Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: Domestic Turmoil, Request for Assistance from the Great Wu Sect?

After their discussion, Lin Beifan decided to appoint the old man as a director at the Imperial Academy, responsible for the daily management of the academy and the development of the research institute.

Firstly, Lin Beifan was currently holding the positions of Prime Minister, Supreme Commander, Prefect of the Capital, and Principal of the Imperial Academy, making his official duties extremely busy and in need of assistance. Not to mention the Imperial Academy, where Yao Zheng had been handling the daily work for a year, but due to his age, he sometimes found it challenging to keep up.

Lin Beifan had been wanting to find someone suitable for a while, but there hadn’t been a perfect candidate. At this moment, Luo Guanghai had presented himself, and Lin Beifan found him very suitable. Luo Guanghai had served in the government for many years and had reached the rank of fourth-grade official, demonstrating his capability. Moreover, he had a strong desire to teach and pass down his knowledge, which made him an ideal fit for a position at the Imperial Academy.

Secondly, the recently established Research Institute at the Imperial Academy needed a leader. This research institute was specifically focused on inventions and creations similar to air balloon and hovercraft, comparable to today’s Academy of Sciences, and it received significant attention from the court. Lin Beifan served as the institute’s director, overseeing all its work. However, Lin Beifan was still too busy, and he often couldn’t manage the smaller details. He considered having someone else take charge of it.

While Lin Beifan thought about finding other members to take on the role, he realized that they had a conservative mindset focused on Confucianism, which might not be suitable for leading the institute. It could even hinder the institute’s development. Luo Guanghai, on the other hand, was a perfect match. After all, he had recently proposed ideas like the Earth being round and the heliocentric theory, making him one of the most open-minded and active thinkers of this era.

Having him lead the research institute would make the best use of his talents, and who knows, it might even spark some remarkable ideas.

When Lin Beifan explained his plan, the old man was pleasantly surprised, “Lord Prime Minister, do you mean to have me take on the role of director at the Imperial Academy and be in charge of the research institute’s work?”

Lin Beifan nodded with a smile, “Yes! You have served in the government for many years, and your experience is more than sufficient to take on the role of supervisor. Moreover, you have traveled extensively and have broad knowledge, with an open-minded approach. It’s perfect for teaching those young scholars at the Imperial Academy, broadening their horizons, and increasing their knowledge. Don’t just let them bury their heads in books all day long!”

“But this official position is only a sixth-grade rank, which is far lower than your previous positions. It might seem beneath you,” Lin Beifan said, shaking his head with concern.

Luo Guanghai shrugged and replied, “Not at all! I’m delighted to be on board. I’ve heard that the Research Institute, which I’ll oversee, is directly managed by you, Lord Prime Minister. You’ve conducted research that benefits the country and the people, such as the development of high-yield Taiping rice. I’ve been wanting to visit and see it for myself for a long time, haha!”

“You like it, and that’s great!” Lin Beifan smiled. “Right now, the institute is not only researching Taiping rice but also working on steel behemoths that can float on water, telescopes that can see tens of miles away, and many other unimaginable novelties!”

The old man was lost in reverie. “That’s wonderful!”

“However, there are some things to be mindful of,” Lin Beifan said.

“Please go on, Lord Prime Minister,” the old man replied seriously.

“The two most challenging things in the world are, firstly, putting a policeman’s money into your own pocket, and secondly, putting your own ideas into someone else’s head. Especially the second one, it’s extremely difficult,” Lin Beifan said earnestly. “I understand that you’re eager to pass down your knowledge, and that’s a noble intention. But, to be honest, your knowledge is quite revolutionary and beyond what most people can accept. So, I hope you won’t rush things too much. Instead, guide them and let people slowly embrace your ideas.”

The old man agreed deeply, “What you say is absolutely correct, Lord Prime Minister. I do want to serve the Great Wu and contribute my knowledge, but I certainly don’t want to end up like those two fellow scholars who sacrificed themselves and met heroic deaths.”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Having this awareness is enough. Let’s continue drinking!”

“Cheers!” The old man’s face turned slightly red.

The next day, during the court session, Lin Beifan reported this matter to the Empress. The Empress smiled, “I didn’t expect the ‘Reincarnated Yama,’ who has been wandering for more than 20 years, to return with a wealth of knowledge. It’s rare to see someone with both a sense of patriotism and the capability. Let him take the role of director at the Imperial Academy and oversee the research institute.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan exclaimed loudly. The matter was easily approved, essentially a formality.

So, the old man, Luo Guanghai, assumed his new position.

Upon taking office, he began to give lectures.

This old man, perhaps due to Lin Beifan’s guidance, had seemingly opened up. Facing the eager students, he smiled and said, “Today, I will teach you the power of gods!”

The students below were taken aback.

“Director Luo, if I heard correctly, you’re going to teach us about the power of gods?”

“How can humans possess the power of gods?”

“Director Luo, isn’t it a bit strange to say that?”

“I’m not joking; I genuinely possess the power of gods. I will teach you, and you can possess it too!”

At this point, the old man picked up a lever and confidently said, “This is the power of gods! Just give me a lever, and I can not only move a city gate but also lift a mountain, and even… shift the entire world!!!”

Lin Beifan, standing behind, was dumbfounded.

He’s even explaining the principles of levers!

This old man is quite extraordinary!

Although the principle of levers is basic mechanics, it’s undoubtedly useful!

Next, the old man explained the principle of levers in detail, and the students listened with fascination.

Lin Beifan stood next to the Little Princess, who was equally engrossed, and she said, “Wow, the principle of levers is amazing! If I master it, won’t I become the strongest person in the world?”

Lin Beifan gave a vague response, “Well, theoretically…”

The Little Princess turned her head and asked, “Lin Beifan, where did you find such an amazing teacher?”

“I lured him here with some fine wine!” Lin Beifan replied.

At this point, the Little Princess grabbed Lin Beifan and led him to a small grove behind the Imperial Academy.

Lin Beifan was alarmed, “Little Princess, what are you planning to do?”

“What else can I do? Of course, it’s while everyone is attending classes, hehe…” The Little Princess rubbed her hands together, showing a mischievous and impish smile.

Lin Beifan was trembling with anger, “In broad daylight, how can you engage in such vulgar and uncultured behavior?”

The Little Princess sneered, “Have I not done such things often enough?”

Lin Beifan shouted, “I will absolutely not let you succeed!”

The Little Princess smirked, “Lin Beifan, you’ve given up resistance, you’re mine now, so behave!”

Refusing to accept defeat, Lin Beifan yelled in frustration, “Don’t move, I’ll handle this myself!”

Then, he embraced the Little Princess tightly.

The Little Princess felt delighted in her heart; this troublesome guy had finally relented!

At this moment, the Great Wu Empire enjoyed peace and prosperity. The people lived in comfort and the nation thrived with vitality. However, neighboring countries were engulfed in turmoil and were far from peaceful. As a result, a significant number of refugees and citizens fled to the Great Wu Empire.

The Empress couldn’t be happier, thinking to herself, “Since Minister Lin entered my service, my days have only gotten better, and the future can only be brighter!”

Just then, a royal edict arrived in front of the Empress. “The White Elephant Kingdom requests the Great Wu Empire to send troops to suppress the rebels. If successful, they will swear allegiance to the Great Wu Empire and offer annual tributes.”

The White Elephant Kingdom, the Empress knew, was a small nation located in the southwest with a population of around 8 million. It was named after its significant white elephant population and had significant military strength.

Their terrifying White Elephant Army could effortlessly crush a force ten times its size. However, being a small country, they had weak risk management capabilities.

Nearly 3 million of their people had perished in an unexpected ice disaster. Almost every household had lost a family member, resulting in a population decrease of nearly 40%. Moreover, numerous domesticated animals, livestock, fruit trees, and more had succumbed to the catastrophe, plunging the entire nation into poverty.

The people of the White Elephant Kingdom vented their anger on the government, blaming them for not being prepared and for prioritizing their own indulgence over timely rescue efforts. Consequently, the casualties were devastating.

After the Lunar New Year, a widespread peasant rebellion erupted in their kingdom, affecting the entire nation.

The White Elephant court also suffered heavy losses during the ice disaster.

For instance, out of their approximately 3,000 white elephants, over 2,000 had perished in the ice disaster. Their military strength was greatly reduced, and they were unable to withstand the angry rebels.

As a result, the White Elephant court had no choice but to request assistance from the Great Wu Empire.

“Thankfully, we have Minister Lin in the Great Wu Empire. Otherwise, we might have ended up like them!” The Empress shuddered at the thought.

The Empress felt somewhat tempted by the White Elephant Kingdom’s request. After all, with their military power, they could easily resolve the internal conflict in the White Elephant Kingdom. Upon success, the White Elephant Kingdom would become a vassal state of the Great Wu Empire, paying annual tributes. This was an offer that no emperor or empress could easily refuse.

“However, if we seize this opportunity to annex the White Elephant Kingdom into our territory, expanding our borders, wouldn’t that be splendid?”

Compared to having a vassal state, it was evident that expanding the empire’s territory aligned more with her intentions.

Yet, there was one thing that made the Empress hesitate. Currently, the Great Wu Empire was focused on production and had little time to embark on distant conquests.

The Empress didn’t make a hasty decision and instead presented the matter to her court ministers. “Esteemed ministers, this is a royal edict from the White Elephant Kingdom, requesting our empire to send troops to suppress the rebels. If successful, the White Elephant Kingdom will swear allegiance to our Great Wu Empire and offer annual tributes. Esteemed ministers, what are your thoughts on this matter?”

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