Chapter 390

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Chapter 390 Universal Knife

Whether it’s because Su Hao was too ruthless last time he searched, but as soon as Feng Ling and Fengyan heard that Su Hao needed materials, they immediately had a stress reaction, pushing out even “genius disciples” and “dear little brother,” truly two individuals who only recognize money and not people!

“Who should I look for? The merits are almost used up, and besides, I can’t get anything good from the disciple record. Why are these cultivators all so poor?”

Su Hao didn’t want to use the rubbish artifacts distributed before leaving the immortal sect. Instead, he wanted to design a versatile artifact for himself as his unique label. Many outrageous things in the future could be attributed to the artifact: If my artifact has more functions, it’s normal!

Nowadays, he no longer knows many familiar cultivators within the immortal sect. Most of the people he knows are Qi-Induction cultivators, so it’s impossible to find any useful materials!

“How about going to the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak?”

Thinking about it, Su Hao shook his head again. Firstly, he can’t always rely on Sanhe Peak for everything, and secondly, Sanhe Peak is far away in Huayang Beizhou. The positioning stone buried in Sanhe Peak has not been updated since then, and it has long lost its effectiveness. It would take at least five days to teleport from here…


At this moment, Su Hao deeply felt the dependence of cultivators on materials!

It is said that Master Feng Hua has been chasing after that ‘Six-Winged Swift Wind Fox’ for several years just to obtain a certain material!

Is this how you should play with your lifespan?

In contemplation, Su Hao suddenly remembered when he killed a Foundation Establishment cultivator, he took apart eight flying shuttle artifacts and an defensive artifact from him.

“If I dismantle those artifacts and combine them with the rest, won’t the materials be enough?”

Thinking about it, Su Hao immediately reached into his storage space and took out the eight flying shuttles and the defensive artifact. He condensed a small golden knife in his hand. After various runes were applied, the knife became extremely sharp. With a swipe on the flying shuttle, he cut open its hard shell.

Su Hao was already familiar with the structure of the flying shuttle, and in just a few moments, he dismantled this flying shuttle artifact into pieces!

Artifacts are refined by alchemists using special techniques and are integrated wholes. Once dismantled, they are basically destroyed.

But for Su Hao, it didn’t matter. He only needed the materials. He looked down on rubbish artifacts like the flying shuttle…

It only had strong penetration and fast attack speed! Not cool enough, can’t cut, can’t defend, and not easy to carry. What’s the use of it!

Su Hao categorized the materials obtained from dismantling, and after calculation, he found that after dismantling the eight flying shuttles, there were enough materials to refine a normal artifact, with some left over. Plus, if he dismantled the defensive artifact, the remaining materials might be enough to refine another artifact!

Su Hao dismantled quickly, and in just two hours, a total of nine artifacts were dismantled into materials by Su Hao.

After deducting the loss, he gained a lot.

Su Hao recorded the material information into the pinball space, then entered the pinball space and designed a versatile daily-use artifact.

“First, determine the appearance. I’m used to using knives, so it will be knife-shaped, modeled after the embroidery spring knife, easy to carry around. The key is not to be abrupt, but the appearance should be cool, with some mechanical style added, matching my armor… Secondly, the function. Frequently used functions like penetration, cutting, barrier, hardness, decomposition, imprisonment, dazzling, flame, lightning, etc., if possible, add them…”

“Lastly, design the structure diagram of the artifact. It’s probably too small to accommodate so many abilities. Hmm, the hilt should be longer…”

A month later, Su Hao held the artifact he had personally crafted, the ‘Versatile Pocket Knife,’ in his hand. He casually displayed a few sword flowers and smiled satisfactorily.

This knife can be held close to the body to confront enemies, cutting down anyone who dares to obstruct, or it can be released to claim the heads of enemies from thousands of meters away.

Dissection, tree cutting, soil digging, drilling, fire starting, and skewering are all within its capabilities.

“Let’s give it a name, call it the Universal Knife! Then, I can push everything onto it when the time comes.”

The main thing is the knife’s power, it has nothing to do with my Feng Wei!

In addition to this knife, Su Hao also used the remaining materials to casually refine a small dagger, with reduced functions, but still an extremely rare and excellent artifact. He intended to give it to Yashan for use, perhaps to compete for the senior brother token two years later.

One day, Feng Ling appeared outside Su Hao’s experimental base. Su Hao stopped his work and welcomed Feng Ling into the living room, serving her tea before asking, “Master, why did you come today?”

This cave mansion used to be Feng Ling’s residence, but now it has been transformed by Su Hao into a different style, one that Feng Ling has never seen before. It is neat, orderly, brightly colored, and full of novelty.

Feng Ling reluctantly withdrew her gaze, looking somewhat complicated as she looked at Su Hao and said, “In another month, you will leave the immortal sect with me. Are you ready?”

Su Hao was puzzled, “Ready? What else do I need to prepare?”

Feng Ling said, “How is your Foundation Establishment stage technique cultivation going? How many have you mastered? For example, the Qi-Shape Wind Escape Technique, a necessary skill for escaping and preserving your life, this is the guarantee for missions outside. It can save your life in critical moments.”

Su Hao directly replied, “I haven’t mastered them yet. I’ll talk about those techniques later. They’re not very useful to me at the moment! Master, rest assured, self-preservation is definitely not a problem for me. If there’s a fight, my enemies should be the ones worrying!”

Then, he took out his own artifact, the “Universal Knife,” and said, “Look at my artifact, it’s basically unmatched at the Foundation Establishment stage. Even if I encounter a Golden Core stage cultivator, I can still hold my own…”

Feng Ling interrupted directly, “Alright, I know you’re proud of the artifact you refined yourself! But you still need to be more careful. When you leave the sect, don’t act recklessly! The outside world is full of dangers, it’s not something you can judge by how powerful you are! Who can guarantee that being powerful means you won’t be killed?”

Seeing Feng Ling’s obvious disbelief, Su Hao nodded, “Okay, I’ll follow Master’s arrangements until I have the ability to protect myself!”

Feng Ling saw Su Hao nodding and knew that this disciple of hers valued promises greatly and would definitely not act recklessly. She said with satisfaction, “That’s good! But you need to master the ‘Qi-Shape Wind Escape Technique’ as soon as possible. In the future, if you encounter enemies and can’t win, there will still be a chance to escape!”

Then she took out a small scroll from her sleeve and spread it out in front of Su Hao. On it was a simple map, along with a few lines of mission description.

Feng Ling said, “The mission arranged by the sect, I have already obtained it in advance. It’s a task to guard a spirit stone mine delivery point, located in Lingshan Wenzhou. We need to complete the handover with the previous group of guard senior brothers within four months, and then guard the location for five years. However, Lingshan Wenzhou is too far from the sect. It will take at least two and a half months for me to rush to the guard point at my speed, so, at the latest, we will set off formally next month.”

Su Hao exclaimed, “Where exactly is Lingshan Wenzhou? It’s actually so far from the sect.”

Feng Ling said, “Lingshan Wenzhou is a huge continent overseas, shaped like a wolfhound, producing spiritual stones and spiritual power stones, as well as various refining materials, very rich. Among them, the god sense stone you want is produced in small quantities there.”

Su Hao’s demand for refining materials is not as great as before, it’s optional, but he was curious, “In theory, Lingshan Wenzhou should be an extremely important place, why not establish the sect there? This way, you can take advantage of the local resources! Occupy a piece of land, wouldn’t that be great?”

Feng Ling shook her head, “I’m not sure about this! But Lingshan Wenzhou is too important for cultivators. All the sects of various sizes in the cultivation world will send disciples to wander around Lingshan Wenzhou to search for resources and treasures. As a result, there are often conflicts over resources, and Golden Core and Nascent Soul seniors are often seen. For us cultivators at the bottom Foundation Establishment stage, it’s very dangerous. If you’re not careful, years of hard work will be lost in an instant.”

Su Hao said, “In that case, isn’t it just a chaotic land without an owner?”

Feng Ling said, “You could say that!”

Then Feng Ling suddenly said, “By the way, you really haven’t mastered the Qi-Shape Wind Escape Technique?”

Su Hao said, “Indeed, I haven’t mastered it. What’s the matter?”

Feng Ling said, “Then how will you fly with me to Lingshan Wenzhou? Shall I just drag you along all the way?”

Su Hao waved his hand and said, “No problem! I have a flying technique with my knife. I won’t be slower than you when flying!”

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