Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: Pointing a Finger

Many Golden Core stage cultivators present were watching attentively, their gazes exceptionally sharp, noticing Su Hao’s dodging details with even a slightly focused attention.

Firstly, it can be confirmed that Su Hao’s speed does not exceed the cognition of these Golden Core cultivators towards Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, that is to say, the speed is reasonable.

Secondly, Su Hao didn’t react to dodge only when the attack was imminent, but his body already had movement the moment Feng Yuer launched her attack. When the short spear approached, he had already completely avoided it, as if Feng Yuer’s attack had missed.

Lastly, Su Hao’s expression was indifferent, his movements smooth. Amidst his leisurely steps, he completed the casting of spells and dodging actions, appearing to still have energy to spare, as simple as waving a hand. The aura emanating from his entire body was calm and composed, “I fight, I win!”

These Golden Core cultivators suddenly thought of two words: “Genius!”

Not just the genius in spiritual roots, but also the genius in combat!

After Feng Yuer’s second attack failed, her beautiful eyes were full of confusion. This was the first time she encountered such a situation after mastering the “Dream Shuttle.”

Feng Yuer was absolutely certain that she wouldn’t miss!

The moment she locked onto the target, her “Dream Shuttle” could shoot to the designated location at an extremely fast speed!

Rarely feeling competitive, she flicked her wrist, grabbed the short spear, poured a large amount of spiritual power into it, casually threw it into the air, quickly formed hand seals, and the short spear spun around, changing direction, swaying left and right, swiftly approaching Su Hao.

With a flick of her finger.



Although Feng Yuer’s short spear was fast, under Su Hao’s “dynamic vision” observation, its speed was just ordinary, easily avoidable.

At this moment, Su Hao had already finished forming three seals unhurriedly, “Wind Bullets” ready to be unleashed, Feng Yuer’s short spear attack also caught up with his “Wind Light Body Technique.”

Then Su Hao’s body slightly twisted, lifting his arm.

With a “swish,” Feng Yuer’s short spear passed through Su Hao’s armpit!

Feng Yuer’s small mouth immediately formed a round shape, a cute expression on her face, “Missed again…”

“This junior brother is definitely suspicious!” She couldn’t help but blink her big eyes, her gaze swiftly following Su Hao’s figure as he moved quickly, her finger hooked, intending to recall the short spear to force Su Hao, who was already facing her.

Only to see Su Hao arrive in front of Feng Yuer, casually lifting a finger, placing the fingertip on Feng Yuer’s faint yellow shield like an egg.

“Wind Bullets”!

A dazzling light shot out from Su Hao’s fingertip.


A huge energy explosion impacted the shields of Feng Yuer and Su Hao, pushing them each back five steps.

The onlookers suddenly widened their eyes.

“What’s that? Why does it look like a Wind Bullet?”

“It is a Wind Bullet, no mistake!”

“Since when did Wind Bullets have such great power?”

“It should be said that this is not the power Wind Bullets should have at the Foundation Establishment stage!”

“Who is this junior with short hair? To engage in two or three rounds with Senior Sister Feng Yuer, he’s unexpectedly so powerful!”

Su Hao shook his hand and looked at Feng Yuer’s shield, praising, “Your shield is not bad! It actually managed to withstand my Wind Bullet!”

After stabilizing her figure, Feng Yuer exclaimed, “Junior Brother Feng Wei, you used a Wind Bullet just now?”

Su Hao nodded and prompted, “Let’s continue!”

With that said, his figure swiftly moved with the Wind Light Body Technique, Wind Bullets gathering momentum once again, this time with Su Hao fully unleashing its power.

Feng Yuer understood that the Dream Shuttle no longer posed a threat to Su Hao. With a gesture of her left hand, she retracted the short spear, while her right hand quickly formed seals.

Dream Blossom!

In Feng Yuer’s view, since single-target attacks couldn’t hit Su Hao, she would use area-of-effect attacks instead!

In an instant, large numbers of light pink dots scattered, covering the area where Su Hao was.

Even Su Hao couldn’t completely dodge them!

Since he couldn’t dodge, he wouldn’t dodge. Su Hao ignored them and charged straight towards Feng Yuer.

“Dada—” The pink dots hit Su Hao’s Wind Spirit Shield, making the sound of beads falling on a table, but it didn’t make Su Hao pause for a moment.

Su Hao appeared in front of Feng Yuer once again, extending a finger and pointing it at her shield.

Wind Bullet!

A dazzling light burst forth.


Immediately followed by a loud rumble.


The sound of an egg cracking was hidden within the rumble.

Feng Yuer’s shield shattered!

Feng Yuer was sent flying backward by the powerful impact.

What surprised everyone was that the effect of Su Hao’s Wind Light Body Technique had not yet dissipated. In a flash, he caught up with Feng Yuer who had not yet landed, then extended a finger and, in Feng Yuer’s astonished gaze, pointed it at her left shoulder.

Wind Bullet!



The defensive artifact on Feng Yuer’s body was instantly shattered, and she was thrown far away, falling beneath the arena.

While everyone was unaware, Su Hao reached out and took a few strands of Feng Yuer’s falling hair. With his blood flowing in, he recorded the information of the hair in the information bullet space. With a release of his hand, the strands of hair were blown away by a strong gust of wind.

“Recording completed!” From then on, Feng Yuer’s beauty belonged to Su Hao.

Of course, as the recording was completed, the battle also ended!

Feng Yuer didn’t fall to the ground. After flying out of the arena, a graceful white-robed female cultivator reached out, stabilizing Feng Yuer’s figure, and she slowly landed.

This white-robed female cultivator was none other than Feng Yuer’s master, Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Feng Qianye, who was also Su Hao’s grandmaster.

She first checked on her obedient disciple Feng Yuer, found no major issues, then gave Su Hao a displeased look, coldly snorted, and left with Feng Yuer who looked lost.

Not only did Senior Sister Feng Qianye look displeased at Su Hao, even the disciples of the Wind Lineage below the stage mostly wore displeased expressions towards Su Hao!

Facing such a beautiful and delicate little fairy, he actually acted so ruthlessly! This young man with short hair was simply too sinful and deserved to be castrated and thrown into the mortal palace, to suffer torment from the three thousand beauties of the harem!

Su Hao stated that even if he were castrated, it would grow back! Men are just that confident!

Feng Cheng originally leaned towards Feng Yuer, but after Feng Yuer stood against Su Hao, he quickly shifted towards Su Hao.

At this moment, Feng Cheng cheered loudly, “Senior Brother Feng Wei is mighty! Senior Brother is the most powerful!”

Then Feng Cheng was glared at by the surrounding disciples!

Feng Yan, after seeing Su Hao knock Feng Yuer away, was so angry that his rationality was almost burned away. Flames erupted from his eyes. If it weren’t for his elder brother Feng Hua holding her back, he would have started fighting with Su Hao!

Hearing Feng Cheng shouting nearby about “Senior Brother Feng Wei is mighty,” he immediately broke free from Feng Hua, went forward, grabbed Feng Cheng with one hand, lifted him up, and terrifyingly asked, “What did you say?”

Feng Cheng was instantly frightened, but still spoke the truth, “I said Senior Brother Feng Wei is mighty…”


Then Feng Cheng was dragged away by Feng Yan to a secluded place, where soon after, screams of agony could be heard from Feng Cheng!

Su Hao also saw a group of people glaring at him, but it didn’t affect him in the slightest. These people really haven’t seen beautiful girls before. Look at their appearances, what kind of immortals are they supposed to be?

They were just having a normal duel to vie for the representative spot. Why act like this?

Cultivation, cultivation, but how can cultivators forget their human nature!

However, Su Hao didn’t actually want to be so rough with Feng Yuer, but the only attack he currently had control over, the only “spell,” was the Wind Bullet, and the Wind Bullet was just that ruthless…

Su Hao stood calmly in the arena, quietly waiting for the other Foundation Establishment stage disciples to come forward and challenge him.

Soon, a disciple who wanted to avenge Feng Yuer jumped onto the stage, exchanged some harsh words with Su Hao, but Su Hao didn’t catch what exactly was said. As the formalities began, Su Hao extended his hand and pointed from a distance.

Wind Bullet!



The disciple had just activated his shield when Su Hao’s Wind Bullet blasted him off the stage.

“Do you really think my Wind Bullet can only be cast at close range?” Su Hao slowly withdrew his finger, placing it behind his back, his expression calm.

The second disciple jumped up.

Su Hao pointed his finger.

Wind Bullet!


Then the third disciple jumped up.

Su Hao extended his hand.

Wind Bullet!

It wasn’t until no one else came up on stage that Su Hao revealed a faint smile, thinking to himself, “This is what a battle should be like!”

As for the people below the stage, they had long been numb to Su Hao’s successive Wind Bullets!

The power of the Wind Bullet was unexpectedly immense!

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