Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: I also want the “Universal Sword”

After communicating with the Feng Ling, Su Hao gained a new understanding of the current situation in the cultivation world.

Lingshan Wenzhou is the place where various cultivation materials are most produced in the cultivation world. In addition, there are almost inexhaustible consumable resources like Lingqi Stones, and a small amount of Lingqi Stones.

Lingshan Wenzhou holds extraordinary significance for cultivators and can be considered a place that every sect must vie for.

Most sects have ambitions to monopolize Lingshan Wenzhou and have made efforts to do so, but they have all failed. No sect has been able to claim this continent for itself. After nearly a thousand years of contention, countless sects have risen and fallen, and ultimately, it is accepted that this is unowned territory. Anyone can find what they want here, of course, provided they can take it away.

Unowned territory means it is a chaotic place without rules. If you want to take treasures, you must be prepared to be killed for them.

For disciples of major sects like the Yunzhong Valley, the situation is slightly better. Generally, cultivators are not willing to provoke top-tier sects like the Yunzhong Valley. However, it is not absolute because there are numerous top-tier sects like the Yunzhong Valley, and among all the top-tier sects, the Yunzhong Valley can only be considered average and far from safe.

Furthermore, although the situation for wandering cultivators is relatively harsh compared to sects, many formidable individuals still emerge. Those cultivators who have gained fame among wandering cultivator groups are not easily provoked even by cultivators from major sects.

If they were to retaliate recklessly, the low-ranking disciples of the sects would suffer.

For various reasons, many sects choose to establish their sects far from Lingshan Wenzhou, avoiding the chaotic areas of Lingshan Wenzhou, allowing low-ranking disciples to grow smoothly and gain some self-defense before venturing to Lingshan Wenzhou for training and resources.

Sects are like a warm nest incubating chicks. After the chicks are born, they are driven into the dangerous forest to survive, stimulating their rapid growth.

If they can survive smoothly, they are elite mountain chicks!

“This is indeed a game for competing for cultivation resources, and it’s truly brutal!” Su Hao muttered, “But for me, cultivation resources are secondary. What’s important is the knowledge of cultivation!”

The “cultivation knowledge” Su Hao referred to is not just the cultivation techniques of the Yunzhong Valley. Even if he had the complete set of cultivation techniques from Qi Induction Stage to Unity Stage, it wouldn’t be enough. Su Hao also needs to collect the vast majority of cultivation techniques in this world, make comparisons and references, and decipher the rules of cultivation from a theoretical perspective.

Just learning the cultivation techniques of the Yunzhong Valley doesn’t represent anything. If one thinks that by mastering the techniques of the Yunzhong Valley, they have deciphered the secrets of the cultivation world, that would be too naive.

It’s just seeing a part of the elephant!

Su Hao’s plan is to follow the cultivation techniques of the Yunzhong Valley from beginning to end, experience the cultivation process from the lowest level to the highest level, and then collect a large number of techniques from other sects for comparison and reference. From the different perspectives of these techniques, he aims to find the common characteristics hidden among all techniques and thereby decipher the core secrets of cultivation.

“Let’s not think too much about it for now. Let’s arrange the follow-up matters properly before talking!” Su Hao put aside all sorts of random speculations and directly sent a location to Yashan, arranging to meet up with him.

Su Hao said, “Junior Brother Yue Ying, I will leave the sect for a mission in a month, and I don’t expect to come back within five years!”

Yashan was stunned, “Ah? Boss, you’re leaving already?”

Yashan had just entered the sect a year ago, thinking he could follow Boss Wei’s footsteps, but he hadn’t expected Boss Wei to leave so soon…

Su Hao said, “I am carrying out a sect mission. After you reach the fourth level of Qi Induction Stage, you don’t need to rush to break through to Foundation Establishment. Focus on completing the ‘Spell Implantation’ project first. As for the subsequent research tasks, I have already listed them for you. One is ‘Cultivation of Spirit Herbs and Refinement of Pills,’ and the other is ‘Feasibility Experiment of Bedridden Cultivation.'”

When Yashan heard Su Hao mention ‘bedridden cultivation,’ he shuddered, feeling a lingering fear in his heart.

Su Hao continued, “Also, based on the current cultivation path, I have modified the cultivation technique for Feng Cheng. It has already been perfected to the fourth level of Foundation Establishment. You can download it and teach Feng Cheng to cultivate when you have free time. And always leave me messages about the progress and status of his cultivation on the Universal Assistant.”

With a thought, Yashan searched on the Universal Assistant and found the technique left for Feng Cheng. The name was quite domineering, called the ‘Super Circulation Vortex Spirit Technique.’

Then Su Hao took out a small short knife and handed it to Yashan, saying, “This is a magical tool I refined for you. There is also a corresponding instruction manual on the Universal Assistant. You can try it out after reaching the fourth level of Qi Induction. In two years, there will be a competition for senior brothers’ tokens. Senior brothers’ tokens are quite useful, but I haven’t had time to study the principles of senior brothers’ tokens yet. If you have the ability, seize the senior brothers’ token.”

After explaining many things to Yashan in detail, Su Hao returned to the experimental base and took out the ‘Universal Knife.’

“Let’s modify the Universal Knife first. I almost forgot about its flying function!”

One month passed quickly, and the Feng Ling handed a flying sword to Su Hao, saying, “This is a magical tool issued by the sect. It will be yours from now on.”

Su Hao took it and thought to himself, “A piece of junk, but I can dismantle it and get some useful materials.”

Su Hao pointed his finger at the flying sword, and it emitted a faint yellow light, carrying a unique cyan aura of wind spirit power. With a thought, the flying sword sliced through the air and flew into the distance.

The Feng Ling was surprised and asked, “Feng Wei, what are you doing?”

Su Hao replied, “I already have my own magical tool, carrying too many burdens is cumbersome, so I’ll just leave it at home!”

Now this base had been transformed by Su Hao into a third storage space, where things could be taken and placed at will.

The Feng Ling was speechless. If she had known earlier, she would have kept it herself! Facing her disciple, she was already powerless to complain!

The Feng Ling asked again, “How is your Qi Shape Wind Escape Technique practice going? You’re not really planning to use that Sword Flight Technique of yours, are you? If you can’t fly, it’s okay. I can request a small flying boat from the sect for you, but it will be much slower.”

In this world, there was indeed a Sword Flight Technique, but it wasn’t as good as imagined. While it was fast, it consumed too much energy, and controlling the direction wasn’t satisfactory. Unless it was urgent, ordinary cultivators wouldn’t choose to travel by sword.

The ‘Qi Shape Wind Escape Technique,’ on the other hand, was specifically designed for traveling. It consumed less energy, was fast, and allowed for very flexible movement in the air.

But Su Hao didn’t care. He naturally replied, “No need. Master, just trust me!”

Seeing Su Hao’s determination, the Feng Ling, accustomed to Su Hao’s strikes, didn’t refute him. Instead, she raised her hand, chanted an incantation, and flew into the air. She looked down at Su Hao and said, “Then let’s go!”

Su Hao pointed his finger, and the long knife behind him “clang” unsheathed. It emitted a faint blue light, carved an arc in the sky, with the blade facing down and the back of the knife facing up, stopping in front of Su Hao. Then, a thin layer of blue light spread out from the back of the knife, like a flying carpet.

Su Hao lightly jumped and stood steadily on the spread-out blue light, sitting cross-legged. With a flick of his fingers, a streamlined shield enveloped Su Hao.

With a thought, the Universal Knife flew alongside him, drawing an arc and flying to the side of the Feng Ling. Su Hao said, “Master, let’s go!”

Watching Su Hao’s actions, the Feng Ling was dumbfounded and said, “Feng Wei, what kind of magical tool is this? The design is overly extravagant!”

Su Hao replied, “This is the Universal Knife I refined. It has almost any function you can think of. Not only does it look good, but it’s also practical. How about it, Master, do you want one too?”

The Feng Ling struggled and said, “Have you really learned to refine tools? You learned to refine tools just like that?”

Su Hao said, “I told Master about it a long time ago!”

After that, the Feng Ling remained silent. She felt a bit pressured!

Such a genius like Feng Wei was now under her care. If she didn’t protect him well and let him die halfway…

After a moment, the Feng Ling chose a direction and flew ahead. “Let’s go!”

Su Hao followed, easily keeping up behind the Feng Ling.

“Swoosh, swoosh—”

Two streaks of light crossed the sky, and the strong wind pressure instantly bent the flowers and grass on the ground.

Flying out of the sect along a canyon, Su Hao laid back, hands behind his head, one foot resting on his knee, squinting as he contemplated.

Feng Ling occasionally looked back to check on Su Hao’s condition. Seeing Su Hao so relaxed, she couldn’t help but speed up!

She wanted to see if Su Hao’s Sword Flight Technique was as powerful as he claimed!

However, she quickly discovered that no matter how fast she flew, even reaching her maximum speed, Su Hao still leisurely followed behind her, not letting any gap open between them.

Feng Ling became more and more frustrated. Suddenly, she slowed down and said, “Feng Wei, when we arrive at Lingshan Wenzhou, I’ll find materials for you, and you can help me refine a Universal Knife! No, a Universal Sword!”

Su Hao casually replied, “As long as there are materials, it’s no big deal.”

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