Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: Judgment

The battle began, Feng Yuer formed a seal with her hand, and a completely different elliptical shield, emitting a faint orange light, lit up.

Compared to the pale green “Wind Spirit Shield”, Feng Yuer’s shield gave off a superior feeling.

Without stopping, a short spike the thickness of a finger flew out, spun above her head, signaled the opponent, and then pointed forward.


The sharp sound of the spike cutting through the air rang out, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of the male disciple’s shoulder.

The male disciple not only had a shield protecting him but also wore a protective talisman on his body. He remained calm, ignoring Feng Yuer’s spike, and focused on controlling his flying sword to attack Feng Yuer’s shield.

This is the most popular fighting method among Qi Induction stage disciples—each fighting on their own.

Whoever breaks the opponent’s shield first is the winner!

Although the male disciple’s heart was losing, he was unwilling to lose like this. If he had to lose, he wanted to interact with Feng Yuer first and then lose…

However, to his surprise, his flying sword hit Feng Yuer’s shield, but the shield was unaffected, while his protective shield was pierced by the spike and his protective talisman followed suit, creating a hole, losing its protective ability.

Under Feng Yuer’s control, the spike stopped just before penetrating the male disciple, then reversed direction like a stick, sending the male disciple flying far away.

In just one round, the male disciple who had won several matches in a row was directly defeated.


Many people cheered, but more Qi Induction stage disciples couldn’t help but feel discouraged: so beautiful, yet so powerful, who can withstand this?

When it was the next challenger’s turn to step onto the stage, five people jumped up at the same time.

“Senior brothers, please wait, let me go first!”

“No need, I’ll go first!”

“I think it’s inappropriate, Sister is powerful, let me go first to test it for senior brothers…”

“Inappropriate, inappropriate!”

It’s unknown how the five finally negotiated, but they decided on an order, and then one by one, they were all knocked down from the arena by Feng Yuer.

What surprised everyone was that Feng Yuer was so powerful, and the short spike in her hand didn’t seem like an ordinary weapon!

Those disciples who had thought of cleverly ‘going easy’ on Feng Yuer now realized how absurd their thoughts were!

They were a bit too arrogant! Feng Yuer not only looked better than them but also had much stronger spiritual roots.

She was truly heaven’s favorite!

The challenging disciples came one after another, but were quickly knocked down from the stage.

Feng Yuer’s short spike was extremely flexible, first shattering the shield with a poke, then sweeping horizontally to knock the opponent flying, ending the battle, with the slowest taking only three more hits.

Despite the many Qi Induction stage disciples from the Feng Lineage, not a single one could match her.

Soon, the Qi Induction stage fourth-layer disciples had mostly taken the stage, with less than ten left who hadn’t fought yet.

However, with Feng Yuer’s dominance, the remaining disciples, not swayed by her beauty, hesitated slightly, hoping others would go first, deplete Feng Yuer’s spiritual power, and then take advantage. Perhaps they could still win and represent the Feng Lineage in the competition for senior brother’s token.

Just as they hesitated, a short-haired youth jumped onto the stage and stood in front of Feng Yuer.

It was Su Hao, who seemed about to jump onto the stage.

Who is he?

Many people, upon seeing Su Hao, inexplicably had a question pop into their minds, with expressions of surprise.

It was because of Su Hao’s age!

Even though Su Hao had grown rapidly in the past few years, his slightly immature face still revealed that he was only about thirteen or fourteen years old.

The disciples fighting on the Qi Induction stage were generally seventeen or eighteen years old, with the oldest being twenty. Among these ‘high school’ disciples, a ‘middle school’ kid suddenly mixing in was very eye-catching.

“Who is he?”

“Never seen him, probably a 56th-generation disciple who just joined the sect a year ago!”

“A newly joined disciple also joining in the fun? Is he here for Feng Yuer!”

“Seeking pleasure~ I think this junior brother’s mind has been clouded by lust, his inner demons are at play. The road of cultivation for this junior brother is destined to be difficult!”

Even Feng Yan, astonished, said to Feng Ling, “Little Feng Ling, why aren’t you stopping my disciple?”

Feng Ling sighed inwardly ‘he’s not your disciple’, then helplessly said, “I’ve advised him, but if he wants to go up, let him be! If he doesn’t suffer setbacks, he won’t learn to restrain himself.”

Feng Yan nodded deeply in agreement, “Indeed, the kid should suffer setbacks. Otherwise, when he leaves the sect, he’ll face hardships.”

Except for Feng Cheng, no one believed Su Hao could win. The vast majority of people stared wide-eyed, waiting for Su Hao to fly off the stage in some manner. Including Feng Ling and Feng Yan, they were waiting to see the show and then ‘educate’ Su Hao to stay grounded and not aim too high.

Meanwhile, Feng Cheng’s face was full of excitement as he shouted, “Senior Brother Feng Wei, come on! Beat the little fairy and become the top Qi Induction stage expert!”

Surrounding onlookers looked at Feng Cheng, this disciple with a slightly abnormal mind, with some distance, to avoid being mistaken as supporters.

After Su Hao stepped onto the stage and respectfully greeted Feng Yuer, he echoed Feng Yuer’s words and introduced himself, saying, “I am Feng Wei, here to challenge. Please forgive me for any offense, Senior Sister!”

Finishing his words, Su Hao’s fingers moved, and a pale green shield appeared, protecting him all around.

Feng Yuer raised her eyebrows, evidently remembering her own words. She looked at the delicate-faced junior brother in front of her and couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile.

Feng Yuer reminded, “Junior Brother, be careful!”

She raised her hand to form a seal and pointed towards Su Hao.


The short spike shot like a meteor, and in the blink of an eye, it was in front of Su Hao.

Just when everyone thought Su Hao would be swept off the stage by the flying spike, Su Hao suddenly shifted his body to the side, and the spike flew past him.


Most Qi Induction stage disciples didn’t see it clearly. In just a flash, the short-haired junior brother was still standing in place, while the streak of light containing the ‘flying spike’ had flown far away.

Their first reaction was ‘off-target’! Their second reaction was that Feng Yuer ‘went easy’!

The first reaction was fine, but if it was the second one…

The disciples immediately sensed something was amiss. If Feng Yuer went easy, what did that mean? It meant Feng Yuer held back! Just now, she had fought with so many disciples without holding back, but now, facing a much younger boy, she unexpectedly showed mercy!

“Oh no! Feng Yuer actually prefers younger ones?” A group of fantasy-filled disciples felt like the sky was falling.

Of course, there were many who could see clearly. The senior cultivators present, who were paying close attention to the match, mostly saw the trajectory of the short spike and Su Hao’s movements.

But this discordant scene naturally drew their attention, furrowing their brows, and inwardly wondering, “Did he cast some kind of spell? Why didn’t I perceive it?”

Feng Yan exclaimed in surprise, “Little Feng Ling, my little brother pretty fast! They could even dodge that!”

Fairy Fengling explained, “Feng Wei said he practiced mundane martial arts before entering the sect, and he was very skilled at it. He moves naturally and effortlessly. I wondered why he dared to challenge Feng Yuer, but I almost forgot about this advantage of his.”

Feng Yan nodded in understanding, “I see!”

Feng Cheng clenched his fist fiercely, his neck thickening with excitement, “Senior Brother will win! I knew Senior Brother is the strongest!”

Seeing her attack miss, Feng Yuer felt slightly surprised, but she didn’t mind. Miss once, try again; miss again, try three times…

She beckoned with her finger, and the short spike changed direction, shooting towards Su Hao at an even faster speed, tearing through the air with a piercing screech.

Su Hao’s wrist turned, completing three gestures, and he activated the second spell, ‘Wind Walking Technique’!

Suddenly, a faint light flashed around Su Hao, and a strong wind enveloped him. With a slight sway under his feet, his figure seemed to flicker, once again avoiding the short spike flying from the side.

“???” A group of Qi Induction stage cultivators widened their eyes, still unable to see how Su Hao dodged it.

“It’s definitely Feng Yuer going easy!”

And some knowledgeable cultivators immediately perceived the key to it.

Known as ‘Wind Flying Star,’ Feng Hua lightly uttered two words, “Predicting ahead!”

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