Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Senior Brother Yizhi, Be Gentle

Suo Hao calmly walked to the platform, jumped on, and walked to the middle of the platform, waiting for the challenger.

He didn’t want to be modest with these young people; they all smiled on the surface, but in their hearts, they only thought about how to strike hard on the platform and win the final victory.

The “Senior Brother Token” was very attractive to them. Firstly, the Senior Brother Token represented the strongest disciple of a realm within the sect. Whether it was in the Qi Induction Realm or the Golden Core Realm, earning the title of the strongest was a symbol of talent and strength without any compromise, which definitely represented talent and strength. Secondly, it was said that the Senior Brother Token was a very special magic tool, made of special materials. Obtaining the Senior Brother Token had great benefits for cultivators.

Indeed, those who could win the final victory were not easy to deal with; they were very scheming.

From another perspective, these few were indeed cultivation geniuses!

However, it was meaningless.

The five disciples watched as Suo Hao silently jumped onto the platform, and couldn’t help but exchange glances, all seeing the surprise in each other’s eyes.

“This person is so arrogant and conceited! We were all thinking about how to arrange the order of challenging on the platform, but unexpectedly, he just jumped up there.”

However, it also suited their intentions. With someone taking the lead, the rest became simpler.

Clouds Covering Moon, Wind Under Moon, Wind Blowing Rain, Rain Hitting Dust, Dust Dissolving Mist! This was the sorting rule of the Yunzhong Valley, with mutual restraint.


And now, Suo Hao, representing the Feng Lineage, took the initiative to step onto the platform, making the first battle clear.

The four people of Yun, Yu, Chne, and Wu all turned to look at Yue Shangzi.

Yue Shangzi smiled confidently, stepped onto the platform, and faced Suo Hao.

“It seems that I can easily win the first round!”

The onlookers below immediately cheered loudly. The thrilling moment they had been waiting for was about to come.

What was watching the platform for?

To watch what?

To fight! The more blood and the more intense, the better! It’s like watching a super action movie, where punches hit flesh and blood splatters, making people’s blood boil and awakening the violent factor within them.

At this moment, Feng Cheng was like he had taken hormones, shouting loudly, “Senior Brother is mighty! Master, look, Senior Brother was the first one to go up! Hurry, cheer for Senior Brother with me!”

Feng Ling increasingly felt that her second disciple’s brain was somewhat abnormal. Every time there was a fight, he would get excited as if he had drunk several jin of liquor.

After Suo Hao and Yue Shangzi exchanged greetings, Suo Hao said, “Are you ready?”

Yue Shangzi confidently replied, “Of course, let’s begin!”

With that, he made hand gestures, and a layer of silver-white shield surrounded him, about to release his magic tool with a gesture.

“Wind Bullet”!


A bright light flashed and hit the shield of Yue Shangzi.


The shield of Yue Shangzi shattered. Although the inner layer of protective magic tool blocked Suo Hao’s “Wind Bullet”, the powerful impact sent Yue Shangzi flying fiercely, falling outside the platform.

“Hiss—” The audience fell silent for a moment, followed by many gasps.

“What the hell! Is it fake?”

“How could Senior Brother Yue Shangzi lose like this? Did that attack really come from just one finger?”

“Idiot~ Why else would he be called Feng Yizhi?”

(TN: Yizhi=One Finger)

“What kind of magic tool is that?”

“That magic tool is called One Finger…”

Even Feng Ling, who was prepared, couldn’t help but almost curse. She didn’t expect Suo Hao to actually make it this far. You know, Suo Hao only started cultivating for a year…

Many disciples, after a year of cultivation, still didn’t know what magic was!

At this moment, Feng Cheng breathed a long sigh of relief and gradually calmed down. Seeing Feng Ling’s astonished expression, he couldn’t help but remind her, “Master, don’t be surprised, Senior Brother is a genius!”

Feng Ling smiled, cursing inwardly, “Genius my ass, he’s obviously a monster!”

Geniuses usually had their traces, but Suo Hao’s growth seemed inexplicable to her! However, when others asked, she still had to pretend to be normal: “You’re talking about Feng Wei, right? He’s a genius! All taught by me! That’s it!”

The four of Yun, Yu, Chen, and Wu watched as Yue Shangzi went up on the platform, then watched him being blasted off, and for a moment, they all froze, unable to react.

“What the heck is this?”

So, who’s going up next?

Yu, Chen, and Wu all involuntarily looked at Yun Qingping, implying that as the head of the sect’s main lineage, it was his turn!

Yun Qingping also didn’t want to undermine the morale of his lineage. He took a deep breath, his brain rapidly spinning, and slowly climbed onto the platform, making hand gestures.

“Five Clouds Rising Sun Shield!”

“Tortoise Shell Bodyguard Plate!”

“Floating Clouds Thousand Miles Movement!”

Better activate the protective shield and footwork first.

Suo Hao asked, “Are you ready?”

Yun Qingping waved his hand and summoned his magic weapon, the Scattered Cloud Spear, floating by his side, and nodded, “I’m ready. Senior Brother Feng Yizhi, go ahead.”

Suo Hao raised his hand and slowly pointed at Yun Qingping. Suo Hao’s movements were too slow, leaving Yun Qingping unsure of where to dodge.

“Wind Bullet”!

“So fast!” Yun Qingping’s pupils contracted, unable to dodge!


Yun Qingping was struck as if by a huge hammer, thrown backwards, falling below the platform. Then he quickly got up, a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth, murmuring, “Couldn’t… dodge, couldn’t… block!”

Yu Feier and Wu Qiaoqiao looked at Chen Xin, and Chen Xin thought, he had to go up and give it a try, getting knocked off once in the morning and once in the evening. So he casually said, “Alright! I’ll go first!”

“Wind Bullet”!


Then Chen Xin completed his mission, got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, smiled, and swaggered towards his master.

There was no way to surrender, not in this lifetime. It involved the dignity of his lineage. Anyway, no one could dodge or block the Feng Yizhi’s Wind Bullet. Chen Xin wouldn’t lose face! In this kind of intra-sect competition, if he didn’t even have the courage to face resistance, then he might as well never lift his head again.

Before Wu Qiaoqiao could react, Yu Feier flipped onto the platform. After putting on a full set of protection, she said, “Senior Brother Feng Yizhi… be gentle!”

“Wind Bullet”!


Yu Feier followed suit after the first three.

Then it was Wu Qiaoqiao’s turn. Wu Qiaoqiao looked pitifully at Senior Brother, “Senior… Senior Brother!”

“Wind Bullet”!


Wu Qiaoqiao fell beneath the platform!

The spectators below were stunned, even the Golden Core cultivators couldn’t help but feel a chill down their spine: “The power of this Wind Bullet is a bit too strong! The heart of this Feng Yizhi is a bit too ruthless!”

“He’s so merciless in his attacks, how will he find Dao companions in the future?”

After a brief adjustment, these disciples quickly accepted the result, but something seemed off!

This wasn’t the fighting scene they wanted to see, with punches hitting flesh, blood splattering, magic tools flying, and spells exchanging!

If they could get a refund, they would definitely protest.

After sending everyone off the platform, Suo Hao stood still, waiting. Feng Ling had told him that there was no need for any formalities; the winning disciple could directly obtain the “Senior Brother Token” representing the Qi Induction Realm. For three years, they would be the big senior brothers of all Qi Induction disciples, symbolizing the glory of the sect.

Suo Hao didn’t wait long before the air distorted for a moment, and a small token slowly appeared in front of him, rotating slowly, emitting a faint yellow light.


Almost everyone was excited, looking at the small token in front of Suo Hao, their eyes gleaming.

“The first Senior Brother Token has appeared!”

“So jealous, I want one too!”

“Does anyone know what the Senior Brother Token is used for?”

“I don’t know! The Senior Brothers who have obtained the token have never mentioned it, only saying that if you have the ability, it’s something worth fighting for.”

Suo Hao reached out and took the token emitting a yellow light in his hand. The light on the token slowly disappeared, revealing its original appearance.

With its yellow exterior and metallic texture, it seemed to be made of gold. On the front was the word “Token”, and on the back was engraved with the word “Senior Brother”.

Suo Hao examined the token in his hand, “So, what is the use of this Senior Brother Token? Is there no instruction manual?”

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