Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: Saving the Immortal World’s Chrysanthemum

Since the Flying Sword Formation test was successful, Su Hao’s research project on flying swords has come to a temporary halt.

The next day, he entered the state of foundational cultivation.

Originally planning to complete the material substitution in three months and then spend the following five months cultivating to the fourth level of foundational realm, he has now spent six months designing the Flying Sword Formation, which significantly exceeds the schedule.

“I must quickly cultivate to the fourth level of foundational realm to defend and strive to reach the strongest state before leaving the immortal sect. If I can break through to the Golden Core realm, that would be even better.”

As for the cultivator in the Unity Realm he encountered yesterday, Su Hao has already dismissed him from his mind!

Cultivators in the Unity Realm are nothing special to Su Hao; they are just ordinary people, only with stronger power than ordinary people!

Su Hao has encountered all sorts of people, but those who truly reach an extraordinary spiritual realm are few and far between! They can almost be ignored.

If someone possesses profound knowledge, Su Hao will respect them, but if they are simply physically strong without much knowledge or thought, even if Su Hao can’t defeat them, he won’t regard them highly on a spiritual level.

“What’s the use of being good at fighting? Come and solve problems!”

Of course, if Su Hao hadn’t gained power before being thrown back, he wouldn’t have said such things.

But fundamentally, Su Hao is not wrong; his strength is actually built upon a vast knowledge system, isn’t it? Without knowledge, if he were to be placed in another world, he would be nothing; perhaps he would be trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation.

“I am now at the second level of foundational realm accumulation pool, which was completed five months ago, and can enter the closed cultivation of the third level at any time.”

In Su Hao’s understanding, closed cultivation means locking the essence within the body. The method is to extend the meridian blood and qi circulation system outward to various parts of the body, combining with the flesh to nourish and complement each other.

Similar to differentiating a large number of capillaries from blood vessels, spreading throughout the body to nourish the body, while the body provides benign feedback to the spiritual power!

What Su Hao needs to do is to construct a spiritual power circulation system that is similar to capillaries, covering the entire body!

“This spiritual power system doesn’t need to be too detailed, as long as it ensures that most parts of the body are distributed! This process will probably take about two months.”

After clarifying his cultivation thoughts, Su Hao quickly sat down, activated the ‘Senior Brother Token’, and entered cultivation state.

Two months passed quickly. Su Hao opened his eyes again from cultivation, took a long breath, and said, “Phew—Achieving the closed cultivation of the third level of foundational realm is finally done! They said cultivation is supposed to be enjoyable, but I don’t feel any of that! I’d rather study and research!”

Su Hao stood up, stretched his somewhat stiff body, and went to a corner, where he lay on a recliner, reaching out into the air and using spatial ability to retrieve a roast chicken, taking a hearty bite!

“Mmm, delicious! It seems Feng Cheng has greatly improved his cooking skills!”

Before long, the whole roast chicken was devoured by Su Hao, and then he reached out and grabbed two cantaloupes, followed by a plate of Dongpo pork belly…

While eating, Su Hao thought about preparing to leave the immortal sect: “It’s been eight months now, with at most four months left. It’s enough for me to practice to the fourth level of foundational realm and refine a versatile portable daily utensil. As for the Wind Binding Technique, I’m afraid there’s no time to practice it! I wonder how the progress is going with the ‘Spell Implantation’ research in Yashan!”

Thinking, Su Hao entered the pinball space of consciousness, summoned the data from the universal assistant, and after a moment shook his head, saying, “As expected, it’s not that fast! Considering that the transformation of spiritual power nature requires continuous influence of thoughts for over a month to completely change and solidify, it’s not easy to bypass this step and directly solidify the spell! Well, forget it, I’ll wait until I’m out of the sect to find time to practice the Wind Binding Technique.”

Su Hao reclined on the recliner, letting out a comfortable sigh. Sitting for several months straight had made him extremely uncomfortable.

“When Yashan finishes the ‘Spell Implantation’ project, I’ll give him a second research task called ‘The Method of Cultivating While Lying Down’!”

As he thought about it, Su Hao slowly drifted off to sleep on the recliner!

Who says cultivators don’t need to sleep?

Upon waking up, Su Hao obediently sat on the cushion and activated the “Senior Brother Token” to continue advancing to the fourth level of foundational realm, “Stabilization”.

Compared to the closed cultivation of the third level, the core of “Stabilization” is to accumulate spiritual power, stabilize the complete circulation, and continue until completion. This step is the most time-consuming for the vast majority of cultivators, taking three to five years of accumulation at least, but for Su Hao, it’s much easier. He can get it done in two months, and the amount of spiritual power he obtains is much larger than that of ordinary cultivators.

Another two months passed, and Su Hao finally completed the cultivation of the fourth level of foundational realm!

At this point, the spiritual power content within Su Hao’s body was exceptionally abundant. As the complete spiritual power circulation continuously passed through the spiritual core at the heart, it was refined and purified by the core formation array, transforming into wind attribute spiritual power of a higher level.

In Su Hao’s mental perception, the color of spiritual power changed from the original silver stars to a faint blue light.

With the completion of foundational realm cultivation, the new spiritual power system constructed by Su Hao gradually merged into his body, as if it had always been there, exuding the breath of life.

“So this is foundational cultivation, truly relying on the physical body to construct another set of life structures using spiritual power. Once this energy form of spiritual power forms a fixed circulation, as long as it is regularly replenished, its durability is much higher than that of the physical body! It will also nourish the physical body! In this way, a person’s natural lifespan will be extended to a certain extent.”

With the successful cultivation to the fourth level of foundational realm, Su Hao’s understanding of the world of cultivation has advanced further.

“So, what exactly is the so-called Golden Core realm?”

Su Hao got up and pushed open the door, heading towards the direction of the disciple’s hall.

Since he still has over three hundred merit points available, he will exchange them for the cultivation techniques of the Golden Core realm.

Upon arriving at the disciple’s hall, Su Hao’s voice gradually grew louder, reaching far beyond the hall.

“What? Three hundred points can only exchange for Golden Core realm heart techniques? Five hundred each for Golden Core realm spiritual techniques and spells?”

After exchanging for the heart techniques, Su Hao walked out of the disciple’s hall feeling somewhat disappointed.

Indeed, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

“I thought three hundred contribution points could get me a full set of techniques! Turns out I was thinking too much. Why didn’t Master mention this earlier? Could it be she’s not clear herself?”

Still poor! Still need to work!

“Well… perhaps the timing isn’t right yet. I’ll practice the heart techniques of the Golden Core realm first! The Golden Core realm heart techniques cultivate ‘consciousness’. But what’s different about consciousness?”

The Qi Induction realm cultivates “thoughts”, the Foundational realm cultivates “intentions”, and the Golden Core realm cultivates “consciousness”. Each type of thought undergoes its own transformation.

After reviewing the cultivation of consciousness at the base, Su Hao muttered to himself, “Consciousness can enhance wisdom, perceive the aura of cultivators… In other words, once I cultivate consciousness, I can easily identify the level of cultivators. With perception, I might even be able to detect the amount of spiritual power in them! This is another transformation.”

However, cultivating consciousness is not easy. It’s not uncommon for average cultivators to spend several years at this stage.

To this, Su Hao could only sigh: “Cultivation of mental power cannot be rushed, let’s practice slowly!”

Even if it means sitting still and getting a sore butt, fortunately, Su Hao has [Child of Fate] to repair it at any time, so he doesn’t have to worry about hemorrhoids…

As for the cultivators in this world…

The imagery is too beautiful; Su Hao dare not dwell on it.

Su Hao casually added a small task to the logboard: Save the chrysanthemums of the cultivation world!

“Since cultivating consciousness will take some time, with two months left, I’d better complete the third task!”

Crafting a versatile portable daily utensil!

“First, gather materials! The materials I previously obtained from Master and Feng Yan are almost used up, far from enough. Hmm… should I ask again? Maybe there’s more!”

With that in mind, Su Hao got up and headed towards the residence of Feng Ling.

“No more! All used up! Go ask your sister Feng Yan for them! She has all sorts of random materials, while I’m just a poor cultivator at the foundational realm who doesn’t even have enough merit points to exchange for Golden Core realm techniques…”

Then Su Hao went to Feng Yan’s cave, where he was warmly received. Upon learning of Su Hao’s purpose, Feng Yan immediately drove him out of the cave: “No more, don’t even think about it! Go find your Master Little Feng Ling! She also often travels outside and has all sorts of strange things! I’m just a small array master who stays in the sect all year round, how could I have anything for crafting?”

Su Hao: “…”

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