Chapter 38

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===038 Unbeatable In Two Seconds===

Su Hao asked the flat-haired man to take him to the most formidable person among the second-grade students. The flat-haired group exchanged glances and oddly remained silent.

Su Hao thought they were unwilling and his voice turned cold, “What, you don’t want to?”

The flat-haired man immediately shook his head and said, “It’s not that we don’t want to, but…are you sure?”

“Of course!”

“Alright then, follow us. But let me make it clear, he is invincible among our second-grade students. If you can’t beat him, don’t take it out on us.”

“Just lead the way.”

The flat-haired group immediately felt relieved.

Among them, a few were actually in the top fifty among the second-grade students, but since enrollment, they had always been suppressed by the super genius among the second-grade students, Xiao Yushu.

Xiao Yushu took away all the limelight of the second-level students, causing everyone to pale in comparison under his brilliance. Since entering the school, he has never been defeated, even against third-level students.

Such a person, Ping Tou recognized Xiao Yushu as a genius. But recently, rumors have been spreading from unknown sources comparing Wu Xiangwu and Xiao Yushu. This is not only an insult to the second-level students, but also an insult to the name of genius, and even to Xiao Yushu himself. That’s why today’s situation arose.

They wanted to suppress this newly emerging “genius” with their actions, to let Wu Xiangwu know that there are always others who are better, and that there is always someone greater.

But they failed, not even lasting a round.

Although they failed, they admitted that Wu Xiangwu indeed deserved the title of genius, but comparing him to Xiao Yushu was impossible. Among peers, no one can defeat Xiao Yushu.

Ping Tou and the others could already foresee Su Hao’s failure, they just hoped that Su Hao wouldn’t take out his frustration on them.

Ping Tou brought Su Hao to another venue, similar to the martial arts field but with many more training equipment. It was a place where second-level students often stayed and simulated training.

Soon, news spread like wildfire that first-level genius Wu Xiangwu was looking for a duel with second-level super genius Xiao Yushu. This immediately attracted a large group of curious onlookers, following behind Su Hao and the others.

Such incidents happened often, many higher-level students would come to challenge Xiao Yushu out of admiration. However, for a first-level student to come and challenge him, this was a first.

The crowd came to see Wu Xiangwu being humiliated, they all expected to hear some trash talk when he loses and leaves in disappointment.

On the other side, at the second-level martial arts field.

“Xiao Yushu, the three of us have been training diligently in a unique technique for this past month. Today, we will break your undefeated myth and take away the title of the strongest second-level student!” The three rebellious youths blocked Xiao Yushu’s path with a defiant attitude.

“You guys…” Xiao Yushu surveyed the scene, his eyelids slightly lowered. “Come at me together!”

Xiao Yushu was a young man with a fair complexion, slightly taller than Su Hao by a head, around 1.7 meters tall. He had medium-length hair that reached his shoulders, a face with prominent features, sharp and clear eyes, giving an overall impression of coldness and nobility.

The three youths exchanged glances and sneered, “Xiao Yushu, you’re still so arrogant. You should know that the three of us are among the top ten second-level students. Are you confident enough to deal with the three of us?”

Xiao Yushu didn’t reply, he simply beckoned with his hand and said, “Bring it on!”

One of the rough-looking youths snorted, “You’re the one who asked us to come at you together, don’t say we’re bullying you with numbers if you lose!”

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s go! We will claim the title of the strongest second-level students!”

The three of them exchanged glances, shouted loudly, and suddenly attacked Xiao Yushu with their strongest moves.

“Impact Fist!”

“Triple Overlapping Feet!”

“Circular Force Slash!”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yushu didn’t even bother to dodge, he directly withstood the attacks of the three with his own resilience.

With a raised fist, he instantly crushed the martial technique “Impact Fist,” punching the opponent’s chest and flipping him onto the ground.

With another foot, he blocked the “Triple Overlapping Feet,” causing the opponent to writhing in pain on the ground.

Finally, with a lift of his left hand, he effortlessly caught the “Circular Force Slash,” glanced at the opponent, and struck his shoulder with a hand chop, causing him to kneel on the ground in horror.Fist against fist, foot against foot, hand knife against hand knife.

Xiao Yushu wins easily.

This swift battle made the spectators around gasp in awe.


Xiao Yushu’s invincible image once again deeply impressed everyone.

Soon, Su Hao saw Xiao Yushu in the second-level martial arts arena.

The moment Su Hao saw Xiao Yushu, he knew that this person in front of him was someone who pursued a single thing but to an extreme degree.

Su Hao slightly raised his head and looked at Xiao Yushu, who was much taller than himself, and said, “Are you the strongest among the second-level trainees?”

Whether it was the second level or the third level, at the core, they were only teenagers aged eleven or twelve. Even if their combat skills were powerful, they were still just ordinary warriors and could not make up for the huge gap in raw strength.

With Su Hao’s advanced elite warrior strength, facing the opponent was like lowering his level, playing with a child.

Xiao Yushu was about to leave when he was suddenly stopped in his tracks, which made him a little angry. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Su Hao, saying, “What’s the matter?”

Su Hao pointed to a few people with crew cuts and nodded, saying, “Indeed, there is a matter. The second-level trainees from your group have offended me, so I want to knock down all of the second-level trainees in one go. This way, no one will dare to provoke me again. And I have decided to start with the strongest one among you. I heard you are recognized as the strongest, so let’s start with you!”

Everyone around them was shocked by Su Hao’s arrogance.

They had seen many challengers, but they had never seen someone so arrogant. Could it be that this short first-level trainee was crazy?

Xiao Yushu had accepted many challenges, but he had never encountered someone like Su Hao before. Today, no matter what, he would definitely gain some insights.

Xiao Yushu rarely refused anyone’s challenge because he could gain progress and growth from battles.

But at this moment, he began to doubt whether accepting the challenge from the short first-level trainee in front of him would be a waste of time.

Moreover, he had other things to take care of and didn’t want to endlessly accept inexplicable challenges.

He wanted to quickly solve the problem and leave.

Xiao Yushu beckoned lightly and said, “Come!”

Su Hao didn’t say much either and went straight to stand opposite Xiao Yushu.

The spectators instinctively made way for them, creating a spacious area.

More and more people came over to join in the excitement.

A gentle breeze blew, and a few strands of golden light shone through the clouds, solidifying the atmosphere on the field.

Su Hao took his first step forward, walking faster and faster, and finally started running, quickly approaching Xiao Yushu, preparing to throw a punch.

When he was one meter away from Xiao Yushu, Su Hao’s mouth curled up.

“Gliding Shadow Step!”

The punch that was about to hit Xiao Yushu’s face disappeared instantly, followed by Su Hao also disappearing.

Xiao Yushu’s pupils contracted like needles. He felt a crisis he had never experienced before, something no challenger had ever given him.

He quickly turned around and crossed his hands in front of his face.”Bang!”

An unparalleled force surged from his arm, almost breaking it. The force rebounded and hit his forehead, making his head buzz. He was sent flying, suspended in the air, and landed on his back, sliding two meters.


No one could believe the scene in front of them.

What did they see? They saw the second-level student, a super genius, an invincible presence, being defeated? And he was lying on his back, facing the ground.

At that moment, Su Hao exclaimed in surprise, “Oh~ You reacted quite quickly! You actually blocked me.”

Everyone’s gaze towards Su Hao became inexplicably eerie.

Xiao Yushu slowly stood up, his aura becoming violent, his eyes becoming sharp, like a ferocious beast choosing its prey.

Two words escaped from Xiao Yushu’s mouth, “Come at me!”

He accelerated toward Su Hao.

Seeing that the opponent refused to admit defeat, Su Hao decided to be ruthless, ending the fight with one strike. He stimulated the elite blood in his body, suddenly charging forward and throwing a punch at Xiao Yushu.

“Breaking Mountain Fist!” Xiao Yushu roared, his punch carrying an unstoppable momentum as he struck at Su Hao.

Su Hao retracted his fist and pushed it aside. He unexpectedly blocked Xiao Yushu’s full-powered attack, and his body moved close to Xiao Yushu.

“How is this possible!” In the instant that his punch was effortlessly blocked, Xiao Yushu’s defense was shattered.

“Forceful Fist!” Su Hao closed in on Xiao Yushu, and his fist moved from bottom to top, striking Xiao Yushu’s chin.

Xiao Yushu watched helplessly as Su Hao’s fist approached, unable to evade or block it in time.



Accompanied by the sound of bones colliding, Xiao Yushu was sent flying two meters up in the air, bloodstains trailing behind him, before crashing heavily to the ground. He also lost consciousness with unwillingness in his heart.

As Xiao Yushu fell, the dream that had been woven by everyone for over a year shattered.

Xiao Yushu, the once invincible myth they worshipped, had fallen from that pedestal today. The belief of many people was shattered.

They couldn’t believe what had happened before their eyes, but it had indeed happened. The scene was quiet, with no one speaking.

The flat-headed men stood there dumbfounded, mouths wide open.

Su Hao turned his head and surveyed the surroundings before shouting, “Next, come at me together! I said, I will make all of you kneel down. Whoever is still standing is challenging me!”

However, surprisingly, no one made a move.

Su Hao revealed a dangerous smile and said, “Since you guys won’t come, then I’ll take the initiative.”

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

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