Chapter 377

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Chapter 377 Elder Feng

The Feng Lineage has a total of about three hundred and seventy people, just under four hundred. There are approximately one hundred Qi Induction stage disciples, with the most Foundation Establishment stage disciples, totaling about one hundred and fifty people. There are also quite a few Golden Core stage cultivators, around a hundred, but when it comes to Nascent Soul stage, the number sharply decreases to only six, and there’s only one Unity Realm cultivator.

Representatives of the Golden Core stage cultivators are more dazzling in their challenge than those of the Foundation Establishment stage.

With a wave of their hand, spiritual power is scattered, various spell effects covering almost the entire hundred-meter diameter of the platform, causing the onlookers to retreat further and further, only able to watch from afar. Newly initiated disciples with weaker abilities are even knocked over by various residual battle waves, rolling down the slope.

‘Mysterious Wind Concealment Technique’!

A gray whirlwind howls on the platform, obscuring the opponent’s vision. Of course, the spectators can’t see anything either, but their eyes are still wide open, afraid of missing any exciting battles.

Within the gray whirlwind, a faint blue figure can vaguely be seen drifting up and down, left and right. With a flick of their hand, they summon a round platform, rotating above their head, while the howling wind cannot approach.

‘Hissing sound——’

The gray artifacts hidden in the gray whirlwind split into thousands of flowing lights, continuously attacking the light curtain formed by the round platform.

‘Four Directional Barrier Breaking Formation’!

The faint blue figure waves their hand and releases six artifacts, each nailed around the platform. Then, with a spell, the six artifacts shoot out blue lights, connecting to form a hexagon.


The gray whirlwind is instantly pushed outside the formation, revealing another gray figure. They look surprised, retract their gray sword-shaped artifact, and summon another lead ball-sized spherical artifact, heavily striking forward.

Standing beside Su Hao, Feng Cheng clenches his fists, veins bulging on his neck, his face flushed as if intoxicated. His mouth opens and closes, seemingly shouting, “Damn, this is awesome! Beat him, beat him! A Golden Core stage cultivator is unexpectedly so powerful! I envy it! I, Feng Cheng, also want to become a Golden Core cultivator, no, I want to be even stronger than a Golden Core cultivator!”

But not a sound comes out. Usually, he would be excited enough to jump up and down and shout.

However, just now, Senior Brother Feng Wei turned his head and said to him, “Stop making noise!”

And then he completely silenced! However, watching the duel between Golden Core stage cultivators, he was boiling with excitement, unable to resist shouting for joy. But shouting would disturb his senior brother. So, Feng Cheng came up with a brilliant idea: he would shout without making a sound!

Su Hao couldn’t understand why Huang Gui, who seemed quite refined when they first met a year ago, had turned into this person in such a short time.

As for the fight between Golden Core stage cultivators, Su Hao was also amazed. He had never expected Golden Core stage cultivators to unleash such destructive power.

And this was the result of these two Golden Core cultivators holding back.

“When I was at the Elemental Constellation of Sanhe Peak, I also encountered many Golden Core cultivators and didn’t think they were particularly powerful. But now, watching from the sidelines, I realize how formidable Golden Core cultivators truly are.”

Su Hao indeed encountered many Golden Core cultivators before, but he always used the ‘Spatial Barrier’ to teleport away with a big sword poke, and most of the attacks from Golden Core cultivators were sent behind him by his spatial barrier, leaving him unharmed!

The only time he had to resort to violence was when Yashan had to seek help from him. Even then, he only used the ‘Level Three – Lightning’ to stun the person and then finished them off with a single blow.

Su Hao had zero experience in fighting Golden Core cultivators head-on. He never had the chance to exchange skills with them!

Feng Ling’s Master, Feng Hua, also took the stage. He had won three consecutive matches before falling to his opponent’s illusory maze, exposing a flaw and ultimately losing regretfully.

Truly worthy of the name Wind Flying Star, Feng Hua was, to Su Hao’s knowledge, the fastest Nascent Soul stage cultivator he had ever seen. Even slower spells and artifacts couldn’t catch up with his figure. In addition, Feng Hua had a chain-type artifact, which helped him win three consecutive matches.

This artifact could be concealed within other artifacts or spells, and one could easily fall victim to it, making it extremely cunning.

Su Hao glanced at the mild-mannered man nearby with a faint smile on his face. Looks could be deceiving; he never expected such a courteous gentleman to be so cunning when it came to action.

Su Hao thought to himself, “It’s easy to dodge a spear in the open, but hard to avoid a hidden arrow! I must go back tonight and redesign the ‘Absolute Defense,’ adding an automatic sensing activation system to it. Otherwise, I might fall into the hands of such a seemingly courteous gentleman one day.”

After waiting for a long time, Feng Ling couldn’t help but look at Feng Yan beside her and said, “Senior Uncle, it’s almost over. Why haven’t you gone up yet?”

Feng Yan snorted, “Hmph! I’m not going. After all, I can’t win anyway. Why should I give them more victories?”

For a moment, Feng Ling was speechless. “That makes sense…”

The competition on the Golden Core stage quickly came to an end, and the final champion was a woman in green, also a beautiful fairy named Feng Cai’er.

Relying on an extremely difficult-to-practice spell called ‘Wind Erosion Technique,’ no one dared to challenge her.

Feng Cai’er could be said to have taken the saying ‘having a taste of everything under the sun’ to a very high level.

After the Golden Core stage competition ended, the atmosphere within the sect became even more lively, like one big family. But all of this had nothing to do with Su Hao anymore.

His only goal was to obtain the ‘Senior Brother Token,’ along with five hundred contribution points, and incidentally, observe the fighting styles of Foundation Establishment and Golden Core cultivators.

The rest was temporarily outside his consideration.

Once he had learned everything he needed to within the sect, he would be able to handle any unexpected situations in the future with ease.

As Su Hao walked back on the path to the Luanshi Peak, a Golden Core cultivator flew over from a distance and landed in front of him, smiling gently, “Junior Disciple Feng Yizhi, please wait.”

Su Hao recognized this Golden Core cultivator, named Feng Wanliu. He had performed remarkably on the platform, appearing gentle and mild, but his pursuit of spells and artifacts was of a rough and aggressive style, making him one of the few cultivators that Su Hao consciously remembered.

This demonstrated the advantages of the event gathering. Within a short span of three days, members of the sect could get acquainted with each other, or at the very least, become familiar with each other’s faces.

However, Feng Wanliu’s address as ‘Feng Yizhi’ still made Su Hao feel helpless. It seemed that the name ‘Feng Yizhi’ was even more famous than ‘Feng Wei’ now. Su Hao first corrected him, “Senior Uncle Feng Wanliu, what is it? By the way, my Daoist name is Feng Wei!”

Feng Wanliu chuckled, “It’s okay, my Daoist name isn’t Feng Wanliu either. It’s just a habit!”

Su Hao joked, “So, everyone likes to use nicknames now? If I had extended two fingers before, would you call me Feng Erzhi?”

Feng Wanliu replied, “Feng Yizhi sounds more imposing than Feng Erzhi! Junior Disciple, Elder Feng wants to see you. Please follow me!”

Some disciples were accustomed to calling Nascent Soul cultivators “elders,” Foundation Establishment cultivators “masters,” or even “great-grandmaster uncle,” which seemed more intimate.

Su Hao acknowledged and casually asked, “Just summoning me?”

Feng Wanliu replied, “Of course not. Elder Feng wants to see the disciples competing for the ‘Senior Brother Token’ representing the Feng Lineage, including Junior Disciple Feng Changge, Junior Disciple Feng Cai’er, and you.”

Su Hao said, “Then, please lead the way, Senior Uncle Wanliu.”

Feng Wanliu smiled and reached out his hand, indicating for Su Hao to give him his hand. Then, he grabbed Su Hao’s wrist and flew into the air.

Su Hao thought to himself, “…”

Su Hao indicated that he could fly too! But transforming into the super cool Diamond armor of [Child of Fate], at this moment, seemed somewhat out of place. It might even pop Feng Wanliu’s eyeballs out. Originally, he was being pulled by a delicate short-haired junior disciple, but now he suddenly turned into a tall figure in armor pulling him. It felt kind of eerie, reminiscent of “a doll carrying her sister to school,” didn’t it?

After flying into the air, Feng Wanliu manipulated his hand to generate a windproof barrier, covering them both, and flew towards the side of the sect.

Feng Wanliu’s flying speed was very fast. In no time, he brought Su Hao to an independent stone peak and entered through a hole on the peak.

At this moment, Feng Cai’er and Feng Changge were already waiting at the entrance. Seeing Su Hao coming in, they couldn’t help but focus their gaze on this ‘Feng Yizhi’ who suddenly appeared, with curiosity filling their eyes.

They also wanted to know how Su Hao had unleashed the power of the ‘Wind Bullet’ during the Qi Induction stage.

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