Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Police uncle, I’m reporting someone for drug trafficking!

“Fuck, refund my money!”

“Give me back my 300 yuan!”

Liu Daqiang said angrily.

That 300 yuan was his last bit of money.

He was just about to buy some “rock candy”.

But now he didn’t get the “rock candy”, and he lost his money.

Isn’t this blatant fraud?

When Ji Yan saw this, he became excited.

“Sorry, dear customer, once a transaction is made in our store, there are no refunds!”

After sending this message, Ji Yan rolled his eyes fiercely.

Did this guy really think he could get a refund?

No way!

Once the money enters his pocket, there’s no way he’s giving it back.

When Liu Daqiang saw Ji Yan’s message, he was furious.

“You think your little bit of rock candy is worth 300 yuan? Quit talking nonsense and give me a refund!”

Just as Liu Daqiang was about to send a message to Ji Yan, another person sent a friend request to Ji Yan.

Seeing a new customer approaching, Ji Yan couldn’t waste time arguing with Liu Daqiang.

He warmly greeted the new customer.

“Hello, are you buying rock candy?”

The other person replied instantly.

“Yes, how much is the rock candy per gram?”

Seeing the message, Ji Yan frowned deeply.

Why is there another person asking about the weight?

Could it be the same kind of person as the first buyer?

Ji Yan remained silent for a moment, feeling that the situation was getting a bit skewed.

But in the end, Ji Yan responded to Liu Daqiang in the same way they had communicated the first time.

“0.3 yuan per piece.”

There was a moment of silence from the other side.

Seemingly weighing this price.

Ji Yan didn’t rush him and waited quietly.

At this time, a message from Liu Daqiang also came through.

Ji Yan had nothing better to do, so he opened it directly.

“Your little bit of rock candy is worth 300 yuan? Give me a refund!”

Ji Yan smirked.

Since you’re not righteous, don’t blame me for being unjust!

“I said 0.3 yuan per piece, and you agreed to that price.”

“I was talking about per gram, not per piece!”

“I clearly marked the price, don’t try to cheat me!”


Ji Yan typed on the keyboard, making up his mind not to refund the 300 yuan.

Liu Daqiang also engaged in a verbal battle with Ji Yan.

“I didn’t buy your rock candy, you, you’re committing fraud!”

Ji Yan furrowed his brows deeply.

“If you didn’t buy my rock candy, then why did you buy from me?”

“You can report me for fraud!”

They had already reached this point in the conversation.

Ji Yan had a pretty good idea of what “rock candy” this person wanted to buy.

In the past few days, he had always had his suspicions.

Some people bought rock candy and paid the normal price in his online store.

Others came secretly and knocked on his window to negotiate.

They paid several times the price of rock candy.

This was obviously abnormal.

But then again.

Who wouldn’t want to make money if they had the opportunity?

Regardless of what they really wanted to buy.

Ji Yan’s advertisements had always been for rock candy.

He also shipped the products from his family’s candy shop.

There was no trace of falsehood.

If they made a mistake or had other issues, it was their own problem.

It had nothing to do with Ji Yan.

He was honest and reliable.

Just as Ji Yan was lost in thought, the new buyer who had arrived today knocked on Ji Yan’s window again.

“Give me two grams.”

Ji Yan contemplated for a moment.

In the end, he agreed to this deal.

“Alright, send me the address.”

While Ji Yan was chatting with the new buyer.

Liu Daqiang was busy typing furiously on the chat.

He kept scolding Ji Yan.

“You bastard, you don’t have any integrity in your business!”

“Hurry up and refund my money!”

“If you refund the money, I won’t pursue your responsibility, otherwise, I’ll report you!”

“I’m begging you, bro, that’s my last bit of money, I really need to buy rock candy, otherwise, I’ll die!”


Liu Daqiang cursed at Ji Yan for a while, then changed to a pleading tone.

Seeing that Ji Yan ignored him, he started using foul language again.

Ji Yan read through each message with a disdainful look on his face.

He had never been afraid of dealing with such scoundrels.


Would he dare to report him?

Would he dare to tell the police what he originally wanted to buy?

The answer is certainly no.

That’s why Ji Yan couldn’t be bothered to deal with him.

The sound of Liu Daqiang’s message notifications bothered Ji Yan.

To shut him up, Ji Yan simply blocked Liu Daqiang.


The world became quiet.

Ji Yan felt much more at ease.

At the same time.

The new buyer who had come to him sent an address from southern Yunnan.

“Alright, I’ll ship it today!”

Ji Yan typed quickly.

It was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

“I have to send this out quickly, otherwise the courier station will close soon!”

Ji Yan quickly prepared the two grams of rock candy for the new buyer.

Then he headed towards the courier station.

At the same time.

Liu Daqiang, who was in Hangzhou, had a fierce expression on his face.

He was ready to give that guy who sold the rock candy a good scolding.

But that guy had blocked him!

When the red exclamation mark appeared, Liu Daqiang was so angry that he almost smashed his computer.

“Don’t let me catch you!”

Liu Daqiang was infuriated and helpless.

Although angry, he couldn’t do anything to Ji Yan.

The two were thousands of kilometers apart.

He couldn’t just go and beat up Ji Yan!

How about reporting him?

Liu Daqiang’s gaze shifted to the public telephone booth outside.

After a moment of silence.

Mr. Liu, who was fooled after buying “rock candy,” dialed the reporting hotline.

“Hello? Is this the police? I want to make an anonymous report!”

Liu Daqiang lowered his voice.

His eyes gleamed with revenge.

That kid who sold rock candy had tricked him, and he wouldn’t let him get away with it!

“Go ahead.”

The lazy voice of the police officer on the other end answered the call.

He treated Liu Daqiang as someone who reported trivial matters.

“Uncle Officer, I want to report that the owner of a candy store on the back street of Chuan Province South Elementary School is involved in drug trafficking!”

Liu Daqiang looked at the completed shipping order in his hand.

Ji Yan’s address was on it.

As for reporting Ji Yan for drug trafficking, he had thought it through carefully earlier.

Liu Daqiang still didn’t believe that Ji Yan was just an ordinary person selling rock candy.

He must be involved in drug trafficking.

He was just unlucky to be tricked by him.

As long as the police investigated, they would definitely find out Ji Yan’s true colors!

“What did you say? Drug trafficking?”

The police officer on the other end widened his eyes, immediately stood up.

His attitude changed instantly.

“Why do you know about him trafficking drugs?”

“Give me a more detailed address!”

The police officer urged repeatedly.

After all.

Everyone knew the extent of the anti-drug efforts in China.

This kind of thing almost destroyed the nation.

The power of it could be imagined.

Liu Daqiang broke out in a cold sweat and quickly repeated Ji Yan’s address.

Then he hung up the phone.

He really didn’t dare to say too much to the police!

He was afraid the police officer would realize that something was off about him.

Anyway, he just needed to point out Ji Yan!

After hanging up the phone.

Liu Daqiang lowered his hat and quickly left the public telephone booth.


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