Chapter 386

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Chapter 386 Super Cultivation Talent

After Su Hao broke through the Foundation Establishment Realm, he didn’t even have time to guide Yashan, who had just started, and after assigning him tasks such as cooking and laundry, he stayed in his experimental base, tirelessly converting spiritual power day and night!

He sat like this for three months! Until his spiritual power was replenished.

When Su Hao replenished his spiritual power and completely stabilized at the second level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, he opened his eyes, stood up, patted his butt, couldn’t help but look at the cushion that had already sunken beneath him, and couldn’t help but say, “Cultivation is indeed not something ordinary people can do. Not only do you need spiritual roots, but also a good butt! If given the chance, I will definitely invent a cultivation method that can be done lying down, to benefit all cultivators.”

Su Hao stretched his body a bit and walked out of the experimental base.

During this period of seclusion, his master, Feng Ling, frequently appeared outside Su Hao’s experimental base, presumably to check on Su Hao’s breakthrough situation.

Now that he had come out of seclusion, Su Hao should report to Feng Ling first.

As Su Hao approached, Feng Ling came out with a worried expression and said, “Feng Wei, did you succeed in your breakthrough?”

It had been a long time since Su Hao had been out, and Feng Ling thought that Su Hao had failed in his breakthrough!

Su Hao replied, “I have already successfully broken through. During this time, I just stabilized my current realm!”

Feng Ling breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good. Since you have successfully broken through, I will take you to register in the disciple records!”

Su Hao asked, “Master, how long can you stay in the sect after I successfully breakthrough the Foundation Establishment Realm?”

Feng Ling replied, “One year! Within a year, I need to go to the disciple records to receive tasks and go out on missions! As for Feng Cheng, he will be transferred to the supervision of other senior brothers in the sect, and others will guide him until he breaks through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. As for you, after a year, you will need to follow me out, and initially, I will take you to perform tasks to quickly adapt to life outside the sect.”

For Su Hao, one year was basically enough.

Feng Ling continued, “During this year, you should quickly learn the five basic techniques of the Foundation Establishment Realm, so that you can have some self-protection.”

The five basic techniques recorded in the accompanying “Wind Deception Techniques” of the Foundation Establishment Realm were already familiar to Su Hao: ‘Qi-Shaped Wind Escape Technique,’ ‘Continuous Light Flying Sun Sword,’ ‘Arc Light Flow Wind Wall,’ ‘Spring Wind Returns to Shade,’ and ‘Mountain-Sinking Wind Binding Technique.’ But Su Hao didn’t plan to practice them directly because it would take too long!

At Su Hao’s speed, it would take over a month to master each technique, so mastering all five basic techniques would take at least half a year. It was not cost-effective for Su Hao.

It would be better to let Yashan research how to directly perform ‘technique transplantation.’ If successful, there would be no need for cultivation at all!

Su Hao asked again, “If I quickly advance to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, what about the cultivation methods for the Golden Core Realm? It’s possible that I’ll cultivate faster, which is quite normal!”

Feng Ling was speechless and said, “I know you cultivate quickly, but do you think breaking through to the Golden Core Realm is simple? Without several years of accumulation, don’t even think about it. Of course, if you think you can, you can try. As for the techniques for the Golden Core Realm, when you go out on missions and earn enough merit points, you can naturally exchange them in the disciple records.”

Su Hao said casually, “Master, I am a genius!”

Feng Ling: “…”

Su Hao asked, “How many merit points do I need?”

Feng Ling replied, “Three hundred!”

Su Hao was surprised, “Huh? But I already have more than three hundred merit points now, completely enough! Does that mean I can get them now?”

Feng Ling: “…”

Su Hao hadn’t expected that obtaining the cultivation techniques for the Golden Core Realm would be so simple. He could easily break through to the Golden Core Realm within five years, then go out on missions and take the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other cultivators from different sects.

Unexpectedly smooth!

After completing the registration in the disciple records with Feng Ling, Su Hao bid farewell and walked alone back to the base.

It was then that Su Hao remembered Yashan.

“I suppose he should have adapted quite well in three months!”

It’s worth noting that within three months of joining, Su Hao had already cultivated to the fourth level of the Qi-Induction Realm! Yashan, with some foundation, shouldn’t lag behind too much!

Then Su Hao asked through the omnipotent assistant, “Yashan, are you practicing?”

Yashan quickly replied, “Boss Wei, I am indeed practicing. It’s been almost three months…”

Su Hao arranged, “Then open the map and come to the location marked on the map!”

The omnipotent assistant’s functions were becoming more and more comprehensive, and Yashan’s permissions were quite high. He could even access various knowledge not related to Su Hao’s core, but it was unclear whether Yashan could understand it.

Moreover, even if he understood it, without Su Hao’s genetic modification fluid, most of the knowledge would be useless, as Su Hao’s power system relied heavily on genetic modifications.

After waiting for a long time, Su Hao finally saw a boy of about twelve years old running excitedly towards him, with the same crew cut hairstyle as Su Hao, blown back by the powerful wind pressure.

“Feng Wei, Boss!” Yashan shouted excitedly as soon as he saw Su Hao from afar.

Su Hao sighed. He told Yashan to call him ‘Senior Feng Wei’, but no matter how many times he corrected him, after a while, he would suddenly revert back to ‘Boss Feng Wei’.

Su Hao just went along with it! Senior and Boss, aren’t they pretty much the same?

But the term ‘Boss’ sounded more like a gangster.

Yashan stopped excitedly in front of Su Hao and immediately showed off his recent progress in cultivation, “Boss Feng Wei, with the help of the warrior’s consciousness power, I have made rapid progress in the past three months! I have already cultivated ‘Mind Control’ and reached the first level of the Qi-Induction Realm. I believe I will soon reach the second level, Accumulation Clearing. Even Master is amazed at my talent and praises me all the time!”

Among the more than forty new disciples in this cohort, neither the Feng nor the Wu lineage recruited new disciples; they were all divided among the Yun, Yue, Yu, and Chen lineages. Yashan was assigned to the Yue lineage and was called Yue Ying.

Yashan was eagerly awaiting praise from his Boss Wei, but he saw Su Hao’s surprised expression and said, “It took three months just to reach the first level of Qi-Induction? Is that slow?”

Yashan was instantly dumbfounded and incredulous, “Boss Wei, currently among the more than forty disciples in the fifty-seventh generation, my progress is among the top! Is that still slow?”

Su Hao sighed, “Junior Brother Yue Ying, you need to broaden your horizons, you know? You, an adult man, why compare yourself with those youngsters? When I joined, I could already establish a foundation after three months!”

Yashan: “Huh?”

Su Hao continued, “Tomorrow, come to my experimental base, and I’ll help you replenish your spiritual roots first, so you can advance to the fourth level of Qi-Refining soon! I have an initial research task for you called ‘Technique Transplantation Plan.’ You can search for it using the omnipotent assistant. Use the remaining time to study the ‘Technique Transplantation Plan’ thoroughly!”

A task! And it’s a research task! Yashan’s eyes lit up, “Okay, Boss Feng Wei, leave it to me!”

Su Hao remembered something else and added, “Oh, I have a Junior Brother named Feng Cheng. Spare some time to meet him. You can find his information in the omnipotent space. He’s cooperative and will assist you with some small experiments whenever you need. If you find the research tasks too burdensome and have no time for miscellaneous tasks, you can teach him and let him do some chores.”

Seeing Yashan stunned, Su Hao reassured him, “Don’t worry, arranging Feng Cheng to do miscellaneous tasks will free up your time to do more important things for me.”

Yashan was suddenly excited, “I understand, Boss Feng Wei!”

Yashan realized that in Boss Wei’s eyes, he was no longer just a gofer.

Su Hao added, “Also, I have uploaded a lot of information on the universal assistant, including explanations on cultivating spiritual energy and power. You can find everything there. If you encounter any problems you don’t understand, just tell me in the contacts!”

Yashan said, “Understood, Boss Feng Wei!”

Su Hao then asked, “By the way, how’s your rune study going?”

Yashan pounded his chest loudly, “I’ve memorized nearly a thousand basic runes, and I’m already proficient in the principles of array formation. Now I’m learning how to construct rune arrays with specific effects.”

Su Hao nodded, “That’s good. Here’s a rune called ‘Spirit Qi Wave’ that can accelerate cultivation. Try it out yourself.”

Yashan immediately opened the assistant and searched for the corresponding information.

Su Hao said, “Alright! Come find me again tomorrow! You can go now!”

After sending Yashan away, Su Hao leisurely walked back to the experimental base, then entered the pinball space to design ‘Super Cultivation Talent’ for Yashan!

The cultivation speed was also directly maximized, reaching fifty times the normal rate!

If the cultivation speed wasn’t fast enough, Su Hao would be embarrassed to say this was his assistant!

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