Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Pine Mountain Reclamation

Two months later, Su Hao completed his design and successfully experimented!

Today, Su Hao planned to find a place, fully display his sword formation, conduct the final test, and collect corresponding data.

Su Hao teleported through space to Lu Town, Changzhou, injected spiritual power into the core runes, fully opened his perception, and instantly reached a distance of fifty thousand meters.


Su Hao disappeared from the spot and appeared in a desolate valley, then ‘flashed’ again to the top of a mountain peak.

Su Hao looked around, saw the undulating peaks stretching to the end of the line of sight, without any signs of human habitation.

“Right here!”

Su Hao’s figure quickly rose, a thick layer of diamond armor wrapped him inside, and the top of the peak under his feet transformed into crystal-clear diamond armor.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

Forty-eight broad long swords rose from the ground of the diamond armor, in just three seconds, they all emitted brilliant yellow light, floating in mid-air.

Su Hao extended a finger and pointed forward.

“Swish, swish, swish—”

Forty-eight streaks of light shot towards the distance, breaking through the sound barrier with a continuous piercing sound.

Arriving tens of thousands of meters away in a moment.

Ordinary Golden Core cultivators are limited by the strength of their ‘sense’, and the attack range of their magical weapons is only over a thousand meters. However, Su Hao’s flying swords controlled by spatial tentacles have no such restrictions. As long as Su Hao can still perceive them, there is no distance limit! Even if the flying sword is on the other side of the planet, Su Hao can still control it freely!

Unfortunately, Su Hao’s perception range is only over fifty thousand meters, far from covering the entire planet, which is too far away… But people always have dreams, what if they come true?

Su Hao’s finger turned, and the forty-eight streaks of light changed direction, directly piercing through a steep peak, which was as soft as tofu and couldn’t hinder the streaks of light at all.

Su Hao chuckled: “The penetration is not bad! Let’s try the formation!”

With a wave of his finger, the forty-eight streaks of light hovering tens of thousands of meters away landed on a mountain peak.

“Twelve Sword Formation – Shockwave Cannon!”

The next moment, twelve swords separated from the flying sword, gathered on one side, emitting a bright light, completely engulfing the flying sword, making it difficult to discern its form.

Forming a ten-meter diameter yellow light halo, like a glowing donut floating in mid-air.

This is the lowest-level sword formation ‘Twelve Flying Sword Formation – Shockwave Cannon’ constructed by Su Hao!

In the instant the formation was formed, the light in the middle of the yellow light halo twisted, and in the blink of an eye, it spread to the top of the mountain peak.

The ‘Shockwave Cannon’ was launched! But Su Hao, thousands of meters away, did not perceive any movement!

But he knew that the Shockwave Cannon had worked!


Su Hao appeared not far from the sword formation, looking towards the mountain peak.

Only to see an additional three-meter diameter hole on the mountain, faintly visible light at the other end.

“The power seems decent! Just don’t know if it can break through the advanced shields of cultivators.”

This can only be known through actual combat.

“Next, let’s try the ‘Twenty-Four Flying Sword Formation – Sword of Dawn’!”

From the remaining flying swords, twenty-four flying swords were separated again, forming inner and outer layers of circular rings, with the sword tips aimed at the mountain peak, gradually engulfing everything in light, like a glowing pancake in the sky!

Suddenly, a dazzling light shot out from the center of the disk, like cosmic rays emitted by a black hole after it’s fed.

The disk turned, and the beam swept through, the mountain peak instantly cut in half, as if a peerless swordsman had drawn his sword from his waist and struck the mountain peak with a fatal blow.

The upper half of the mountain peak slowly tilted, a large number of rocks crumbled and rolled down, accompanied by continuous loud and piercing noises, shaking the surrounding land.

However, in the blink of an eye, the mountain peak returned to calmness, with only a few rocks rolling down from the top, making ‘bang, bang’ sounds.

Su Hao thought that the peak had been leveled by his sword, but he didn’t expect the mountain’s own strong friction to stop it.

Su Hao thought to himself: “Sword of Dawn, one strike to split, the power is about as expected. The mountain didn’t collapse, it’s a good opportunity to test the ‘Forty-Eight Flying Sword Formation – Thousand Swords Flying Together’!”

With a wave of his hand, the ‘Shockwave Cannon’ and ‘Sword of Dawn’ formations dispersed, a total of forty-eight flying swords gathered together.

With a thought, the forty-eight flying swords rapidly shot out, pointed downwards, dispersing around the mountain peak.

Each flying sword emitted two bright lights, connecting to each other, and the formation was activated. A circular light curtain rose into the sky, enclosing the upper half of the mountain peak that had been cut off in the middle.

‘Buzz~’ “Zi~ zi~” “Bang, bang, bang!”

From above the light curtain, streams of light began to shoot out one after another, hitting the mountain peak, actually piercing through the mountain peak, the streams of light became more and more numerous, more and more dense, punching countless holes in the upper part of the mountain peak…

It didn’t stop there, more and more streams of light shot out from the light curtain, until the light curtain was completely filled with streams of light, and the outline of the mountain could no longer be seen.

Each stream of light had the penetrating power of a flying sword artifact, easily piercing a hole in the mountain peak. With countless streams of light raging back and forth within the light curtain, one can’t imagine the plight of the half-cut mountain peak, how severe it was. If time could rewind, it would probably just roll down to the ground cleanly when Su Hao cut it with a sword! Even if it were to be shattered to pieces, it would be better than the current situation of the thousand swords raging.

Two minutes later, Su Hao exhausted the spiritual power in the flying swords, the light on the flying swords gradually disappeared, the light curtain dispersed, revealing the current appearance of the mountain peak!

At this point, it shouldn’t be called a mountain peak anymore, calling it ‘Flathead Mountain’ would be more appropriate.

The upper half of the mountain, which should have been cut off just now, had now turned into a pile of rubble, flowing down the valley like quicksand, accompanied by continuous strong and weak impacts.

This huge mountain, in front of the tiny Su Hao, was no different from a sand pile built by a child, easily toppled.

Su Hao looked at his masterpiece, never imagined that in less than ten years since coming to this world, he had gained such immense power, which was unimaginable before.

“This is the true power to flatten mountains and fill seas!”

The combination of ‘runes’, ‘spiritual power’, and ‘formations’, the power it unleashed even shocked Su Hao.


Su Hao suddenly sensed the presence of a cultivator whose blood energy had condensed to the extreme, breaking into Su Hao’s perception range from fifty thousand meters away.

“Could it be an Unity Realm cultivator? It seems that my test caused too much commotion and alerted other cultivators!”

The blood energy concentration of this cultivator, far surpassing that of Elder Feng, an Nascent Soul cultivator, was undoubtedly an Unity Realm cultivator!

It is rumored that the head of Yunzhong Valley and the main sect masters are all Unity Realm cultivators, but Su Hao has lived in Yunzhong Valley for more than three years and has never sensed the existence of the so-called sect master. The strongest beings he found were only Nascent Soul cultivators like Elder Feng.

Su Hao frowned, carefully sensing the aura of the Unity Realm cultivator, and weighing whether to take the opportunity to probe: “The aura of this Unity Realm cultivator is very strange, powerful, but mixed, like ten colors of clay kneaded together, completely different from the purity of ordinary cultivators…”

After a moment of thought, Su Hao decided to temporarily retreat: “This suspicious Unity Realm cultivator looks strange, it’s better to stabilize and cultivate first, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future!”

With that in mind, Su Hao waved his hand and dispersed all the flying swords suspended in the air, then teleported back to the laboratory in the Yunzhong Valley, disappearing from the spot.

Shortly after Su Hao disappeared, the cultivator suspected of being in the Unity Realm, wrapped in a blue light, drew an arc and arrived at the place where Su Hao had cut off the mountain peak.

The blue light dissipated, revealing a middle-aged cultivator with a face full of black beard and a burly body like a bear. He widened his bronze bell-like eyes, observed the mess around him, and finally locked his gaze on Flathead Mountain!

There was an undisguised look of amazement in his eyes: “Even the mountain peak is leveled, incredible! Could it be that some fellow cultivator is practicing treasures here?”

Then he looked around, seeing no one, and swept his ‘divine sense’ within a radius of nearly eight thousand meters, finding nothing unusual.

So he said inexplicably, “He ran away so fast? But I didn’t even sense the direction of his departure, how strange!”

After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s go back and have a drink!”

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