Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Zhou Bapi isn’t as ruthless as you!

“Alright, but I’ll change the way we duel!”

“How do you plan to change it?”

Lin Beifan said, “In the duel, there are no restrictions on using any tools or methods. As long as you can defeat the opponent, it’s all fair game!”

Wang Yao narrowed his eyes, seriously contemplating.

This condition is very favorable for Lin Beifan.

With a significant difference in strength, Lin Beifan proposed this condition to compensate for the gap in power, which is understandable.

However, does this guarantee Lin Beifan’s victory?

Not necessarily!

While Lin Beifan can use any tools and methods, so can Wang Yao, and he’s even more skilled. With decades of cultivation and rich experience, he’s not someone to be underestimated.

The most crucial point is that the gap in strength cannot be compensated for by external factors.

Therefore, in this duel, victory for Lin Beifan is not guaranteed.

After careful consideration, Wang Yao nodded.

“Alright, it’s a deal!”

Then, the two found a notary to witness and signed the contract.

Lin Beifan was very happy; with this contract, he wouldn’t worry about Wang Yao going back on his word.

Wang Yao was also delighted; with this contract, he not only could make money but also openly teach Lin Beifan a lesson.

Even if the senior brother investigates, he has a solid justification.

They exchanged glances and simultaneously burst into laughter, capturing everyone’s attention in an instant.

“Lin Beifan and Wang Yao are fighting, and the jackpot has reached an astonishing 35,000 points, it’s scary!”

“So many points! I’ve never earned that many points in my entire life!”

“Brother Meng, who do you support?”

“No need to ask, of course, Senior Brother Wang Yao!”

“Same here! Lin Beifan tried to snatch my dream lover; just seeing him makes me angry! I hope Senior Brother Wang Yao can beat him soundly and let off some steam for me!”

“Senior Brother Wang Yao, go for it! Crush Lin Beifan!”

“Crush him!!!”

Unanimous support for Wang Yao.

It must be said, Lin Beifan is quite detested.

Just because he took everyone’s dream lovers, it’s hard for people to support him.

Seeing this scene, Lai Xiaoqiang’s eyes rolled, and he shouted, “Betting is open! Anyone who thinks Lin Beifan will lose, come to my side!”

Everyone quickly gathered around, actively participating.

“I bet 100 points, betting on Lin Beifan to lose!”

“I wager 200, also betting on Lin Beifan to lose!”

“I bet 300!”

Lai Xiaoqiang grinned, “Don’t rush, everyone gets a share!”

At this moment, someone pointed out, “Wait a minute! I know you, Lai Xiaoqiang, you’ve long lost all your points. What capital do you have to bet with us?”

Everyone began to suspect.

“Yeah! You’re broke, how can you bet with us?”

“Are you deliberately fooling us?”

“Show us your points card first, let’s see, or you’ll be in trouble!”

Lai Xiaoqiang panicked, “I have the points, but wait a moment, give me the time of a song!”

Saying that, he slipped away to find Lin Beifan.

“Brother-in-law, save me…”

“Huh? What did you just call me?” Lin Beifan was annoyed.

Lai Xiaoqiang quickly changed his tune, “I called your name, Lin Beifan! Lin Beifan, can you lend me some points? I don’t need much, 20,000 will be enough!”

Lin Beifan squinted, “Why do you need so many points? I won’t lend unless you explain!”

Lai Xiaoqiang explained, “Here’s the thing, I just opened a betting pool, gambling against everyone, and I bet on you to win!”

Lin Beifan was surprised, “You’re that confident in me?”

“Of course!”

Lai Xiaoqiang smirked, “We’ve known each other for so many years, how could I not know your character? Without absolute certainty, you wouldn’t proactively stir up trouble!”

“Do you understand me that well? How do we split the winnings?”


Lin Beifan got angry, “Lai Xiaoqiang, you have such beautiful thoughts! I’m the one fighting, I’m the one putting up the money, and you want to take away fifty percent without contributing anything, is that possible?”

Lai Xiaoqiang grinned sheepishly, “Then, how much do you want?”

“Ninety-ten split!”

Lai Xiaoqiang was furious, “No way, I worked hard to earn just one-tenth, too little!”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Little Qiang, you’ve misunderstood! When I say ninety-ten, it means I take ninety-nine percent, and you take one!”

Lai Xiaoqiang trembled with anger, “Damn! Not even one percent? Zhou Bapi isn’t as ruthless as you!”

Lin Beifan brushed off the dust from his clothes, calmly saying, “That’s my condition. Either agree or don’t. However, I advise you to agree!”

“With such low returns, why would I agree?” Lai Xiaoqiang protested.

“Don’t agree? Then be prepared to be torn apart by them!”

Following Lin Beifan’s pointed finger, Lai Xiaoqiang saw a group of eager and impatient senior brothers waiting for the betting pool to open, sending a shiver down his spine.

These gamblers, once angered, might actually tear him apart.

“Fine, I agree. You better win!”

In the end, Lin Beifan gave Lai Xiaoqiang 20,000 points to open the betting pool.

Then, he stepped onto the dueling arena to face Wang Yao.

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