Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Can Qi Induction Realm Also Fly?

After Feng Wanliu brought Su Hao over, he gently said to Su Hao, “Next, you should follow Senior Sister Feng Caier inside!”

With that said, he walked slowly out of the hall.

Feng Caier wore a green robe, with a charming smile on her face. When she saw Su Hao, she couldn’t help but lick her lips, walked up to Su Hao, carefully examined him, then covered her mouth and chuckled, “Such a handsome little junior, the path of cultivation is long, there must be many difficulties. If you encounter any problems, you can come to Senior Sister Caier for answers.”

Su Hao quietly stepped back, maintaining distance. He couldn’t enjoy this enthusiasm from someone he just met. Where in the world would there be such gratuitous kindness? There must be some ulterior motive.

The side, the ponytailed martial artist Feng Changge stood calmly, with drooping eyelids, oblivious.

The ‘Master of Deception’ in battle didn’t expect to be so ‘shy’ in normal times.

Seeing Su Hao’s fearful appearance, Feng Caier laughed triumphantly, then looked interestedly at the mature and handsome Feng Changge, slowly suppressing her smile and said, “Let’s go! Don’t keep the Elder waiting.”

With that said, she led the way into the main hall, followed closely by Feng Changge and Su Hao.

This world is like this, whoever has higher cultivation has more authority to speak.

The three entered the main hall. It was spacious, but simply decorated, slightly different from what Su Hao had imagined. There were only many low tables on both sides, and sitting at the head was a middle-aged man with white hair, well-built, his face glowing red, his spirit much stronger than an average middle-aged man.

Feng Caier walked up to the middle-aged man with white hair first and bowed, saying, “Elder Feng, disciple Feng Caier!”

Feng Changge also bowed and said, “Elder Feng, disciple Feng Changge!”

Su Hao followed closely behind and said, “Elder Feng, disciple Feng Wei!”

Su Hao glanced at the second person of the Feng lineage, Elder Feng, in his heart, thinking, “This person must be a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! Previously, I didn’t think much of him from afar, but now that we’re face to face, I find that his vitality is exceptionally condensed, much stronger than other Nascent Soul cultivators, and I can faintly sense a certain pressure from him! I wonder, if I were to confront him, could I take him down in an instant?”

Su Hao couldn’t help but compare in his heart, thinking that there shouldn’t be much of a problem! However, Su Hao was not clear about the means of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, nor did he dare to speak too confidently.

“If I can’t beat him, it’s okay, I can always run away!”

The white-haired man, Elder Feng, opened his eyes, with a gleam of light, and looked at the three of them, finally fixing his gaze on Feng Caier, nodding in satisfaction, “The three of you are all outstanding talents of our Feng lineage. Well done!”

Then he reached out and pressed down, and three small porcelain bottles placed beside him floated in front of the three of them, saying, “These three bottles are respectively Jingyuan Pill, Jinhuan Pill, and Jiesu Pill, as rewards for your qualifications.”

“Thank you, Elder Feng, for your reward!”

Su Hao received the Jiesu Pill, which was said to assist in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, making it very precious.

Su Hao glanced at the ‘Golden Pill’ in Feng Changge’s hand, presumably this was an auxiliary pill for breaking through to the Golden Core Realm, while the ‘Essence Pill’ in Feng Caier’s hand must be used to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. Just based on the packaging of the bottles, they outclassed the trashy little bottle in Su Hao’s hand by several streets, appearing exceptionally precious.

Feng Changge showed a pleased expression after receiving the ‘Golden Pill’, and Feng Caier also smiled after receiving the Essence Pill.

Su Hao always felt something strange about Feng Caier’s smile, she didn’t actually seem as happy as she appeared.

Just like Su Hao’s current mindset: “What’s the use of this pill to me? Just give me the pill formula, or even a small magical tool would do!”

After saying some meaningless words, Elder Feng suddenly turned his head and smiled at Feng Caier, “Caier, your talent is extremely high. After the sect’s grand competition ends, if there’s nothing urgent, you don’t need to go to Ling Mountain anymore, just stay in the sect and cultivate well, and break through to the Nascent Soul Realm as soon as possible. Hehe! It’s been a long time since our Feng lineage has had a new Nascent Soul Elder, the position of the seventh Elder belongs to you!”

Su Hao clearly felt Feng Caier tremble all over, then hastily showed an excited expression and said, “Thank you, Elder, for your attention and cultivation. Feng Caier will not disappoint everyone’s expectations and will break through to the Nascent Soul Realm soon to serve the sect.”

Elder Feng smiled satisfied, “I came here this time to recognize you three talented disciples. Feng Caier, Feng Changge, Feng Wei, I remember all of you! Well, go back and cultivate diligently!”

After the three bowed and left the cave, Feng Caier’s face quickly darkened, and she lost the mood to joke with Su Hao, directly performing hand seals and flying away.

Feng Changge and Su Hao both looked puzzled. Feng Changge glanced at Su Hao, then silently leaped into the air and quickly flew away.

Su Hao thought to himself, “They’re all quite impressive! They flew away in a blink of an eye! What a plight for a Qi Induction disciple like me.”

“However, Feng Caier’s change after meeting Elder Feng was clearly abnormal. There must be some hidden secret that I don’t know. What could it be?”

Obviously, this was something Su Hao couldn’t figure out at the moment. After thinking about it, he pushed these matters aside, “Record the knowledge of alchemy and artifact refining as soon as possible! The problem now is, how do I get back? Run back slowly?”

The distance from here to Su Hao’s residence was quite far, and running back would be too slow.

Su Hao pondered for a moment, then suddenly had an idea, “Maybe I can do it like this!”

Su Hao reached out and formed hand seals.

‘Wind Spirit Body Protection’ ‘Floating Wind Technique’!

In the blink of an eye, two techniques were cast, Su Hao took a running start, leaped out of the stone platform into the air, and aimed his palms downward.

‘Wind Blast’!


The violent energy of the wind blast erupted in Su Hao’s palms, and the powerful reaction force carried Su Hao away.

When Su Hao’s strength was about to be exhausted, he released the ‘Wind Blast’ once again!


With a loud roar, Su Hao’s figure quickly flew far away and disappeared from this stone peak.

Feng Wanliu walked out from the shadows, staring dumbfoundedly at Su Hao’s departing figure, his face full of admiration, “Truly a genius, he can even do this!”

He never thought that the Wind Blast could still be used in this way. This technique, Wind Blast, hadn’t been used for many years and had long been forgotten in some corner by him!

“It really confirms that saying, whether a technique is powerful or not depends on the cultivator, and has little to do with the technique itself.”

After this trip, Su Hao successfully mastered the ability to fly openly and legitimately. Although the speed couldn’t be guaranteed, Su Hao, who was accustomed to flying, still felt that flying was better than running. At least he could ignore terrain obstacles.

After returning home, Su Hao sat cross-legged on the bed, closed his eyes, and entered the Pinball Space, first designing a set of Qi Induction Realm flying plans for himself.

“First, I need to change the basic structure of the ‘Wind Spirit Body Protection’ to make it more suitable for high-speed flight. Secondly, slightly adjust the flow of the ‘Floating Wind Technique’ to make it more suitable for flying. Finally, guide the way the ‘Wind Blast’ erupts…”

In just two hours, Su Hao completed the design and was satisfied, “This way, I won’t need someone to carry me flying around in the sky, I can fly on my own, and it’s very reasonable!”

The next day, all two thousand practitioners in the Yunzhong Valley gathered together, surrounding a huge arena so tightly that no water could leak through. They were all clamoring loudly, discussing loudly who the ultimate ‘Big Senior Brother’ of each realm was, and each person had their own favorite candidate in mind.

The disciples of the Yun lineage considered the representatives of the Yun lineage in their hearts, and the disciples of the Yue lineage considered the representatives of the Yue lineage…

Naturally, the disciples of the Feng lineage all believed that the Big Senior Brother of the Qi Induction Realm must be Wind Yizhi! Then, for the Foundation Establishment Realm, it was Feng Changge, and for the Golden Core Realm, it was Feng Caier.

They all felt that their Feng lineage’s ‘Wind Deception Technique’ was the most powerful.

Representatives of the Qi Induction Realm from the six lineages vied for the position of Senior Brother token, gathered on a platform, and a high-level practitioner announced that the arena match could begin. Whoever was left standing in the end would win the ‘Senior Brother Token’ and become the Big Senior Brother of this generation.

However, before the fight started, everyone exchanged insights and modestly deferred to each other.

“Senior Brother Yun Qingping, it seems that this Senior Brother Token belongs to you this time! Your Yun lineage is ranked first in the Cloud Moon Valley!”

Yun Qingping cursed inwardly, “This idiot actually wants to attract hatred to me?”

Then he smiled politely and said, “Where, where, compared to Senior Brother Yue Shangzhi, I’m still far behind. The unique techniques of the Yue lineage are extremely powerful. I’m definitely not your opponent. However, I think Senior Brother Chen Xin also has a chance to win the Senior Brother Token! The Chen lineage in the Qi Refining Realm is universally acknowledged as the strongest.”

Chen Xin immediately shook his head, “How can that be? Neither of you Senior Brothers needs to vie for it. Sister Yu Feier is so beautiful, she will definitely win the Senior Brother Token.”

Yu Feier’s eyes curved into a smile.

Wu Qiaoqiao appeared to be a little girl. She giggled like silver bells, “What about me? What about me? Do any Senior Brothers think I can win?”

The three men looked at each other and nodded in agreement, “Then the Senior Brother Token must belong to Qiaoqiao!”

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