Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: Praise as much as you can, you’ll regret it later!

Everyone involuntarily turned their gaze towards the White Elephant Country’s monarch standing beside Lin Beifan. They were beginning to believe more in Lin Beifan. After all, they didn’t know Lin Beifan, but they recognized their own king. Their king was right there and hadn’t denied anything, so it must be true.

They hadn’t expected such a prominent figure to actually come to their aid. Gradually, everyone started to calm down.

But then an elderly man spoke up, “Prime Minister Lin, what do you want to say to us? If you’re here to advise us to stop, there’s no need! Our king is incompetent and did nothing during the ice disaster, causing our families to break apart, our homes to be destroyed, and now we can’t even survive. What use is such a king?”

The old man’s words stirred anger among the crowd.

“That’s right, what’s the use of such a king?”

“When we were starving and freezing, this king was hiding in his warm palace, living in luxury, not sparing us a glance! Incompetent and ruthless!”

“All our common people have died, and now he wants to come and clean up the mess?”

“He was so efficient in exploiting us, but now that it’s time to repay, he’s useless!”

“They want to send troops to suppress us? Even though we’re lowly, we won’t compromise!”

“Exactly! Down with him!”

“Either fight for a future or die together!”

The White Elephant Country’s monarch, standing on the city wall, felt his heart race, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

How could Lin Beifan say such things and escalate the conflict? At this moment, Lin Beifan extended his hands to calm everyone down and loudly declared, “Everyone, please calm down, please! I have more to say. After I’ve finished speaking, you can get angry again!”

Lin Beifan’s words carried weight, and the commotion in the crowd gradually subsided.

“We, the Great Wu, did indeed plan to send troops to assist the White Elephant Country and resolve the internal turmoil. However, now I see that it’s not easy for all of you. That once-in-a-century ice disaster was also experienced by our Great Wu. To be honest…”

Lin Beifan’s expression grew heavy. “Even though we in the Great Wu predicted the ice disaster in advance and made many preparations, the losses were still devastating. While the common people were saved, a large number of poultry, livestock, fruit trees, and more perished in the ice disaster. And there were other casualties that I won’t mention.”

“We in the Great Wu only lost our wealth, but all of you not only lost your wealth but also your loved ones, your friends, and everything else. That’s why you’re rebelling, rising up to vent the pain and anger in your hearts, to resist this unfair fate.”

The people of the White Elephant Country listened with deep emotions. Indeed, their rebellion had been driven by such feelings. Otherwise, who would willingly engage in such life-threatening activities if not for a broken mind?

“I understand your suffering and helplessness,” Lin Beifan continued, “I understand your anger.”

“But the past is gone, and the living must continue!”

“You should all try to live well…”

“Live well? Where do we have a way to live?”

One of the rioters shouted loudly, “We have nothing now, we don’t even have food! But that damn king wants to force us to farm and won’t even give us a single meal!”

“That’s right! The ice disaster is over, but the weather is still cold, and the court won’t even spare a piece of clothing! My family didn’t die in the ice disaster, they died at the hands of the court!”

“What use is such a king? What use is such a court?”

Lin Beifan looked at the White Elephant Country’s monarch. The monarch forced a bitter smile and said, “I’m also helpless! Our court suffered heavy losses during this ice disaster, and we lack various resources. Although we had stored some food, coal, and blankets, it’s not enough for the entire nation.”

Lin Beifan nodded, realizing the limited resilience of smaller nations. These smaller nations typically occupied resource-scarce regions with limited production capabilities. The resources they collected were mainly used for defense and arming their military to resist invasions by larger neighboring nations, ensuring their sovereignty and independence. Consequently, fewer resources were available for the common people. Therefore, when natural disasters or crises struck, it was the common people who suffered the most.

Lin Beifan turned back to face the White Elephant Country’s citizens and shouted, “I understand your hardships and difficulties! That’s why our monarch, with a compassionate heart, has decided to open our country’s gates and welcome all of you into the Great Wu to seek a livelihood! As long as you come, you will absolutely not go hungry!”

This statement caused an uproar in the crowd.

“What? The gates are open, and they want us to go to the Great Wu to seek a livelihood?”

“And they promise we won’t go hungry?”

“Is this a joke?”

The elderly man spoke again, “Prime Minister Lin, can we really go to the Great Wu?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Of course, you can!”

The elderly man sighed, “But even if we go to the Great Wu, there’s still no way for us to make a living! Look at how many of us there are. If we all flood into the Great Wu, where will we find jobs? Without work, there won’t be any food to eat, and we’ll starve to death!”

The citizens couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“Furthermore, as far as I know, once we enter the Great Wu, we’ll be in the land of Wuxi, which is vast but sparsely populated, relatively barren, and lacking in food. How can we survive there?”

The citizens nodded again.

This was the reason they hesitated to go to the Great Wu. Even if they went, there seemed to be no viable livelihood for them, unless they had some spare provisions to risk the journey.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “This elderly gentleman’s knowledge is a bit outdated. The situation in Wuxi, the western region, is no longer the desolate land it used to be!”

“The Prime Minister Lin, we wish to hear the details!” the elderly man shouted loudly.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “In our Great Wu, we have developed a type of rice called ‘Taiping Rice.’ This rice can grow and yield crops even in some barren lands, producing food. Therefore, we are currently reclaiming land in the west of our nation, and we need a large number of laborers!”

“So, as long as you come to help us reclaim and cultivate the land in the west, we will provide you with the necessary food and supplies, ensuring you won’t go hungry! And when the harvest comes, you’ll receive a share of the food!”

The citizens of the White Elephant Country were deeply moved.

“As long as we help cultivate the land in the Great Wu, we’ll have food to eat and things to share!”

“And if there’s a harvest, we’ll get a share of the food!”

“There’s always a way out!”

Someone excitedly shouted, “Prime Minister Lin, is what you’re saying true? You’re not deceiving us?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “I’ve traveled all this way; do you think I came here to deceive you? In fact, you are the citizens of the White Elephant Country, and even if you cause trouble, it has nothing to do with us. We can simply ignore you. Don’t you agree?”

Everyone believed him because there was no reason for Lin Beifan to deceive them, especially considering the effort he had put into coming here.

“So, you’re saying this is true?”

“We can really go to the Great Wu to seek a livelihood, just by working the fields?”

“Haha! Isn’t this my old profession? I can do it anywhere!”

“His Majesty of the Great Wu is benevolent! Thanks to His Majesty for giving us a way to survive!”

“I want to go to the Great Wu! I want to go to the Great Wu!”

Everyone cheered and rejoiced, wearing smiles of happiness.

The White Elephant Country’s monarch pulled Lin Beifan aside and asked in confusion, “Prime Minister Lin, what are you…”

Lin Beifan whispered, “Your Majesty, I’m helping you solve the issue of the rioters. You see, as long as we divert them to the Great Wu for farming, they won’t cause trouble here anymore.”

The White Elephant Country’s monarch’s eyes lit up. “Prime Minister Lin, you’re absolutely right!”

Lin Beifan nodded with a smile.

Praise as much as you can, because you’ll regret it later!

Lin Beifan addressed the ecstatic citizens of the White Elephant Country and said loudly, “Now, the border city gates are about to open! If you still don’t believe it, you can follow me to see for yourselves!”

“Are they really about to open?”

“It seems that the Prime Minister’s words are true!”

“We can start a new life!”

Many citizens of the White Elephant Country rushed toward the city gates.

Due to the large number of people, it was a bit chaotic, so Lin Beifan had to shout, “Everyone, take it slow, don’t rush! Form lines, register, and then enter the city in an orderly manner!”

At this point, Lin Beifan’s words had great authority, and everyone, filled with longing for a new life, entered the city in an orderly manner.

On that day, over 400,000 White Elephant citizens entered the Great Wu, starting a new life.

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