Chapter 39

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There’s a proverbial saying: ‘To conceal a leaf, place it within the forest.’ It humorously alludes to camouflage techniques, albeit without genuine antiquity.

Therefore, a special forces unit infiltrating the forest becomes a master of setting traps using tree leaves. Although the installation method varies with the seasons, it’s relatively easy since there are only summer and winter in the forest.


“Ah!!” (Isabelle)

When Isabelle heard the thread snap, she ducked and rolled. Boom! She got hit by the explosion she had just dodged.

“No joke! This is seriously dangerous!” (Isabelle)

“Didn’t you want real combat training?” (Ivan)

“That’s a whole new level, man!” (Isabelle)

Isabelle got up, swinging her sword toward the noise.


“Kill your emotions.” (Ivan)

“I feel like killing you!” (Isabelle)

A total of 17 battles, 0 wins, 17 losses. Isabelle bit her lip, swinging her sword in frustration.

Clang, Bang. Sparks flew as the axe blade flashed in the shadows. By now, it had become a kind of routine.

Immediately after gunfire, dodge towards the escape direction, avoiding traps. If traps are avoided, rush in that evasion direction.

Ivan’s patterns were devilishly cunning, guiding even the direction of evasion into a series of traps. Traps at a level where death or severe injury was planned the moment you shouted ‘Aha!’

After several days passed, Isabelle could now close her eyes and still time her attacks.

“Excellent.” (Ivan)

Ivan, with a wry smile, sheathed his axe and stepped back. The cool breeze in the forest teased Isabel’s bangs.

“As expected, people become stronger the more they are trained.” (Ivan)

“I think the people I know and the people you know have slightly different concepts.” (Isabelle)

“At least you followed well.” (Ivan)

Ivan is not stingy with praise. He is someone who has faced hero parties directly. Naturally, the standards are sky-high, but ironically, because of that, the standards for dealing with ‘trainees’ are extremely low.

As long as a soldier can perform at an average level, that’s enough for a military. As long as it doesn’t hinder mission execution, it’s sufficient.

But not anymore. Ivan, holding his axe, adjusted his posture.

He had taught all the basic techniques needed for an ambush response. Now it’s a matter of intuition and mastery.

So, the remaining time is.

“Hold the sword.” (Ivan)

Teaching the realm of the transcendent.

Ivan’s eyes deepened. Magic surged, and his beard fluttered in the air.

True strong ones, those who step into the battlefield of the transcendent, have a different ‘class.’

To that place, Isabelle must reach, even if she has to pound it into her mind.

‘The academy is dangerous.’

How dangerous can a university be? Well, if it belongs to the ‘academy’ type, essentially, the ‘academy’ is no different from the front lines.

That’s ‘common sense.’

“Extend the sword.” (Ivan)

“What? Ah, yes.” (Isabelle)

Isabelle extended her sword, assuming a flawless stance. From the grip of the sword to the placement of her feet, balance from the waist to the wrist—it was nearly perfect.

Indeed, she is the daughter of a hero. Her innate talent for physical abilities was well-established.

So, all that’s needed is learning and experience.

“Endure.” (Ivan)

“…What?” (Isabelle)

That’s quite a reassuring phrase. She was about to joke and laugh when—


Ivan’s arm blurred, and in an instant, the blade seemed to split into two.

Even though he had split the sword with an axe, the impact didn’t even reach her. Like chopping tofu, the axe swept away the blade.

“What is this again…?” (Isabelle)

Isabelle laughed in dismay. She stared blankly at the broken sword.

“This is really expensive… No, seriously….” (Isabelle)

“Saw that?” (Isabelle)

“What? The transformation of my sword into a scrap…?” (Isabelle)

“Temporal dissociation.” (Ivan)

Ivan twirled the axe and adjusted his posture.

“The auditory nerve of a person is 0.1 seconds, the tactile nerve is 0.25 seconds. These are clear limits to training.” (Ivan)

It’s a limitation of human anatomy. The reaction speed of nerves is limited by the physical speed of stimuli transmitted from sensory organs to the brain.

In this pre-modern fantasy world, anatomy hasn’t developed to that extent, but surprisingly, there exists magic.

This all-purpose resource, which becomes an earring when hung on the ear and a nose ring when hung on the nose, can directly interfere with the human nervous system, pushing the transmission speed to the limit.

In simple terms, temporal dissociation.

“Enhance the nerves with magic, and a world unfolds. Isabelle, there’s a realm that goes beyond the limits of seeing, feeling, and moving.” (Ivan)

That place is the battlefield of the transcendent.

Those who can reach that position are very limited, but with enough talent and experience, they eventually reach the destination.

It’s the starting point of the struggle for those with ‘class.’ If you can’t reach this place, you can never escape being an ordinary soldier.

But Isabelle is not a supporting character. She is clearly one of the protagonists in this world. So, precautions were necessary. The sooner you reach this, the more advantageous it is.

If it’s not something that can always be protected, the best Ivan can do is this—pushing her forward.

“Even if you suddenly tell me to do that…” (Isabelle)

“You will.” (Ivan)

“Yes, of course, if you teach me, I’ll do my best.” (Isabelle)

“Experience it until you can.” (Ivan)

“Huh?” (Isabelle)

Ivan held the axe upside down, with the blade against his back, appearing entirely non-threatening. He wore a harmless expression.

“Survival instinct is the foundation of growth.” (Ivan)

“You say crazy things so naturally…” (Isabelle)

Isabelle picked up the broken sword, cursing her past for asking this madman to train her.

That was the last sight Isabelle saw.



“Bella, Bella? Bella!!” (Ecdysis)

“Huh? Oh?” (Isabelle)

Isabelle was startled as she looked up. In front of her, Ecdysis was looking at her with a worried expression.

On a warm spring day, Ecdysis and Isabelle were having lunch together.

Oh, thankfully, it was just a dream. (Not really.)

Feeling a shiver down her arm, Isabelle raised her head.

“You’ve been acting strange lately. What’s going on?” (Ecdysis)

“Well… hahaha. Just busy preparing for exams.” (Isabelle)

“Why study so hard… Hmm… Is it because you’re in the Knight Department? You seem more absent-minded.” (Ecdysis)

Being the daughter of a hero, Isabelle enjoyed various privileges. For example, a priest was exclusively assigned by the Tylesse monarchy.

Even if she returned almost in pieces every night, she could still go to school the next day in perfect condition.

But the human body isn’t designed that way. Unfortunately, injuries and fatigue accumulate. The dark circles under Isabelle’s eyes were evidence of that.

“And you’ve been acting a bit strange lately. Have you met someone?” (Ecdysis)

“Meet someone? I don’t meet anyone!” (Isabelle)

Perhaps due to her noble upbringing in the Tylesse Palace, Isabelle’s clothes and accessories were all top-notch. Nevertheless, it seemed like she was putting more effort into it than usual.

Ecdysis wondered if there were any decent men in the Knights’ Department, then frowned as she remembered her uncle.

The Knight Departemen is a terrible place.

“Doesn’t Miss Yuri know anything? Maybe a boy that Bella is friendly with?” (Ecdysis)

“Isabelle is friendly to everyone. Well, these days, I don’t know. Everyone is busy preparing for exams. If I have to pick someone, maybe Oscar?” (Yuri)

“Really! Oscar!?” (Ecdysis)

Ecdysis chuckled and poked Isabelle’s side.

“Hey, what’s going on with you and Oscar?” (Ecdysis)

“Essi, there are things people should joke about and things they shouldn’t. Honestly, Oscar is a bit… how should I put it? Too tender, you know?” (Isabelle)

“Why? He’s popular.” (Ecdysis)

“I prefer someone sturdy, quiet… um, a bit like a bear, maybe? Yeah, like that? Trustworthy. He’s just too delicate.” (Isabelle)

Gentle… Was Oscar like that? Ecdysis smirked. She had never paid much attention, but hadn’t he been undergoing knight training since childhood?

Isabelle rose from the perplexing Ecdysis, announcing, “I’m heading for additional training!”

Yuri questioned, “Are you attempting to snatch my scholarship?”

Isabelle countered, “Then ensure you don’t lose the title of the top student.” (Isabelle)

With a light chuckle, Isabelle strolled away.


“Uncle!” (Isabelle)


“Ahaha… When will you say ‘hello’ to me?” (Isabelle)

Ivan, holding a pair of scissors, turned his head towards Isabelle, who was running towards him with confidence.

“Let’s train again today! Even though there’s an exam tomorrow!” (Isabelle)


“Huh?” (Isabelle)

Ivan glanced up and down at Isabelle. The fatigue from the past week of training was evident. It seemed like she had tried to treat it, but it was far from perfect.

“Rest today. Prepare for tomorrow.” (Ivan)

“Um… Then… um….”

Isabelle hesitated, gently touching the tip of her hair. She rolled her eyes slightly and bit her lip.

“Have you eaten by any chance…? Um. If you’re available today…” (Isabelle)

“I’m busy.” (Ivan)


Ivan was an efficient person, so he didn’t repeat the same thing twice.

He walked away, leaving the puzzled Isabelle standing there.

Tomorrow was practical training outside the university. Of course, considering the common occurrence of ambush attempts by unknown enemies, there was much to prepare in advance.

In academy field training, it was common sense for an ambush to occur.

Ivan was a sensible person. If he anticipated an ambush, the common sense of the special forces was to eliminate the target before the attack.

“I feel like I’m really losing my mind….”

Isabelle murmured, watching Ivan’s retreating figure and lowering her head.


“Wow….” (Ecdysis)

Yuri and Ecdysis, watching the scene from a distance, spilled their coffee in surprise.

“A man… a gardener…?” (Ecdysis)

“A man… with a crazy axe beard like John Wick…?” (Yuri)

“Who is that?” (Ecdysis)

“Well… there’s a person like that….” (Yuri)

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