Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Too Shameless, Too Rogue!

“Lin Beifan, are you ready? If you’re ready, I’ll begin!” Wang Yao held a sword in his hand, his expression solemn.

Even when facing an opponent of a lower realm, he would go all out.

“I’m ready, Senior Brother Wang!” Lin Beifan’s expression was equally serious. With a clang, he drew his own weapon, preparing to face the strongest opponent he had ever encountered.

The fellow disciples on the scene couldn’t help but gasp.

“Wow! Look at what Lin Beifan took out—it’s actually a spirit sword!”

“I recognize this sword, it’s called the Obsidian Sword, sold for 3000 points at the Weapon Pavilion!”

“Hiss~~ 3000 points, that’s terrifying!”

“No wonder Lin Beifan dares to challenge Senior Brother Wang Yao! If I had a spirit sword, I would be arrogant too, I would be inflated too!”

“What a good sword! When can I have one?”

“I’m so jealous!”

For a moment, envy filled the air.

Wang Yao’s mouth twitched slightly. He quietly put away the sword in his hand and then took out his only spirit sword.

Feeling a bit proud, Lin Beifan has a spirit sword, and so do I!

At this moment, there were a few clangs, and Lin Beifan pulled out four more spirit swords.

Wang Yao: “…”

The sounds of envy echoed once again.

“What the heck! He actually has more?”

“Is he even human?”

“In terms of boldness, Senior Brother Wang Yao can’t compare to him!”

Everyone’s eyes were green with envy!

They wished they could rush into the duel arena, defeat Lin Beifan, and snatch away those spirit swords.

Lin Beifan put away the other four swords modestly, saying, “Senior Brother Wang, sorry! Due to my humble strength, I can only rely on these few spirit swords to make some show, enhance the atmosphere!”

Wang Yao took a deep breath, “Enough talk, let’s begin!”

“Senior Brother Wang, please enlighten me!”

Lin Beifan took the initiative, showcasing a few sword moves before gathering his spiritual power and slashing with a sword.

“Watch my… ‘Wandering the Martial World’!”

As it turned out, due to Lin Beifan’s limited skill, this move could only produce a three-zhang sword energy.

But with the blessing of the spirit sword, this sword energy unexpectedly stretched to ten zhang, carrying terrifying thunder, transforming into a strange purple crescent moon and suddenly attacking.

Wang Yao was extremely shocked.

Wasn’t this the signature move of Senior Brother Li Xun?

How did Lin Beifan know it too?

Not daring to be careless, he immediately held his spirit sword and performed sword moves to meet the attack.

The sword energies of both sides quickly collided.

“Boom boom boom…”

Thunderous sounds, deafening.

Before the dust could settle, Lin Beifan unexpectedly performed another sword move.

“Watch my… ‘Inquiring the Ghosts and Gods’!”

Another famous move of Senior Brother Li Xun.

It was a sword technique created by Senior Brother Li Xun after becoming famous and mastering his sword skills. Its power surpassed ‘Wandering the Martial World,’ and it was said to be capable of slaying ghosts and gods, hence the name.

When this sword move was executed, Wang Yao’s expression changed.

“No wonder he dared to draw his sword against me, but I’m not someone easy to bully!”

He also brought out his own special skill, a terrifying sword technique.

“Boom boom boom…”

The dueling arena exploded once again.

The terrifying heatwave swept through, pushing the observing fellow disciples back two or three zhang, making it difficult to open their eyes.

Faintly, Lin Beifan’s loud voice could be heard.

“Senior Brother Wang, watch my third move—’Inquiring the World’!”

“Boom boom boom…”

In this way, the two sides instantly clashed for more than a dozen rounds, displaying a stalemate where neither side seemed to have the upper hand.

The spectators outside were all shocked.

“Wow! Lin Beifan is godlike, actually able to keep up with Senior Brother Wang!”

“It’s been 13 rounds, and there’s still no clear winner!”

“Even if Lin Beifan loses, it’s still an honorable defeat!”

“I think you guys are overestimating Lin Beifan. What is he? If not for that spirit sword, plus Senior Brother Li Xun’s masterpiece, could he have lasted until now?”

“That’s still impressive!”

Although everyone was amazed by Lin Beifan’s strength, they never thought he would win.

In the arena, although Wang Yao seemed somewhat embarrassed, he remained calm inside.

Because he knew that continuously unleashing powerful moves consumed a tremendous amount of energy, and with Lin Beifan’s strength, he simply couldn’t hold on.

So, all he needed to do was wait for Lin Beifan to exhaust his spiritual power!

By that time, whether Lin Beifan ended up steamed or braised would be entirely up to him.

However, why was Lin Beifan holding on for so long?

Wait a minute!

Something seemed a bit off!

Wang Yao focused his gaze, and his expression instantly darkened.

Good lord, he’s actually taking Recovery Pills!

He eats one after every two big moves, just like eating candy!

Looking at his calm demeanor, he must have prepared quite a few!

Too despicable!

Too rogue!

Too shameless!

This guy really came prepared!

Wang Yao felt he couldn’t wait any longer. Who knows how many pills that bastard Lin Beifan has prepared and how long he can last?

100 rounds?

200 rounds?

Or 300 rounds?

Even if he ultimately wins, he’ll lose face and be ridiculed by the other fellow disciples!

So, he took the initiative to attack.

“Lin Beifan, I’m here, the outcome is about to be revealed!”

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