Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 Fight Among Cultivators

In the end, no matter how Feng Ling tempted, Su Hao had no intention of helping carry things, just saying, “At most, I’ll help you create a storage space on the flying knife to store things.”

Feng Ling was overjoyed, saying, “I knew Feng Wei was considerate!”

Su Hao’s mouth twitched. Until now, no one had ever said he was considerate. Mostly, they said, ‘This lad doesn’t understand the mood, living a solitary life.’

So, Su Hao constructed the light curtain of the universal knife into a rocket shape, with two reclining chairs inside, storing Feng Ling’s goods underneath…

It was like driving a fully automatic, panoramic sunroof car.

This operation dumbfounded Feng Ling again. Flames flickered in her eyes as she murmured, “I want it too! When we get to Ling Mountain, I’ll even sell the pot and the iron to gather the materials! Sword-shaped, with a pair of wings… No, no, add two cute dolls…”

Su Hao turned a deaf ear. When he came to refine it, he would definitely do it according to his aesthetic standards. How could there be such a thing as cute dolls on powerful artifacts? How could he, Su Hao, produce something that would destroy the mechanical beauty?

Flying during the day with the universal knife and finding a city to stay in at night, after a month, Su Hao and Feng Ling had already seen the coast and the ocean, the deep and vast sea, like a terrifying giant beast, making people feel timid.

Next, they needed to fly and stop on the sea for half a month before reaching Ling Mountain.

It can only be said that the cultivation world’s area is truly vast! It’s akin to flying around Earth several times. Moreover, Su Hao’s current speed was not fast, just a bit quicker than Feng Ling’s flying speed.

Feng Ling said, “Feng Wei, do you see that small city over there? That’s called Wishful City. Let’s stop and rest there for a day, and continue our journey tomorrow.”

Su Hao changed direction and headed towards Wishful City, landing outside the city, and the universal knife returned to its sheath.

The two of them walked into Wishful City one after the other, and as they walked, Feng Ling introduced, “This place is located on the border of Wishful Sea Province by the sea. It’s the closest place to Ling Mountain in Wishful Sea Province after crossing the vast sea. So, most cultivators who want to go to Ling Mountain will pass through here, and then stay in Wishful City to rest for a day.

Wishful City is now under the jurisdiction of the top immortal sect in Wishful Sea Province, the Yin-Yang Reflecting Heart Pool. Many of the people you see in Wishful City are cultivators from Yin-Yang Reflecting Heart Pool, and others are cultivators passing through this place. Of course, there are also many rogue cultivators lurking here to make a fortune by killing people.

There are also some ordinary people who don’t care about their lives for money, specializing in business for food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Of course, no cultivator would bother with these ordinary people, but there are also many cultivators who accidentally kill each other in disputes.

“We’ll find a place to stay later, don’t flaunt wealth or attract attention, and don’t interfere in other people’s business. Buy some necessities, and leave the next day.”

Many cultivators like Feng Ling and Su Hao, who were low-key and in a hurry, came and went, and Su Hao and Feng Ling didn’t look conspicuous.

After Su Hao followed Feng Ling into the city, his sharp hearing clearly caught the topics of discussion among others in low voices.

“I heard from Renzhou that Jiu Lianxing Yuan Mountain made a fortune!”

“Is that so? Tell me more!”

“This is a long story. Two major immortal sects fought over a piece of Xuanlei Cold Mountain Iron that appeared a month ago. It was almost a fight to the death. Guess what happened? Tut tut tut!”

“What happened?”

“Heh! Jiu Lianxing Yuan Mountain took advantage of the situation! They seized the assets of the two major immortal sects in Renzhou and emptied them in one go!”

“Hiss—what luck for Jiu Lianxing Yuan Mountain!”

“Ha! Luck? Friend, don’t be naive! It’s just a piece of Xuanlei Cold Mountain Iron. Is it worth two major immortal sects fighting over? This Jiu Lianxing Yuan Mountain is probably… tut tut tut!”

“Aren’t they afraid of the two major immortal sects retaliating?”

“Of course, they’re afraid! I heard that people from Jiu Lianxing Yuan Mountain in Renzhou have been making moves recently. They’re probably looking for a place to hide for a while!”

“How much benefit did they actually get?”

“Friend, are you interested in teaming up? Let’s try our luck together?”

Su Hao listened to all kinds of strange discussions everywhere and couldn’t help but think to himself, “It seems that the cultivation world is even more chaotic than imagined! Everywhere there are cultivators thinking about making a fortune.”

This couldn’t help but make Su Hao think so. Inside Wishful City, there were plenty of foundation-estabilishment cultivators discussing how to team up to ‘make a fortune’!

In Su Hao’s view, these were just foundation-estabilishment cultivators, guys who would cool off as soon as they touched, not thinking about practicing and improving their cultivation properly, just thinking about fighting and killing all day long. This was just the manifestation of the chaotic environment.

This kind of chaos was not so obvious in the inland areas, but it became more obvious as they approached Ling Mountain in Renzhou. No, it should be said that the more cultivators there were in a place, the more obvious it became.

Su Hao’s radar swept across, and currently, the highest realm in the entire Wishful City was only Golden Core Realm, not even a single Nascent Soull Realm cultivator. Faced with Su Hao, there wasn’t even anyone who could fight.

Su Hao chuckled lightly, “Tonight, nothing will happen!”

Sure enough, Su Hao woke up safe and sound the next morning. Perhaps Su Hao and Feng Ling didn’t seem to have anything valuable, so there was no legendary night raid.

This was a good thing!

Following Feng Ling out of Wishful City, Feng Ling said, “From now on, I won’t ride the flying knife with you. I’m worried someone might covet your artifact and cause unnecessary trouble.”

“Fine!” Su Hao jumped onto the universal knife and controlled it to follow behind Feng Ling, slowly flying into the vast sea.

Several days later, the journey became exceptionally dull. Su Hao and Feng Ling chatted leisurely, and he curiously asked, “Master, it’s easiest to lose direction at sea. How do you navigate?”

Feng Ling rummaged in her sleeve and pulled out a small scroll, waving it in front of Su Hao.

Su Hao immediately recognized it as the scroll they used to record mission details.

Feng Ling said, “Actually, this is a magical tool. With it, you don’t have to worry about losing your way.”

Isn’t this the ‘auto-pathfinding’ feature in games? The cultivation world also has this kind of thing? Su Hao immediately asked curiously, “There’s such a method?”

Feng Ling smiled and said, “Of course, otherwise, why do you think I, a directionally challenged person, dare to take you out?”

Su Hao flew closer and reached out, “Master, let me see how it works.”

Feng Ling knew that Su Hao had a strong curiosity about strange things, but he was also a sensible person who wouldn’t randomly damage or lose them, so she generously handed it over, saying, “Take it. As long as you input a bit of spiritual power, the small arrow at the top of the scroll will point to our final destination.”

Su Hao followed her instructions and inputted a bit of spiritual power, and sure enough, the small arrow on top began to rotate, pointing forward!

A compass, isn’t this!

Su Hao’s blood surged, first recording the information from the mission scroll into the pop-up space.

If thoroughly researched, perhaps a spiritual power satellite could be created, launched into space, allowing everyone in this world to use navigation…

Learning knowledge from the world, absorbing nutrients to grow, and then giving back to the world within one’s capabilities. This has always been Su Hao’s principle of action, one he has never forgotten!

Not seeking any reward or spiritual comfort, just “I’ve been here, I’ve participated, I’ve made a difference!”

Perhaps in the distant future, they’ll encounter each other again?

If that’s the case, by then, Su Hao could sit on this planet, pat the planet’s shoulder, and say with a smile, “Long time no see, old friend!”

Perhaps in the long span of time, only these seemingly eternal planets can accompany him!

“Even planets can grow old and die!”

Su Hao flew while simultaneously studying the newly acquired map artifact, which actually gave him a lot of knowledge and inspiration!

This novel use of spiritual power opened Su Hao’s eyes!

“Is it because similar materials are being pulled at a super long distance under the influence of spiritual power?”

Regarding this, Su Hao stated that he needed more materials for experimentation.

Just as Su Hao was deconstructing the map artifact, his brows suddenly furrowed. The radar, maintaining a range of over thirty thousand meters, detected a large amount of blood qi reaction to the left front.

“Are they cultivators?” Su Hao didn’t immediately confirm that these blood qi were from human cultivators, because there were too many blood qi reactions in the sea, making him somewhat numb to sensing blood qi.

After seeing the information marked by the small cursor clearly, Su Hao confirmed that they were indeed cultivators!

Su Hao guided spiritual power into the core sensing rune, and the radar perception immediately became clear, gradually outlining the blood qi in the distance.

Over thirty cultivators surrounded a huge flying boat, each displaying their techniques and attacking.

Su Hao became interested, “Is this cultivators fighting in a group?”

It was Su Hao’s first time seeing cultivators fighting in a group!

“How about we go take a look?”

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