and complete the formalities, you can move in the day after!”

Throughout the tour, Bai Yu Luo was very satisfied.

This villa almost met all her requirements.

It was new and no one had lived in it before.

Everything was in place, and all the furnishings were new and unused.

The space was spacious, with many rooms, not only suitable for her but also for her assistant and bodyguard.

There are multiple security measures in place, making it very safe.

It’s very close to the film and television city, less than a 10-minute drive, convenient for shooting and resting.

Moreover, the interior design is simple and elegant, perfectly matching her aesthetic.

It can be said that even if she searched the entire Jiangnan region, she probably wouldn’t find a house that satisfies her like this one.

“Mr. Lin, I’m very satisfied with this villa. What’s the rental price?”

“Forgive me for asking, how long do you plan to rent it for?”

“I have a TV drama and a movie to shoot this year, both of which will be filmed in Jiangnan Film and Television City! It will take about a year for both projects, so I decided to rent a place here!”

“A year, that long?” Lin Beifan mumbled quietly, feeling a bit dissatisfied.

Because it meant he had to wait a year before he could move in.

Seeing Lin Beifan’s expression, Bai Yu Luo’s heart tightened, “Mr. Lin, if you’re not satisfied, I can pay more!”

Lin Beifan hesitated before saying, “This house was originally meant for me to live in! If it wasn’t for Bo Ge bringing you here, I wouldn’t have rented it out! Just consider it a favor for Brother Bo, one year only!”

“Also, there’s no need to pay extra, it’s 100,000 per month! Utility bills are included, and it won’t cost much!”

“Alright, thank you, Mr. Lin!” Bai Yu Luo felt relieved.

She was very satisfied with this house and finally secured it.

Besides, 100,000 per month wasn’t too expensive.

On average, it’s just over 3,000 yuan per day.

With the same money, staying in a hotel wouldn’t get her such a good place.

Moreover, she could not only live here but also have her assistant and bodyguard stay.

Overall, it would save her money.

The young man in front of her didn’t take advantage of the situation, which left a good impression on her.

After thanking Lin Beifan again, Bai Yu Luo turned to Huang Zhengbo and smiled, “Thank you too, Mr. Huang, you’ve been a great help! I won’t forget your favor!”

“Haha, it’s nothing. You’re welcome…” Huang Zhengbo laughed heartily, thinking that his move was a good one.

He secretly clasped his hands together towards Lin Beifan, expressing his gratitude tearfully, “Thanks, brother!”

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