Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Danger

“Ouch, my head hurts. My body is so cold.”

With the bleak cold wind blowing, Xu Yuan woke up again from the chaos. A headache both inside and out made him reluctant to open his eyes. His clothes were damp and cold, and the bone-chilling wind took away the little warmth left in his body.

Almost instantly, Xu Yuan realized that his body had already cooled down. Slowly opening his eyes, memories of before he passed out flooded his mind like waves – crossing over, giant Buddha, and the hit from the woman in black.

After understanding his current situation, while enduring the splitting headache, Xu Yuan tried to move his eyes to examine his surroundings. This seemed to be a small cave, only four or five meters deep. The sky outside the cave was already bright, and the rain was still drizzling, but there was no fire in the cave like the one in the temple, so it was quite chilly inside.

The woman in black was sitting at the entrance of the cave, eyes closed. Her sword was placed beside her, and there was also a rather familiar wooden stick lying beside the blade.

Xu Yuan: “….”

Xu Yuan licked his dry, pale lips and slowly moved his body to lean on the cold stone wall behind him. This simple movement made him start panting, which was due to his weak body. His previous life’s wealth allowed him to experience different kinds of lifestyles, such as wilderness adventure travel. It was because of this that Xu Yuan knew how serious his illness was.

He was suffering from hypothermia, high fever, and even dehydration. He looked towards the black-clad woman who was still covering her face with a veil.

Her soft black hair was wet and sticking to her cheeks, and her clothes were also soaked, outlining her curvaceous figure. Seeing this, Xu Yuan didn’t feel any romance, but instead suddenly had a brain hemorrhage.

He suddenly understood why Mr. Xu Changtian, the third young master in “Blue Spring”, died in several different storylines in bizarre ways, even when there was a powerful martial artist like Ran Qingmo by his side. At that time, Xu Yuan wondered why a young master like Xu Changtian died so abstractly, but now his firsthand experience gave him the answer.

This idiot woman had actually dragged him over here in the winter rain, and then left him alone as a dizzy, sick person! This kind of winter rain may not be a big deal to her, but it could be lethal to an ordinary person.

The cave was silent, and the sound of the drizzling rain outside seeped in faintly.

He took a deep breath and croaked weakly, “Ran Qingmo.”

The once soft and smooth voice had become extremely hoarse.

The woman at the entrance slowly opened her eyes and looked at him calmly.

Gasping for air, Xu Yuan spoke slowly, “Do you want me to die here?”

Ran Qingmo, with her face covered by a black veil, blinked her beautiful eyes and shook her head. In terms of the issue of Xu Yuan’s life, she and Xu Yuan held the same view.

Xu Yuan suppressed the discomfort in his body and said, “If you don’t want me to freeze to death, then… help me start a fire.”

Ran Qingmo stared at Xu Yuan for a few seconds, blinked her eyes for a long time, and replied seriously, “But the fire starter is gone.”

Xu Yuan opened his mouth, changing his question, “What about your Qì?”

The “Qì” that existed in this world could almost be considered an omnipotent energy source. Although the game of “Blue Spring” did not show this, as a powerhouse capable of destroying the huge capital city, it should not be difficult for this master to start a fire.

Ran Qingmo blinked her beautiful eyes, gathered a whirlwind on her hand, and in an instant, a large block of ice with a diameter of more than ten centimeters formed in her hand. Holding the ice in her hand, Ran Qingmo did not seem to feel any cold. She blinked her eyes and passed the ice to Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan looked at the big block of ice handed to him and subconsciously felt that this woman was joking with him.

“What, an ice?”


But after seeing her serious eyes, Xu Yuan suppressed the urge to have a brain hemorrhage and took a deep breath. “I’m sick. I need a campfire, hot water, and food.”

Hearing this, Ran Qingmo stared at Xu Yuan’s face for two seconds, as if to confirm his state.

The two-second pause ended when she silently walked to a backpack in the corner of the cave, rummaged through it, and found a water bag and a piece of dry cake. She walked back to Xu Yuan and handed him the two things.

Xu Yuan looked at the food and water in his hand, as well as the woman in front of him who was already shivering from the cold with white lips:

“Where’s the fire? Right now, what I need most is a source of heat and hot water.”

“But, we don’t have any matches.”

Xu Yuan: “….”

A wave of blackness rushed over Xu Yuan as he let out a low laugh from anger, accompanied by a suffocating dizziness.

The fatigue and dizziness brought on by the illness continued to urge him to fall asleep, but he knew that if he slept now, he would most likely never wake up again.

Quickly controlling his mind and stabilizing his consciousness, Xu Yuan licked his white lips and said:

“Can… can you help me transfer your energy to heal me?”

The medical system in this world was quite old-fashioned, but because of the existence of Qi, it was not necessarily inferior to that of his past life.

But in this deep mountain forest, they obviously couldn’t rely on it.

However, Xu Yuan remembered a common plot in the game “Blue Spring” of transferring energy to heal.

Ran Qingmo threw away the ice lump in her hand when she heard the words, and sat down neatly in front of Xu Yuan. Without considering the difference between men and women, she lifted up his clothes and pointed a slender jade to his lower abdomen.

The cold feeling disappeared instantly, but Ran Qingmo suddenly moved his hand away again.

Looking at each other in confusion in the cave, Xu Yuan hoarsely asked:

“What’s wrong?”

The woman blinked a few times and whispered:

“You have no Qi, you will die.”

Xu Yuan looked down at himself and asked:


“You have no Qi.”

Xu Yuan: “….”

When a plot that had been deliberately ignored in the game became reality, the details that were neglected naturally became completed.

Qi, a magical substance, can indeed aid in healing.

But essentially, transferring energy to heal is to borrow someone else’s Qi, guide it within one’s own body, and then activate and circulate it through the meridians that have been cleared.

Places passed by will be repaired bit by bit with qi, and harmful substances will also be swallowed up by qi.

But if an ordinary person does not start practicing, their meridians will remain blocked.

Xu Yuan’s entrance is so small that Ran Qingmo’s qi naturally cannot enter, and the result of forcibly pushing it in is to split it open.


Split open.

With the principle understood, the cave fell into silence.

Weakly leaning against the cold stone wall, Xu Yuan found that the condition of his body was unexpectedly poor. He no longer had the strength to take off his wet clothes.

Due to fever and hypothermia, his consciousness had already begun to blur. He was not unconscious, but was struggling to survive purely with his willpower.

In his previous life, he had also experienced hypothermia while exploring in Iceland, but fortunately, there was a wilderness survival expert like Uncle De among his companions, and he barely survived.

As for now?

Xu Yuan glanced at the woman beside him.

Ran Qingmo sat quietly beside Xu Yuan, her eyebrows slightly furrowed, as if she was worried about how to solve the difficult problem of the precious meat ticket dying of illness before her eyes.

Being taken care of by someone who didn’t understand anything, Xu Yuan didn’t think he would wake up again after falling asleep.

He searched his mind for ways to make a fire in the wild, but each one was rejected.

Either there were no tools, or the materials were not enough. Even the most basic method of drilling wood for fire was impossible to find suitable dry wood and sawdust in this heavy rain.

In silence,

Time passed second by second.

Xu Yuan’s vision gradually darkened, and his body fell uncontrollably to the ground beside him.

The last image before his vision disappeared was the black-clad woman standing up and walking out of the cave.

Where was she going?

The last thought flashed through his mind, and his vision was plunged into darkness.

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