Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Watch My Flying Sword

A month passed quickly.

Su Hao was immersed in the miniaturization of the ‘Material Shattering Array’ and the study of the ‘Absolute Defense’ formation, unaware of the passing time.

It wasn’t until Feng Cheng cautiously knocked on Su Hao’s door that Su Hao realized, “Has it been a month already?”

After storing the research progress, Su Hao stepped out with Feng Cheng and left the Luanshi Peak.

Everywhere, there were figures of cultivators flying in the sky, all disciples of the Yunzhong Valley.

At this time, almost all the disciples of the Yunzhong Valley who were outside had returned to the sect.

Su Hao’s radar perception swept past, with nearly two thousand cultivators.

Excitedly, Feng Cheng introduced, “Senior brother, the arena is about to start! Everyone is gathering at ‘Shouzhao Slope.’ Today is the arena for Qi Induction Realm disciples, tomorrow is for Foundation Establishment Realm seniors, and the day after tomorrow is for Golden Core Realm cultivators! My goodness, I can almost see the duels of Golden Core Realm cultivators!”

The Yunzhong Valley was located in a basin among continuous high plateau mountains, and ‘Shouzhao Slope’ was the highest small slope in the basin, named because the sunlight first shines on the slope every day.

(TN: Shouzhao=First Sun)

It was very flat and spacious, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people, perfect for planning an arena.

Feng Cheng added, “But Master has instructed us that before the arena, we need to find her. She also wants to take us to meet the senior members of the sect.”

Then, Feng Cheng lowered his voice, “Senior brother, I heard that the senior members of the sect might give us some gifts when we meet them. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

Su Hao smiled, “Most likely not.”

Feng Cheng was puzzled, “Why?”

Su Hao explained, “If you just returned to the sect, would you think about bringing gifts to juniors you haven’t met?”

Feng Cheng hesitated, “Well, maybe not…”

But he still had some small expectations, always feeling that the senior members of the sect would give him a gift, such as a magical tool, or at worst, a bottle of elixir?

Just thinking about it made him ecstatic.

Halfway through their walk, Su Hao and Feng Cheng ran into Feng Ling. Feng Ling exclaimed excitedly, “I heard your ancestor has also returned! Come on, let’s go see your ancestor!”

Su Hao and Feng Cheng followed Feng Ling around in circles for a while, but they didn’t find ‘Ancestor’ Feng Hua. Instead, they bumped into Feng Yan, who was also looking for Feng Hua. Feng Yan’s eyes lit up when he saw Feng Ling, “Little Feng Ling, where is your master?”

Feng Ling also looked troubled, “I haven’t found him either.”

Feng Yan’s expression turned fierce, “That old thing must be avoiding this fairy. Hmph!”

Feng Ling said, “We can only wait until the disciples of the Feng Lineage gather!”

More and more people gathered on the Shouzhao Slope, dividing into six groups, each gathering separately, presumably disciples of the Yun, Yue, Feng, Yu, Chen, and Wu Lineages.

Su Hao then noticed the markings on the clothes of each clan’s disciples were different. The Feng Lineage disciples had three parallel wavy lines, while the other clans’ disciples had markings of ‘cloud,’ ‘moon crescent,’ ‘water droplet,’ ‘hollow circle,’ ‘solid circle,’ corresponding to the ‘Yun, Yue, Yu, Chen, Wu’ lineages respectively, making it easy to distinguish.

As for disciples like Su Hao at the Qi Induction Realm, they obviously didn’t qualify for these markings.

Since they didn’t see Feng Hua, Feng Ling didn’t idle either, she took Su Hao to meet all the elders of her lineage.

“Feng Wei Feng Cheng, this is your ancestor, Feng Tu, a Golden Core cultivator, a renowned artifact master. He can refine artifacts in just ten days, hence known as Master Wind Ten Days!”

“Feng Wei Feng Cheng, this is your grandmaster, also a Golden Core cultivator, known as Wind Golden Voice… because of his loud voice.”

“Feng Wei Feng Cheng, this is your former grandmaster…”

“This one is…”

Su Hao managed to make notes and recorded them in the system, but Feng Cheng couldn’t keep up. When Feng Ling introduced him to the sixth person, he was completely bewildered! His mind was full of “hello, grandmaster, hello grand-grandmaster…”

By the end of the introductions, his smile had become stiff, and he had forgotten everyone!

After walking in circles, Feng Cheng awkwardly whispered, “Senior brother, I didn’t remember any, did you?”

Su Hao casually replied, “Same here!”

Just as the arena preparations were about to begin, Feng Ling and Feng Yan suddenly turned their heads in the same direction.

They saw a blue light flying from afar, landing on the ground, revealing a man in a light blue robe, his long hair flowing behind him. Finally, he landed, looking at Feng Ling and Feng Yan with a faint smile on his face.

Feng Ling immediately jumped up, excitedly shouting, “Master, why are you only just arriving!”

Meanwhile, Feng Yan’s expression changed drastically, his face shy and coy, taking small steps forward, speaking softly, “Senior brother, long time no see!”

This handsome man in the blue robe was none other than Feng Ling’s master, Feng Hua, known as the Wind Flying Star because of his exceptional speed.

This transformation of Feng Yan surprised both Su Hao and Feng Cheng.

Su Hao thought Feng Yan would rush up and hug Feng Hua tightly when he saw him!

Unexpectedly, he instantly turned into a demure lady.

Su Hao shook his head in disbelief. Feng Yan wouldn’t attract men like this, he needs to be bold and daring! Of course, drugs could help too!

Feng Ling introduced Su Hao and Feng Cheng to Feng Hua, “Master, these are my two disciples, Feng Wei and Feng Cheng! Both of them are exceptional geniuses!”

Feng Hua nodded with a smile, his gaze paused on Su Hao for a moment, then swept over Su Hao’s shaved head. He thought to himself, “Indeed a genius, he even shaved his hair!”

In Feng Hua’s view, those who behaved differently from ordinary people were basically geniuses!

This was Feng Hua’s cognitive bias. He grew up among various geniuses of the same age, so he summarized his own set of standards for identifying geniuses! At the moment he saw Su Hao’s head, he determined that Su Hao was extraordinary.

However, this kind of cognitive bias was mostly accurate in Feng Hua’s world. Because someone like him, who stood at a sufficiently high level from birth, couldn’t interact with people much lower than him.

After the juniors paid their respects, the anticipated ‘gift-giving’ segment turned out exactly as Su Hao had said: nothing!

Feng Cheng’s hope of receiving a magical tool also vanished.

At this moment, Feng Ling suddenly wondered, “By the way, why haven’t I seen senior brother?”

The smile disappeared from Feng Hua’s face, and he said flatly, “He’s dead!”

Feng Ling’s face froze, her fists clenched tightly, then she let go, as if she had lost all her strength. Clearly, she had asked her senior brother to come back with her to take on disciples, then practice in the sect for a few years, but her senior brother didn’t listen, insisting on proving himself…

Su Hao was surprised to learn that Feng Ling had a senior brother! It seems that the Yunzhong Valley also takes on two disciples each!

Su Hao immediately perked up his ears, wanting to hear what they would say, but neither Feng Ling nor Feng Hua wanted to dwell too much on this topic, they just sighed and remained silent.

Many questions in Su Hao’s mind could only be temporarily suppressed.

Just as the atmosphere became inexplicably tense, cheers and applause were heard from afar.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and found that the arena for Qi Induction Realm disciples of the Feng Lineage had already begun!

Feng Hua’s face once again carried a faint smile as he said, “Let’s go, let’s go over and take a look too!”

The arena for the Feng Lineage was a circular platform, nearly two meters high and two hundred meters in diameter. It was imbued with formations, resembling a magical tool, extremely hard in texture, capable of withstanding attacks from Core Formation cultivators. As long as it wasn’t deliberately destroyed, cultivators could duel on it freely.

At this moment, there were nearly four hundred people gathered around the arena, all disciples of the Feng Lineage.

Su Hao and others were among them, interestedly watching the duel between two Qi Induction Realm cultivators on the platform.

One of them, a cold and arrogant youth with long hair, made a hand seal. A light flashed around him as he activated his defensive skill, ‘Wind Spirit Shield.’ Then, his hand moved swiftly again, pointing forward.


A long sword behind him instantly unsheathed, flying in the direction he pointed at, extremely fast.

“A magical tool?” Facing the long-haired youth was a sturdy-looking young man, who, seeing that the long-haired youth possessed a magical tool, was undeterred. He laughed loudly, also activating his own shield, then made a hand seal and pointed forward.

“Wind Bullet!”


The anticipated scene of the Wind Bullet colliding with the long sword did not happen.

Both attacks went astray!

And coincidentally, both attacks hit each other!



The attacks of both sides were blocked by the ‘Wind Spirit Shield,’ emitting crisp sounds.

Both immediately stabilized their ‘Wind Spirit Shields’ with hand seals.

Then they started to exchange attacks.

“Watch my flying sword!”

“Watch my Wind Bullet!”

“Watch my flying sword again!”

“Watch my Wind Bullet again!”

Su Hao: “…”

Were these people seriously fighting?

Then Su Hao looked around and saw everyone else watching the duel with relish.

He felt like he was the odd one out!

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