Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Senior Brother Yizhi is Good

The disciple representing the Feng lineage in the Qi Induction realm, competing for the “Senior Brother Token,” is Su Hao, witnessed by everyone.

Although there is some dissatisfaction with Su Hao sending Feng Yuer flying, it must be admitted that Su Hao’s ‘Wind Bullets’ are truly extraordinary. Even disciples at the fourth level of Qi Induction are unable to last a round against him.

Everyone couldn’t help but marvel: this simple foundational technique, the Wind Bullets, reaching such a level, is already comparable to the attacks of Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Afterward, Su Hao gained a nickname: Feng Yizhi!

The reputation of ‘Feng Yizhi’ quickly spread among the many disciples of the Cloud Moon Valley, and almost everyone knew that a super genius named ‘Feng Yizhi’ had emerged in the Feng lineage, a handsome youth of thirteen or fourteen years old.

And Su Hao also became a candidate for the current “Senior Brother Token” contender.

Feng Yan, still unsatisfied after beating Feng Cheng, wanted to beat his beloved “little brother” when he saw Su Hao, but was dragged away by Feng Hua.

This puzzled Feng Cheng greatly. When Feng Yan, his senior uncle, beat him, why didn’t Feng Hua, his senior ancestor, intervene?

Looking at Feng Yan being dragged away, Su Hao couldn’t help but sigh: “In front of looks, everything else is insignificant!”

With a bruised face, Feng Cheng leaned close to Su Hao and said, “Senior Brother, I still don’t understand why Senior Uncle Feng Yan wanted to beat me…”

Curiously, Su Hao asked, “What did you say?”

Feng Cheng replied, “I said ‘Senior Brother is mighty.’ When Senior Uncle asked me what I said, I repeated it, and then she beat me!”

Su Hao laughed and patted Feng Cheng’s shoulder, saying, “Junior Brother, you didn’t say anything wrong or do anything wrong. This is the stuff of true immortals! It’s no big deal to get beaten; how can you grow without a little beating? Remember, you will surely achieve great things in the future!”

With that, he slowly walked away.

Feng Cheng’s face lit up with excitement. “Is it true, Senior Brother, that I’m suitable for cultivating immortality?”

Su Hao said, “It’s true!”

Feng Cheng’s eyes sparkled with brilliance.

“Senior Brother says I’m suitable for cultivating immortality, so it must be true!”

Feng Yuer took off her shoes, squatting on a large armchair, hugging her knees, her eyes slightly red, staring blankly at the ground ahead.

It’s clear that today’s battle with Su Hao has dealt a heavy blow to this girl. She might not recover for a while!

Feng Yuer couldn’t imagine being completely defenseless against a junior several years younger than her, who seemed to have just started cultivating…

What’s even more outrageous is that her magic tool, the ‘Dream Flying Shuttle,’ didn’t even touch a single strand of the little junior’s hair and passed through his armpit!

Feng Yuer’s beautiful dream shattered!

Was she a genius? She used to be absolutely certain that she was a genius, but today she personally overturned this conclusion! And came to a new conclusion: she is not a genius! She is not the unparalleled genius her master said she was!

Feng Yuer is very clever; she sensibly sensed one thing: her master might be lying to her!

She was feeling very confused at the moment, her mind filled with chaotic thoughts: “Master, you told me that cultivation is for immortality, for standing at the pinnacle of the world and witnessing its unique scenery. But I always feel like you’re lying to me… I used to try hard to believe what you said, but how can I be the chosen one when I’m completely powerless against my junior, as my junior said, I’m just an ordinary person. Master, how can I continue to convince myself to believe in the beautiful dreams you’ve woven for me? Master… why are you lying to me? You must have other motives!”

The more Feng Yuer thought about it, the more scared she became.

For some reason, when facing her master again, she felt a chilling sensation and didn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, Feng Qianye, Feng Yuer’s master, frowned and looked at the disheartened Feng Yuer, thinking to herself, “This girl, have I spoiled her too much? I didn’t notice it before, but her heart is unexpectedly so fragile! Can’t even withstand a little setback? In this state, how can she break through to the Nascent Soul realm?”

Feng Qianye pondered: “Should I find someone else? Time waits for no one…”

After Su Hao left, there were still many disciples in the Qi Induction realm practicing together on the Shouzhao Slope. For newcomers like Feng Cheng, it was a good opportunity to get to know senior brothers!

Tomorrow is the competition for the Foundation Establishment disciples’ spots. Foundation Establishment disciples are finding quiet places to practice, determined to showcase their abilities tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Feng Ling followed her master, Feng Hua, to an empty place.

With a touch of sadness in her tone, Feng Ling asked, “Master, how… how did Senior Brother… how did he die?”

Feng Hua said lightly, “The news from Ling Mountain Province is that he was guarding the spirit stone mine when a large group of demonic cultivators suddenly attacked. Unfortunately, he was beheaded and died! Among the five disciples on duty at the time, only two were lucky enough to escape.”

Hearing the words ‘Ling Mountain Province,’ Feng Ling couldn’t help but shiver all over and unconsciously tightened her clothes.

Feng Hua sighed deeply, “Little Fengling, you are my only disciple left. I don’t want you to meet with misfortune! Stay in the sect and focus on cultivation for these years! If you can break through to the Golden Core realm before leaving the sect, that would be even better!”

With that, he took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket and handed it to Feng Ling. “This is the Golden Return Pill! I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, so after this ‘Senior Brother Token’ competition ends, I probably won’t be back for three years!”

Feng Ling took the Golden Return Pill, her eyes slightly moist with emotion.

This Golden Return Pill serves as insurance in case of failure to break through to the Golden Core realm! It can counteract the cultivation collapse caused by a failed breakthrough to the Golden Core realm and is an essential pill for breaking through.

But, breaking through to the Golden Core realm is not that easy, is it? Moreover, she has just reached the fourth level of Foundation Establishment, and without decades of accumulation, it’s not enough. Even with sufficient accumulation, breaking through is not guaranteed. Nearly half of the cultivators in the cultivation world spend their entire lives stuck at this bottleneck of breaking through to the Golden Core realm.

The first hurdle on the path of cultivation is breaking through to the Golden Core realm.

After a moment of silence, Feng Ling seemed to think of something and showed a worried expression, “Master, what about Feng Wei… I’m a bit worried that Feng Wei is attracting too much attention!”

Feng Hua said, “You should worry about yourself first! With Feng Wei’s talent, it’s highly unlikely that anything will happen to him before reaching the Nascent Soul realm! His talent is both his fatal flaw and his means of self-preservation. It all depends on him.”

Feng Ling asked in surprise, “Why?”

Feng Hua shook his head, “You don’t need to know that right now. Focus on your cultivation! I’ll tell you when you break through to the Golden Core realm!”

Feng Ling couldn’t stand Feng Hua’s habit of only saying half of what he meant, but she had no choice!

She could only stamp her foot, bid farewell, and leave to practice her techniques in a secluded place! She also planned to participate in the competition tomorrow.

Winning or losing didn’t matter; the key was to have fun!

Early the next day, Su Hao came to the Shouzhao Slope again to watch the competition for the representatives of the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

He was still very interested in the fighting style of the Foundation Establishment cultivators. This competition was a good opportunity for Su Hao to observe.

As for whether revealing his trump cards in the fight would be a problem?

Above the Foundation Establishment realm, no cultivator would reveal their life-saving trump cards in such a situation, unless they had none.

In Foundation Establishment fights, they would stop at the point of making a point. They would use common attack and defense methods, and the weaker side would quickly feel it. If one side felt overwhelmed, they would simply admit defeat. When fighting outside the sect against enemies, they should use escape techniques to flee.

As extremely life-conscious cultivators, death matches were rare.

Moreover, disciples within the same sect are very united. Although internal conflicts exist, they are very rare. After leaving the sect, fellow sect brothers become the most reliable teammates, helping each other. It’s hard to survive alone in the cultivation world.

You can refer to the current situation of wandering cultivators for comparison. It’s not as carefree as imagined but full of dangers.

Even wandering cultivators need to form teams of three or four cultivators to survive in the densely populated areas between sects.

When Su Hao arrived at the Shouzhao Slope, many disciples in the Qi Induction realm of the Wind lineage recognized him. Upon seeing Su Hao, they couldn’t help but greet him, “Senior Brother Yizhi!”

“Senior Brother Yizhi, greetings!”

“Senior Brother Yizhi is here too!”

Su Hao: “???”

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