Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: Flying Sword Formation

The next day, Yashan eagerly ran to Su Hao’s laboratory, waiting for Boss Wei to administer the injection to him.

After a few hours, Yashan woke up, sensing his body’s condition, and asked in confusion, “Boss Wei, have I become a super cultivator? I don’t feel any different.”

Su Hao smiled and said, “Did you not read the information about spiritual energy and power? Alright, go back and cultivate! You’ll know in a few days.”

Yesterday, Yashan was only looking at the information on “Artificial Implantation” arranged by Su Hao, without reviewing Su Hao’s analysis of spiritual power. He went back with curiosity, searching for the spiritual power data uploaded by Su Hao’s omnipotent assistant and slowly examining it.

Boss Wei said it would take three months to cultivate to the fourth level of Qi Induction. However, according to people around him, to reach the fourth level of Qi Induction, it could take as fast as four years or as slow as more than a decade.

This made Yashan very curious about how Boss Wei managed to do it.

As Yashan finished reviewing Su Hao’s actions, his eyes widened in amazement, “It can enlarge the spiritual roots by fifty times! It can even artificially produce highly concentrated spiritual energy! Boss Wei is truly remarkable! Does this mean I can cultivate fifty times faster than others? Wow—”

Then Yashan recalled Boss Wei saying ‘broaden your horizons’!

Yashan couldn’t help muttering to himself, “Yashan, oh Yashan! Broaden your horizons and don’t get bogged down in these trivial matters! Following Boss Wei means being ‘big’, ‘many’, and ‘strong’!”

After advancing to the Foundation Establishment Realm, Su Hao could still stay in the Immortal Sect for a year before receiving tasks from Feng Ling and going out on missions.

According to Feng Ling, at the beginning, most tasks involved stationing and cooperation among multiple people, with no significant danger. After adapting for a while, there would be some hunting, gathering, and exploration tasks, which would entail certain risks.

As for what would happen if tasks were not completed as required?

It varied depending on the severity of the situation. It could range from blocking subsequent access to martial arts materials, letting things go, or reclaiming the ‘magical tools’ provided by the sect and then expelling the disciple from the sect. Of course, the most likely consequence was clearing out the sect to prevent the leakage of sect martial arts.

Joining the sect wasn’t as easy as entering and leaving at will. To obtain cultivation resources and pathways within the sect, one had to serve the sect. This was the principle of ‘equivalence’ in this world.

“I can still stay in the sect for a year…”

Su Hao pondered for a moment and quickly formulated his plans for the year: “First, complete the feasible plan of ‘using runes instead of refining materials’ in three months; second, cultivate to the fourth level of Foundation Establishment within five months; third, spend two months refining a portable multifunctional magical tool for daily use; fourth, use the remaining time to practice the ‘Mountain Suppression Wind Binding Technique’.”

Yashan’s research project on ‘Artificial Implantation’ wouldn’t be completed in a year. Firstly, Yashan’s knowledge base was insufficient, and secondly, the transformation of spiritual power required extensive experimentation.

Among these five techniques, the ‘Mountain Suppression Wind Binding Technique’ was somewhat useful to Su Hao, so he needed to allocate some time to practice it. As for the other techniques, they were temporarily put aside as they were not very useful and would waste time!

“Well then, let’s start with using runes to replace materials!”

Su Hao currently had only thirty-five types of refining materials, which he had obtained from Feng Ling and Feng Yan. This fell far short of what Su Hao wanted.

However, these thirty-five materials were more than enough for Su Hao to refine some ordinary magical tools with low requirements!

“Thirty-five materials should be enough for three months!”

Four months flew by, and by this time, Su Hao had replaced all thirty-two materials, but no matter what, Su Hao couldn’t achieve the same effect with the remaining three materials. In the end, he could only use similar runes to replace them, which was one of the reasons why Su Hao exceeded the time limit.

“The runes can only simulate the representation of most characteristics, but they cannot replace the core function of material. After all, even the runes require a material foundation! Material is one of the core aspects through which the rules of this universe manifest.”

“Now, let’s try the effect!”

Click click click~

Su Hao quickly transformed into a [Child of Fate], his figure becoming unusually tall, adorned with splendid armor wrapping around him.

Su Hao extended his hand, and a slender diamond-like flying sword materialized in his grasp.

Su Hao slowly closed his eyes, carving the internal structure of the flying sword according to the pre-designed model.

“Next, engrave the ‘material runes’!”

Under Su Hao’s control, specific positions within the flying sword’s internal structure began to generate one small rune array after another.

“The final step, add the ‘spatial positioning control core’!”

At the center of gravity of the flying sword, a small plaque began to engrave numerous ultra-small rune arrays, quickly completing the process.

The whole process took about five seconds!

Su Hao controlled his spiritual power to infuse into the flying sword, almost simultaneously activating all the runes on the sword.


The long sword in Su Hao’s hand instantly emitted a crisp sword sound, radiant light bursting forth. The dense yellow light enveloped the crystal flying sword, making its shape indistinguishable.

Su Hao released his grip, and with a thought, the flying sword shot out.


A yellow stream of light instantly pierced through the cave where Su Hao was, as if piercing through a thin layer of paper.

The flying sword circled outside, breaking through the wall again and entering, stopping steadily in front of Su Hao.

A smile appeared on Su Hao’s face under the diamond face mask: “It seems to be successful! And its power is much stronger than that of ordinary magical tools! So, what if fifty flying swords were generated simultaneously?”

As he spoke, Su Hao’s diamond armor surged, and the ground quickly transformed into transparent diamond armor.

Immediately after, the ground slowly rose, and forty-nine diamond flying swords emerged. In ten seconds, all the flying swords were lifted from the ground, emitting a dazzling yellow light as they floated.

Su Hao waved his hand.

Swish swish swish—

Altogether fifty flying swords turned into streams of light, resembling a meteor shower as they pierced through the thick stone walls, flying out of the laboratory. At first glance, it was densely packed and extremely dazzling.

The next moment, streams of light broke through the stone walls, floating around Su Hao.

“My current spiritual power only allows me to differentiate sixty tentacles, of which ten tentacles need to be used for spatial abilities at any given time. This means I can only control a maximum of fifty flying swords! However, as my ‘mind’ continues to strengthen, I will be able to control even more flying swords!”

Su Hao fantasized about controlling millions of flying swords against his enemies and couldn’t help but smile faintly, “With this, no one will call me ‘Feng Yizhi’ anymore!”

Su Hao walked slowly into the group of flying swords, carefully examining each one and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

“The advantages of the diamond armor flying swords are twofold. One, they can save the trouble of collecting refining materials; two, they can be modified and used at any time, offering a variety of options for different effects.

There are also disadvantages; the structure of the flying sword is too complex, and it takes a long time to generate. However, this disadvantage can be overcome. Let me try adding a new function to Little Light, assisting in the transformation of diamond armor to create artifacts. It should speed things up considerably.”

Su Hao then thought about the formation of artifacts into formations and thought to himself, “Fifty flying swords are enough to form a general medium-sized formation! Hmm, let me redesign them to turn these fifty flying swords into formation-structured artifacts!”

In this way, the fifty flying swords could be manipulated at will as an attack method, and they could also form even more powerful formations to trap and defeat enemies. It’s simply perfect, and the key is its flexibility!

As long as the design experiment is successful, Su Hao is confident to use the flying swords to confront Nascent Soul realm cultivators! Absolutely!

Su Hao dispersed the fifty flying swords with a wave of his hand, entered the ball space, and began to add a ‘artifact auxiliary generator’ to Little Light, then redesigned the structure of the flying swords.

As for the previously planned ‘cultivation to the fourth level of Foundation Establishment’…

Plans can’t keep up with changes, it’s very normal! There’s always time later. Su Hao is not in a hurry for now. He’ll just follow his inspiration and thoughts closely; that’s definitely right.

“First, design the formation structure! I require the fifty flying swords to be able to combine into different formations!”

This sets higher requirements for the structure of the flying swords! Each flying sword must have consistent specifications and be able to produce different effects…

Su Hao then thought of ‘LEGO bricks’, which can be used to design multiple specification combination ‘interfaces’ for the flying swords, allowing them to form different formations through different combinations.

“Second, design a single flying sword!”

With more functions to load onto the flying swords, the current size and structure of the flying swords are obviously not enough. Su Hao quickly judged that the best shape to bear this is a shuttle-shaped one with pointed ends.

“But the shuttle isn’t cool enough!”

After some thought, Su Hao decided to stick with the sword shape: “Thicken the flying sword and lengthen the hilt!”

There’s still a difference between waving a bunch of flying swords and waving a bunch of shuttles!

“Finally, design the formation diagram!”

Common formation diagrams include ‘defense’, ‘maze’, ‘offense’, ‘control’, ‘barrier’, and so on.

Su Hao graded the formation diagrams, ranging from a twelve flying sword formation, a twenty-four flying sword formation, a forty-eight flying sword formation… to future formations like a ninety-six flying sword formation, a one hundred ninety-two flying sword formation, etc.!

The more flying swords there are, the stronger the corresponding formation!

Su Hao gave himself a thumbs up for his design: “Perfect!”

Next, it’s time to complete the design and experiment!

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