Chapter 371

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Chapter 372: Feng Yuer

It’s also understandable. Since these young people entered the sect, they have been practicing hard in the immortal sect, rarely experiencing life-and-death battles. Naturally, they don’t know what it’s like. In their imagination, the battles of cultivators are just casting spells to easily defeat enemies, right?

Plus, their knowledge of spells is very limited. Not rushing forward to fight each other with shields opened is already quite dignified.

If they want to learn how to fight, they probably have to wait until they reach the Foundation Establishment stage and learn more spells.

By then, after being transferred out of the immortal sect to carry out tasks and experiencing several life-and-death battles, they will naturally understand how to use the spells in their hands to quickly take down enemies.

Of course, the premise is to survive smoothly.

As for expecting the master to teach…

Su Hao glanced at the chattering and lively Feng Ling in front of him and thought to himself, “First of all, the master must be capable!”

In terms of martial arts, just pull out any third-rate expert from the mortal world, and they can easily surpass these Qi Induction cultivators. However, cultivators, after cultivating spiritual power and mastering spells, are no longer in the same dimension as mortal experts.

No matter how high the martial arts of mortal warriors are, they cannot break through the shields of cultivators, and their skills are useless.

It’s like no matter how powerful the Hulk on TV is, I can make him disappear with just a remote control! Walking down the street, I can rightfully say: the Hulk is not even enough for me to pinch with one finger!

Moreover, whether it’s the speed of flying swords or the speed of the spell “Wind Bullet,” they are very fast. Even first-class experts in the mortal world may not be able to dodge them all. As long as one hits, they can rest in peace.

Of course, cultivators with a foundation in martial arts naturally have more advantages, but which cultivator would spend ten years practicing mortal martial arts day after day?

With that time, cultivators might as well advance to the next level.

While Su Hao was indulging in his wild thoughts, the situation on the field leaned towards the long-haired youth. Indeed, having a “magic weapon” can gain the upper hand, which is the advantage of wealth.

The flying sword hit the shield of the seasoned youth, forcing him to retreat repeatedly, and the shield was quickly worn down to the point of almost breaking.

The seasoned youth was unwilling to be defeated like this. After casting a “Wind Bullet,” he abandoned the next one and changed his tactics, using the “Wind Light Body Technique” to swiftly move on the arena and freeing his hand to strengthen the “Wind Spirit Shield” on his body.

A faint smile appeared on the arrogant face of the long-haired youth, and his tactics changed accordingly. He also used the “Wind Light Body Technique” to move swiftly. At the same time, his tactics changed again, and a faint light flashed from his left fist.

“Giant Force Fist”!

The long-haired youth waved his right hand, and the flying sword caught up with the figure of the seasoned youth, hitting the shield of the seasoned youth again, causing his figure to pause.

The long-haired youth took advantage of the opportunity to approach and struck out with his left fist.


The seasoned youth’s shield shattered, and he was sent flying by the force of the fist, falling to the ground and unable to get up for a while.

The friends of the long-haired youth below the stage immediately cheered.

The long-haired youth did not leave the stage but waited for the next opponent to come up and continued to fight.

Su Hao asked Feng Ling, “Master, will this senior brother keep guarding the stage like this?”

Feng Ling said, “Certainly not. He has the option to continue battling if he so desires, or he can gracefully step aside to recuperate if fatigue sets in, allowing another contender to step forward. As long as he remains undefeated, he retains the right to persistently challenge until he meets his match. Within our Feng Lineage, there are fewer than a hundred disciples at the Qi Induction stage, and only around fifty have attained the fourth level of mastery within this stage. Any of them are eligible to compete at any time, and the ultimate victor will soon emerge.”

“I see.”

Feng Ling added, “It’s not time for the main characters to appear yet. These disciples know they probably won’t ultimately win, so they want to show off while everyone is enthusiastic, show their faces in front of their fellow disciples. They won’t step down easily unless they are really exhausted.”

Su Hao concluded, “Perhaps this is a different kind of cultivator matchmaking…”

Feng Ling exclaimed, “Feng Wei, you seem to have a lot of experience! Indeed, male disciples can show their charm during competitions and might win the hearts of female disciples, thus finding their cultivation partners.”

As the battles continued and the challengers changed one after another, Su Hao quickly summarized the reference standards for the strength of these Qi-Induction cultivators: they were mostly at the fourth level of the Qi Induction stage, and whoever could activate techniques faster, had more spells, and possessed stronger magic tools had the advantage.

Most of the “Three-No” participants were quickly knocked out after showing their faces on stage. Not to mention those who hadn’t reached the fourth level of the Qi Induction stage; they didn’t even dare to step onto the stage.

When disciples with various spells and magic tools took the stage, the matches became more interesting.

Some disciples wore defensive magic tools and stood still, ignoring attacks, while crazily outputting “Wind Bullets.” Some wore glove-shaped magic tools and chased after their opponents at high speed.

Of course, flying sword-type magic tools were still the most popular, mainly because they were handsome! They could attract the attention of female disciples.

After eliminating thirty people in succession, a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl took the stage. She had a graceful and coordinated figure. With a light leap, she landed in the middle of the arena and faced the male disciple who had just won.

This girl wore a white dress with pink accents, her hair braided into several beautiful braids and pinned up with a colorful ribbon. A few strands of hair playfully extended from the side, swaying in the wind. Her complexion was fair and beautiful, her facial features were exquisite, and when she smiled, it seemed as if the clouds behind her became more beautiful.

With this neat and agile leap, followed by a steady landing, she exuded a handsome demeanor, but against the backdrop of her beautiful face, she appeared even more charming.


As soon as this girl took the stage, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention. The audience below the stage became noisy, and everyone couldn’t help but step forward a few steps, staring wide-eyed.

“Who is she? I can’t believe our Feng Lineage actually accepted such a beautiful female disciple!”

“You don’t know? This is Feng Yuer, a disciple of Senior Uncle Feng Qianye, who is several generations older than us!”

“I heard that when Senior Uncle Feng Qianye, who hadn’t taken disciples for nearly a hundred years, learned about Feng Yuer joining the sect, he forcibly took her away.”

“Unfortunately, I already have a Daoist companion, otherwise, I would still have a chance to become Daoist companions with Feng Yuer.”

Then this person was dragged away by a woman holding his ear.

Some people saw this girl for the first time and were immediately stunned, exclaiming: “Usually only focused on cultivating, I didn’t know there was such a stunning woman in the sect. If I knew, I would definitely come back to the sect more often!”

For a moment, regardless of gender or age, everyone’s inner demons were stirred.

Even Su Hao, who had seen many beauties, couldn’t help but take a few more glances, thinking to himself, “The genetic modification fluid for this face could make many women bankrupt just to buy it!”

So Su Hao became interested and thought to himself, “If there’s a chance, I could collect her genetic data!”

Su Hao glanced around and noticed that everyone on the stage was “taking advantage of everyone’s inattention” to stare a few more times.

Feng Ling’s round face once again showed that blank expression, and Feng Yan, this ‘old maiden’, almost drooled from the corner of her mouth, murmuring, “So adorable, so adorable~ Is this a little fairy? I really want to hug her!”

He really wanted to hug the girl tightly and rub her vigorously, and he even said it out loud, and his secret crush, Senior Brother Feng Hua, heard it too.

Feng Hua, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but withdraw his gaze, glanced at his junior sister with a helpless expression.

As for Feng Cheng, this fifteen-year-old boy, he was even more stunned, staring without blinking, feeling like he would lose if he looked away for even a second.

The girl on the stage bowed and saluted, saying, “I am Feng Yuer, here to challenge. I hope Senior Brother will forgive any offense!”

Her voice was clear and melodious, like a singing bird, pleasant to the ears.

Actually, it wasn’t that melodious, but under the influence of her beauty, everyone thought it was a pleasant voice. A pretty face can even drive economic development…

The male disciple opposite Feng Yuer blushed and his heart raced. For a moment, his spiritual power was unstable, and he couldn’t help but lament, “It’s over, I’ve lost my heart like this!”

With just a glance from Feng Yuer, this disciple, who considered himself as firm as iron, almost turned around and jumped off the stage to concede defeat!

The problem is, who could have the heart to go against such a girl?

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