Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: The Role of Senior Brother’s Token

Su Hao didn’t care much about the battles between the Foundation Establishment Realm and the Golden Core Realm that followed.

After collecting the senior brother’s token, he jumped off the platform and walked to Feng Ling’s side, saying, “Master, I have some other matters to attend to, so I’ll leave it at that. Oh, what about those five hundred merit points?”

Feng Ling knew the reason why Su Hao fought for the Senior Brother’s Token. In fact, it was just for the sake of those five hundred merit points, which he wanted to use to access knowledge of alchemy and artifact refining. Now that he had won, his immediate thought would definitely be to get his hands on the books.

Feng Ling smiled helplessly and said, “You can claim five hundred merit points by taking the Senior Brother’s Token to the ‘Disciple Record’. Don’t rush, the library has been sealed today and no one is guarding it, so you won’t be able to enter with your merit points. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Su Hao curiously asked, “How are these five hundred merit points calculated for use, and is there any token to rely on?”

Feng Ling shook her head and said, “No, these are all recorded by the logistics disciples. They can only be used to exchange for specific items within the sect. Each point deducted corresponds to a point used, and advance notice is required before use. And they can only be used by the individual, not transferred to others.”

Su Hao sighed, “That’s quite troublesome…”

Feng Ling said, “It’s not that bad! Being able to use them is already good. Your five hundred points aren’t few, at least enough to exchange for a hundred books!”

Su Hao was slightly surprised, “Only a hundred books?”

Feng Ling: “…”

One hundred books, she might not even finish reading them in three years! Why did Feng Wei have to use the word ‘only’ which was a bit provocative?

Su Hao sighed, “Okay, Master, I understand. That’s how it is for now, we’ll talk about it later.”

These merit points were different from what he had imagined. They couldn’t be used anytime, only in specific places within the sect, and were tied to individual names, making trading impossible.

The inability to trade meant that Su Hao’s idea of profiting from the merit points of other sect disciples was dashed, the business couldn’t be done!

Come to think of it, in a small community of only two thousand people like this, there was simply no need for a too complex trading system. For a group of cultivators, as long as there was a place where they could exchange for corresponding goods, if needed, they could simply barter.

But he didn’t know how to trade with other cultivators outside the sect, could it be done with ‘spirit stones’?

“What exactly are spirit stones?”

Su Hao was puzzled, but not anxious. Step by step, he would eventually figure out ‘cultivation’.

He was still just a young disciple in the Qi Induction Realm.

After returning to his room, Su Hao took out the small token and played with it in his hand, but did not rashly infuse it with spiritual power.

After some thought, he crossed his legs and entered a state of meditation, quietly sensing this small token with his ‘mind’, attempting to explore the differences of this ‘Senior Brother’s Token’. After a moment, Su Hao opened his eyes and murmured, “There doesn’t seem to be anything special, let’s try infusing it with spiritual power!”

First, Su Hao transformed into a [Child of Fate], opening all protections, and then adding the ‘Opposing Space Barrier’, ensuring everything was in order. Then, he guided his ‘mind’ to slowly infuse spiritual power into the Senior Brother’s Token.


The next moment, the Senior Brother’s Token emitted a bright yellow light, generating a three-meter diameter spherical shield, while the Senior Brother’s Token itself floated quietly at the center of the sphere.

“Is it a shield?”

Su Hao tested the strength of the shield and found that according to the data recorded over the past two days, it could even withstand a strike from a Golden Core Realm cultivator without breaking.

“After learning about artifact refining, I can study the activation principle of the shield. I’m sure it will be very rewarding.” Su Hao stood outside the shield, observing the Senior Brother’s Token, feeling that this token still had other uses.

After a while, Su Hao’s input of spiritual power was exhausted, returning to its original state. Before it fell to the ground, it was held in Su Hao’s hand.

“Let’s try activating the Senior Brother’s Token internally.”

Thinking this, Su Hao inputted spiritual power into it, and once again, the Senior Brother’s Token emitted a bright yellow light, generating a three-meter diameter shield that protected Su Hao inside.

In that instant, Su Hao immediately sensed something different. Inside the shield, the spiritual power within Su Hao’s body gradually became restless, full of vitality, like a dormant dragon being awakened, slowly opening its eyes, shaking its body, and rising from the ground.

“This is…” Su Hao thought of a possibility, then closed his eyes and inspected the spiritual power within his body with his ‘mind’.

After a long time, Su Hao opened his eyes, looked at the token in front of him, and couldn’t help but say, “This Senior Brother’s Token is indeed a treasure! No wonder so many cultivators want to get their hands on it.”

This ‘Senior Brother’s Token’ was definitely a rare treasure for cultivators.

It had only two functions, both of which were incredible for a mere Qi Induction Realm disciple.

The first ability could generate a shield capable of withstanding a strike from a Golden Core Realm cultivator. This ability could allow a Qi Induction Realm disciple to move freely within the same realm. Unless they encountered another Qi Induction Realm disciple who also possessed a tool capable of delivering a strike as powerful as that of a Golden Core Realm…

The second ability, within the shield’s range, would generate a special force field, making the spiritual power within the body become active. This ability was extremely powerful in the hands of low-level cultivators, greatly reducing the difficulty of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

In other words, this ‘Senior Brother’s Token’ was actually a treasure used for breakthroughs in cultivation.

It should be noted that the spiritual power within a cultivator’s body does not flow as freely as Su Hao’s blood energy. It is very difficult to mobilize spiritual power, requiring meditation and slow manipulation with the ‘mind’.

For a Qi Induction Realm disciple to cast spells by guiding spiritual power, it is completely relying on the inertia of the rapid circulation of spiritual power within the body, and after being guided, it is realized. The essence of casting spells is guidance, not manipulation.

For Qi Induction Realm disciples, their mental abilities are still too weak, and mobilizing spiritual power is even more difficult, which is also the difficulty in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Within the shield range of the Senior Brother’s Token, spiritual power becomes active, which means that mental abilities can more easily mobilize spiritual power, accomplishing some more complex tasks, such as laying the foundation.

It’s like controlling a huge block of ice isn’t easy, but once the block of ice becomes active and turns into water, controlling it becomes simple.

It can be speculated that for Qi Induction Realm disciples, the ‘Senior Brother’s Token’ is used to assist in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, so the role of the Foundation Establishment Realm’s ‘Senior Brother’s Token’ is definitely to assist in breaking through to the Golden Core Realm, and the same goes for the Golden Core Realm’s ‘Senior Brother’s Token’.

What Su Hao didn’t expect was that Yunzhong Wangyue Valley would actually be willing to use something with such powerful abilities as the final reward for the annual ‘Senior Brother’s Token Grand Competition’, which could be described as generous.

Moreover, once the ‘Senior Brother’s Token’ is distributed, it will never be revoked. In other words, when Su Hao got the Senior Brother’s Token in his hands, it was already his private property. It can be seen how strong Yunzhong Wangyue Valley’s background is.

Su Hao thought to himself, “There must be more treasures in the sect!”

After understanding the purpose and usage, Su Hao suddenly became interested. “So, what is the principle of this Senior Brother’s Token, how is the shield constructed, and why does spiritual power become active and more controllable within the shield?”

Su Hao listed the questions one by one, then infused his blood energy into it, recording the information of the Senior Brother’s Token into the Pinball Space, casually let it float in mid-air, the Senior Brother’s Token disappeared from his hand and was placed in Su Hao’s exclusive storage space.

“Hurry up and learn about artifact refining! Only when you have mastered the basic knowledge of artifact refining can these artifacts truly reflect their value. It’s too forced to study them now!”

The basic knowledge of artifact refining is like dismantling tools for machines. With the right tools, dismantling machines to explore their principles becomes simple.

“As for alchemy…”

Su Hao had to study formations while also studying artifact refining, and now he had to deal with alchemy as well. He couldn’t spare so much time and energy for all of them at once.

“Forget about alchemy for now! After Yashan successfully enters the door, let Yashan study it. I just need the data and information provided by Yashan.”

“In another year, modify Yashan’s spiritual roots and summon him to Annan Hengzhou. When Yunzhong Wangyue Valley accepts disciples, he will be accepted into Yunzhong Wangyue Valley.”

Thinking of Yashan, Su Hao entered the Pinball Space to check Yashan’s current status.

Then he found out that Yashan had stirred up a hornet’s nest and was actually being chased by a group of Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators!

Su Hao couldn’t help but send a message to Yashan, “Yashan, what’s going on?”

Yashan received the message, and the ‘Universal Assistant’ popped up a light blue system framework. Seeing that it was from Su Hao, he immediately replied as he flew, “I don’t know! I just went for an outing, inexplicably entered a place shrouded in thick fog, and then suddenly a group of cultivators rushed out and chased me without saying a word. Fortunately, I ran fast!”

Yashan’s flying speed was indeed much faster than that of an ordinary Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

Seeing Yashan escape from danger, Su Hao couldn’t help but smile, “Could it be that you stumbled into a sect?”

Yashan was stunned, “Huh?”

Su Hao said, “You’re quite unlucky!”

Saying he’s unlucky might not necessarily be true. Other people might go through all sorts of hardships and still not be able to find the location of a sect, but this guy Yashan, he can stumble into a sect even on a casual outing!

Su Hao then exited the Pinball Space, no longer paying attention to Yashan. Yashan might be in danger, but he’s very lucky!

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