Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: Foundation Establishment

As early as a year ago, Su Hao modified the cultivation talent of Yashan, who was causing trouble everywhere, to meet the standards of the Yunzhong Valley for accepting disciples. Then he summoned him to Annan Hengzhou and arranged a bunch of learning tasks for him regarding runes and alchemy.

Finally, Yashan settled down and stopped causing trouble, no longer accidentally breaking into the sect.

And today, he successfully passed the disciple selection mechanism of the Yunzhong Valley and entered the sect.

For Yashan, being able to work by Boss Wei’s side again was a great joy. First, it was safe, and he didn’t have to worry about inexplicable pursuits; second, he had a sense of belonging. Unable to stay by Boss Wei’s side and follow his instructions, he always felt like something was missing in his life; third, while Boss Wei was cultivating, he was still relying on his past accomplishments and making no progress at all. If he didn’t start cultivating soon and catch up with Boss Wei, how could he help Boss Wei?

Yashan didn’t want to be left too far behind!

And for Su Hao, Yashan’s return to his side saved him a lot of effort. Anything that wasn’t top priority could be handed over to Yashan. Yashan had been with him for a long time, and Su Hao believed that Yashan would definitely be able to handle these tasks well.

However, Su Hao’s outing this time was not to find Yashan. Yashan’s matters could wait; he would discuss them after Yashan successfully became a disciple.

He wanted to find Feng Ling!

After arriving at his original residence, Feng Ling noticed Su Hao’s arrival in advance and took the initiative to greet him: “Feng Wei, why are you here?”

Su Hao asked, “Master, how has your cultivation been lately?”

Feng Ling smiled with joy and said, “It’s been smooth. The spiritual energy in your room is much richer than in the sect! Even the spiritual energy stones can’t reach this level.”

Su Hao said, “Master, three years have passed, and it’s time for me to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage!”

Feng Ling seemed to have anticipated this, but she asked with concern, “Are you sure?”

Su Hao replied, “Of course, but I have a small problem. The core structure diagram you gave me for the Foundation Establishment cultivation method is similar in structure to the ‘wind’ attribute in the artifact. After I successfully build the core, my spiritual power will gradually transform into wind spiritual power. Will this wind spiritual power affect my use of other elemental spells?”

Feng Ling looked surprised and said, “The core structure is similar to the structure of an artifact? This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing. However, the issue you’re concerned about regarding attributes does indeed exist. Our Feng lineage’s cultivation methods are fixed after Foundation Establishment and cannot be changed! Although the power of other elemental spells is greatly reduced when cast, the power of wind elemental spells is doubled! Feng Wei, you don’t need to worry. The cultivation methods of our Feng lineage are not inferior to those of other lineages. When cultivated to the extreme, they are among the top existences in the entire cultivation world.”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “Master, there’s no need to worry. I’m not concerned about that. I just wanted to make a final confirmation!”

Since he had already informed Feng Ling in advance, Su Hao took his leave and returned to his experimental base to begin breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage!

Based on Feng Ling’s explanation, Su Hao roughly understood the function of the core structure for advancing to the Foundation Establishment stage.

Feeling even more confident, he returned to his base. With a few gestures, Su Hao activated the defensive array set up in the base, creating a huge light shield that enclosed his laboratory tightly, ensuring no one could disturb him during the breakthrough. Even the slightest mistake could lead to failure.

Su Hao took out the Senior Brother Token, infused it with a large amount of spiritual energy, and it emitted a brilliant light, forming a spherical shield that enveloped him. Su Hao immediately felt the spiritual energy gradually becoming active.

Sitting cross-legged, he swallowed the auxiliary pill “Continuation Pill,” closed his eyes to adjust his state, and soon entered a meditative state.

With the help of the Senior Brother Token and the Continuation Pill, Su Hao easily integrated his thoughts into the spiritual energy, mobilizing it. He separated the first strand of spiritual energy, which reached the position of his heart, forming a special structure and calming down.

Then came the second strand, connected to the previous structure, forming the second special structure.

The third strand…

During this process, Su Hao was completely focused, not daring to slack off. If he made a mistake and failed to break through to Foundation Establishment, he could suffer a backlash of spiritual energy, damaging his meridians. This would not only fail to increase his lifespan but also decrease it significantly, making the next breakthrough to Foundation Establishment even more difficult.

Almost all cultivators only attempt Foundation Establishment when they are absolutely certain, preferring to wait a few more years rather than take such risks.

However, with the assistance of Little Light and Su Hao’s extremely powerful mental consciousness, Foundation Establishment was not difficult for him.

The sixth strand of spiritual energy formed the final special structure on the heart. All structures were interconnected, forming a standard hexagon, which was the core structure of Foundation Establishment. As the heart beat gradually merged, it emitted a unique rhythm, as if it had gained life, appearing extremely coordinated.

“The first step, constructing the core, is completed!” It wasn’t until this moment that Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief. The first step of Foundation Establishment was the most difficult, as a slight mistake could lead to failure. As for the subsequent steps, they seemed much simpler.

“Next, connect the circulating spiritual energy in the body to the Foundation Establishment core.”

There were a total of twelve meridians, with two strands of spiritual energy drawn from each meridian, connected to the six structures of the Foundation Establishment core, forming a complete cycle.

The key point of this step was the accuracy of the connections, but for Su Hao, it was effortless, and he quickly completed the second step of linking.

The third step was mental guidance, following the rhythm of the heartbeats to activate the Foundation Establishment core!

“Boom! Boom!”

After countless beats, the entire Foundation Establishment core suddenly lit up like a match being ignited, emitting a faint green halo. It even penetrated through the flesh, illuminating Su Hao’s entire chest cavity.

“This is the first layer of Foundation Establishment solidification!”

Su Hao didn’t rush to exit the cultivation state but continued to guide, avoiding any errors and stabilizing his current state.

As time passed, Su Hao felt the difference between Foundation Establishment and Qi Induction.

“Foundation Establishment is not much different from what I speculated!”

Firstly, after the construction of the Foundation Establishment core, if there were more than five layers of spiritual energy in the body, they would gradually gather at the core of the heart under the pressure of spiritual energy, becoming the most crucial point for a cultivator.

Secondly, all spiritual energy would pass through the Foundation Establishment core, circulating throughout the body like blood. The Foundation Establishment core would slowly change the attributes of the spiritual energy as it circulated, making the energy purer.

The Foundation Establishment core could be understood as a “purifier” or a power core.

Su Hao also found a difference after successfully constructing the core. The body had a stronger restraint on spiritual energy, or rather, the spiritual energy became more regular, reducing the pressure on the body.

“This means I can convert spiritual energy in large quantities again!”

For Su Hao, who relied on spiritual energy for experiments and formations, this was undoubtedly beneficial.

With insufficient spiritual energy, Su Hao had to carefully plan his experiments and formations. Otherwise, after using a super-large formation, Su Hao’s spiritual energy would almost be depleted.

“At my current level, strictly speaking, I’ve solidified the first layer of Foundation Establishment, stabilizing the core of spiritual energy. But for me, there’s no possibility of losing control of the current spiritual energy. I can directly advance to the second layer, Lifting the Pond!”

Su Hao slowly opened his eyes from his meditative state, but instead of retracting the Senior Brother Token, he reached out and touched the ground. Soon, the ground transformed into diamond armor, slowly forming a “Spiritual Qi Wave” rune.

A small amount of spiritual energy was infused, and the rune activated.

The area where Su Hao was located immediately became the place with the highest concentration of “spiritual Qi” in the entire sect.

Su Hao closed his eyes and felt satisfied. “With such cultivation, what would normally take at least five years to accumulate, I only need a little over three months! This speed is still acceptable, but it would be better if it could be faster!”

Thinking about having to sit quietly for another three months, Su Hao felt his butt ache!

Su Hao couldn’t help but wonder, were those immortal cultivators who could sit for a hundred years still comfortable?

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