Chapter 381

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Chapter 381 Su Hao’s Treasure

The next day, Su Hao arrived outside the Disciple Record.

The ‘Disciple Record’ was not a booklet but a stone peak thrusting straight into the grassland, similar to most of the stone peaks in Yunzhong Wangyue Valley.

All records of Yunzhong Wangyue Valley disciples were collected here, and it could also handle all sorts of strange problems. It was said that the distribution and collection of tasks after reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm came from here, like a rudimentary office.

Moreover, the ‘Disciple Record’ was also the hub of the entire sect’s information, serving as a connection to the outside world, located in the center of Yunzhong Wangyue Valley.

On the empty ground behind the Disciple Record, there were many large and small flying boats parked, of various styles. Su Hao even saw the huge flying boat that he had taken when he came from the Annan Hengzhou to Yunzhong Wangyue Valley. He couldn’t help but feel envious.

But he knew that these flying boats were actually just greatly enlarged artifacts. Making a flying boat was very simple. You just had to fully understand the knowledge of artifact refining, and it was even simpler than refining artifacts.

“Isn’t artifact refining the ‘technology’ of this world?”

Su Hao walked into the lobby of the ‘Disciple Record’ and found it bustling with people, apparently all the disciples who had gone out in the past few days had returned and were concentrating on handling their affairs these days.

Su Hao approached a desk and asked a busy disciple, “Excuse me, Senior Brother, how can I receive merit points?”

“Merit points?” The disciple, who looked to be in his twenties, raised his head and looked at Su Hao in surprise when he heard the question.

Su Hao was puzzled, “Could it be that merit points are not received here?”

The disciple suddenly said, “Aren’t you Feng Yizhi?”

This disciple had obviously seen Su Hao’s battle. Su Hao nodded, “That’s right!”

Su Hao was already too lazy to correct others calling him ‘Feng The One Finger’! As long as it’s not ‘Feng The Middle Finger’, it’s fine.

The disciple’s face showed a look of surprise and said, “Junior Brother Feng Yizhi, I’m really sorry! I saw you fight yesterday, it was simply unimaginably strong! Just ‘pew pew pew’, one opponent after another was blasted off the stage, it was so cool!”

Su Hao said, “Yeah, not bad, I guess! So, can merit points be received here?”

The disciple hurriedly said, “Yes, yes! Let me register for you, please wait a moment.”

The disciple turned and ran to a shelf, took down a huge book with a big ‘Feng’ character written on it.

Then he turned to Su Hao and asked, “Junior Brother Feng Yizhi, what generation disciple of the Feng lineage are you?”

Su Hao replied, “The fifty-sixth generation.”

The disciple quickly flipped through the records and said, “There are only two disciples in the fifty-sixth generation of the Feng lineage! This generation seems a bit short. One is Feng Wei, and the other is Feng Cheng… Huh? How come there’s no Feng Yizhi?”

Su Hao said casually, “I’m just called Feng Wei.”

The disciple looked surprised, “Ah, then is Feng Yizhi a nickname?”

Su Hao said, “Yes!”

The disciple found Feng Wei’s file and smiled, “Feng Yizhi sounds better. Junior Brother, show me your Senior Brother Token, and I’ll register you. According to the rules, the champion of the Grand Competition is rewarded with five hundred merit points.”

Su Hao presented the Senior Brother Token, and the disciple registered while admiringly saying, “The Senior Brother Token isn’t something ordinary people can possess. It’s a symbol of a super genius!”

Su Hao casually replied, “It’s alright.”

After completing the registration, Su Hao walked out of the Disciple Record with a slip of paper, feeling somewhat speechless, thinking to himself, “Isn’t this registration process too primitive? Take a slip of paper to get a book, then bring the slip of paper back to register? Too troublesome! Should I try to create some simple computers? If the concept of artifact refining aligns, maybe I can refine a ‘Spiritual Power Computer’! If refining a computer is really feasible, it might greatly help the cultivation world in researching spiritual power!”

Lost in thought, Su Hao arrived at a nearby stone peak, which was the ‘Library’. A large number of books and materials from the sect were stored here.

Entering the library hall, Su Hao only found a refined middle-aged man quietly reading. Su Hao approached him, intending to speak, but the man casually pointed to a sign hanging on the wall, his eyes not leaving the book.

Following the man’s finger, Su Hao saw a huge sign on the wall, categorically listing:

“1. Historical Biographies, two merit points per book;
2. Geographic Atlases, three merit points per book;
3. Poetry Collections, one merit point per book;
4. Martial Arts Diagrams, twenty merit points per book;
5. Medicine Formulas, ten merit points per book;
6. Refining Diagrams, five merit points per book;
7. Formation Diagrams, one merit point per book;

It was all laid out clearly, but what surprised Su Hao was that medicine formulas were so expensive! And then, looking at the formation diagrams, they seemed to be practically given away.

The pricing everywhere seemed eerie.

Su Hao thought to himself, “Perhaps this pricing is based on demand. The greater the demand, the higher the price!”

In reality, Yunzhong Valley was also on the path of squeezing the labor force of its disciples! They tried every means to make disciples spend their merit points quickly, then actively take on tasks to earn more merit points. For the management of Yunzhong Valley, only spent merit points held value.

It was just that the price for ‘Formation Diagrams’ was a bit outrageous. With something so good, was there really no one researching it?

Su Hao continued reading down below, where more rules were written, such as no noise allowed, submitting a retrieval token before finding a book, returning the book after copying it, using ten blank books for one spirit stone, and making proper registration…

The rules were concise and clear, and the management didn’t seem too strict!

Su Hao’s eyes slowly lit up, “So… do we find the books ourselves?”

With such a huge library, where most of the sect’s heritage was stored, allowing disciples to freely enter and browse…

Although Su Hao could deduce that some important materials wouldn’t be placed here, this enormous library was practically a treasure trove for him.

“Perhaps, everything I want can be found here!”

After submitting the retrieval token, which was the slip of paper obtained from the Disciple Record, Su Hao slowly approached this ocean of books.

Row after row of books were neatly arranged on shelves. Rays of sunlight shone down from tall windows, casting light on Su Hao’s smiling face, and on the books containing treasures. The air was filled with a unique scent that only books had, quickly immersing Su Hao in it.

If gold and jewels were the treasure that pirates dreamt of, then these books filled with wisdom and knowledge were the treasure that Su Hao dreamt of.

Pirates sailed a lone boat, braving the waves, chasing ancient legends in the vast sea, searching for hidden treasures.

Su Hao traveled aimlessly through the vast universe, exploring the knowledge of miracles, with nothing but a single ball to guide him.

The treasures buried in the sea might be limited, but the knowledge Su Hao sought had no end!

Su Hao spent two days in the vast library, emptying the entire collection. With an incomparably joyful heart, he left the library.

With his hands behind his head, Su Hao leisurely walked back to his residence, even humming a cheerful tune. It had been a long time since he felt so happy!

Although he hadn’t looked through all the books he had taken out, since they were already recorded in the Pinball Space, wasn’t it close from becoming his own?

Just as Su Hao was about to reach the jumbled stone peak, he sensed a familiar aura approaching straight towards him.

“Feng Yuer? Is she coming to find me?” Su Hao couldn’t help but stop and look back.

A beautiful girl ran towards him, none other than Feng Yuer. She was dressed differently today, wearing a light yellow dress with a simple ponytail, and a butterfly hairpin on the side of her ear. Despite the lack of elaborate styling, she was still stunning.

Su Hao asked first, “Senior Sister, do you need something?”

Feng Yuer stopped in front of Su Hao, adjusted her breathing, and without hesitation said, “Junior Brother Feng Wei, I have some doubts and couldn’t figure out who to ask, so I came to ask you!”

“Ask me?” Su Hao didn’t mind answering questions from someone he found pleasant to look at. As a seeker of knowledge himself, he had a high tolerance for other seekers and was even willing to spend some time on it.

Moreover, Su Hao was in a great mood today and simply smiled, “Go ahead! I can tell you everything I know.”

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