Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – The White Royal Family Wants to Get Along 5

When I stepped out of the teleportation gate, I was surrounded by a large group of servants. I hesitated and stepped back, only to find that the way I had come was blocked by a wall. I could feel the cold, rough texture of the ordinary wall in my hand.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Aix-sama,” they said.

As the door to the next room opened and I entered, I found myself in a stylish space. Countless lights sparkled, and there were high-end furnishings, a pleasant scent I had never smelled before, and calming music flowing from somewhere.

I was completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and my right hand and right foot moved simultaneously.

Waiting at the table were a beautiful woman and an old man. Who are they?

“There’s the Great Magician-sama!” A small child I recognized from before beamed with a smile.

It was definitely the child I had met before. I was relieved that my intuition had been correct.

“Thank you for inviting me today,” I said, greeting the elderly man who seemed to be the guardian. And he was flustered.

He seems to be a servant, so I thank the sister, whom I have never met before.

It seems to be a very complicated family.

“Thank you for coming today as well. I am Shiron, and this is my sister Rula and our grandfather. Please have a seat,” she said.

The young lady smiled at me.

“Um, Shiron-san, I must clarify that I am not a Great Magician. In fact, I am known in society as a defective magician,” I said, confessing the truth after taking a seat. She looked puzzled.

“Well, if you created this, then you are undoubtedly a Great Magician, are you not?” she asked.

Is she trying to be considerate?

“Now that we’ve all introduced ourselves, let’s start with the meal!” said Rula, who I believe was the secret child who came to play in the city.

“Why did you invite me today?” I asked.

“I just wanted to show my gratitude for the other day!” she replied.

A piece of bite-sized meat was served, with grass on top that looked like a gem. It seemed a little scarce for the size of the plate.

There were a lot of knives and forks on the table, both for adults and children. I didn’t know what it was for.

I stabbed it with a random fork and put it in my mouth.

Mmmmm! What is this dish?

It was like being hit by an explosion of deliciousness. I didn’t want to swallow it, but I was surprised and swallowed it. The aftertaste was also tremendous.

My excitement level was at its maximum, and I wanted to share my excitement with them, but the young ladies were calmly eating.

Is this normal?

“Rich people are amazing.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did it not suit your taste?”

“No, actually, this could be the main course.”

With a wry smile, the second soup is brought in. Which spoon should I use? The spoons are lined up in a row, each with a different shape. What is this?

Ah, it’s golf! Nobles apparently play golf. I vaguely remember that they have a rule of using the biggest spoon for the first dish and the flattest one for the last dish.

So, is this it?

I grab the biggest spoon and drink the soup. It’s hard to drink. But this is what nobles do!


Shiron and the old man are startled by Aix’s confusion.

The upper class speaks through their meals. The ingredients and ranks of the dishes served are meaningful questions, and the diners respond indirectly with etiquette.

To intentionally use the biggest spoon, which is difficult to handle, with the first dish means that something is lacking, and it shows a lack of satisfaction.

As Shiron and the old man search for Aix’s nonexistent intentions, Rula innocently points out, “Great Magician! This spoon is easier to use.”

“Is that so?”

Aix changes his spoon, and the tension among Shiron and the old man eases.

Aix, who knew nothing about the rules of nobility, embarked on a journey to a different world. His brain melted from the rich soup. It was dangerously delicious, and he wanted to savor every last drop.

Feeling nervous, Aix asked a question that made Shiron and Grandpa uneasy.

“By the way, where are your parents?”

“They’re busy,” Shiron replied.

The two of them became suspicious, wondering if Aix was asking for an audience with the king. However, since they hadn’t revealed their identity, it was a complete misunderstanding.

Aix sympathized, “I speechless, you guys must be having a hard time.”

“It’s not a problem,” Rula smiled.

The two blushed when they realized their mistake.

When Aix tried the brightly colored sauce on the grilled fish, a refreshing citrus scent filled his nose. He was delighted by the firm texture of the fish, which felt like swimming in a clear stream.

The meal seemed to be ending pleasantly, but Aix had a trick up his sleeve.

He made a pained expression and didn’t touch the main course. Shiron and Grandpa were confused and thought that he might be sending a message by refusing the dish. They didn’t know where they went wrong.

Aix gripped his fork tightly and stared at the thick steak, realizing that he had miscalculated his pace. Despite his small appetite, he made the mistake of taking too many soft bread rolls.

“I’m so powerless. I can’t believe I’m already full,” Aix thought, despite how delicious the meal looked.

Grandpa, unable to withstand Aix’s silent pressure, asked for a non-existent response to the main dish. It was just that he was already full.

“By the way, Akx-sama, is there anything troubling you?”

“Something troubling me?”

“Did something happen?”

At that moment, Aix’s pocket began to heat up!

“Actually, I have something I’d like you to buy from me.”

“What is it?”

He placed seven worthless items on the table that were just basic magic stones with fire magic +0.01.

“These are just warm stones for the winter.”

“How much would you like for them?”

Aix pondered. These were originally free, but he wanted to sell them for a high price. Normally, they would be worth seven small silver coins, but maybe they were rich, so perhaps a silver coin. No, maybe he could sell them for one large silver coin.

What should he do?

…He recalled his conversation with Luca.

“Luca, how do you decide the price of goods?”

“I’ll tell you, Ex. You let the other person decide the price if you want to sell something for a high price. That way, you can also determine how you’ll interact with them.”

Alright, maybe he’ll try that.

“I’ll leave the price up to you. I’ll step out for a moment, so take your time and discuss it among yourselves.”

“Yes, sir.”

Aix left for the restroom, leaving the three of them to ponder the difficult problem while they touched the mysterious, warm magic stones.

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