Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: It’s Your Daughter, The Little Princess, Who has Taken Everything From Me

The sound spread far and wide, filled with anger, and everyone in the capital heard it. “That’s the voice of Prince Yunqing!”

“What’s happening? The Prince just called out the Prime Minister’s name and even called him an animal. He told him to get out!”

“Could it be that they’ve fallen out due to the Little Princess’s reasons? They can’t have such a huge conflict, can they?”

“They’re not just having a conflict, they’re tearing each other apart!”

“I have a feeling that something big is happening!”

Everyone eagerly watched the drama unfold. The groggy Little Princess was confused. What was wrong with her father? Why did he suddenly curse Lin Beifan and call him an animal… Could it be that they were having a dispute? This couldn’t happen!

The Little Princess was getting anxious. “Father…”

Seeing his daughter looking so bewildered, Prince Yunqing’s heart ached even more. His anger flared up, and he said, “Yunying, don’t worry; Father will definitely help you seek justice! Even if he’s the current Prime Minister, Father will make sure he pays the price he deserves!”

“Father, please don’t!” The Little Princess held onto Prince Yunqing’s arm, preventing him from acting recklessly.

Prince Yunqing’s heartache and anger intensified. His precious daughter had been harmed, and she was still trying to protect that scoundrel?

It was simply unreasonable!

That scoundrel must not be let off lightly!

Meanwhile, Lin Beifan, looking bewildered, walked into the scene. “What’s going on here? Prince Yunqing, why did you just call me? What have I done to make you so angry?”

He had just finished his work and was planning to freshen up before attending the morning court session. Unexpectedly, he encountered this situation, leaving him utterly baffled.

Seeing Lin Beifan looking so confused, Prince Yunqing became even angrier. He pointed at Lin Beifan and said, “You still have the nerve to deny it? What have you done? Don’t you understand?”

Lin Beifan blinked in confusion. “What have I done? I don’t think I’ve done anything.”

“He dares to deny it?” Prince Yunqing was furious, trembling all over. “You shameless scoundrel who eats and wipes clean without taking responsibility! Today, I’ll teach you a lesson. Even if the Emperor blames me, I’ll accept it!”

Saying that, he raised his huge fist, as big as a cooking pot.

The Little Princess exclaimed, “Don’t!”

Others also shouted, “Don’t!”

“Boom, boom…”

About ten seconds later, Lin Beifan emerged unharmed.

Prince Yunqing lay on the ground, bruised and swollen, wearing a bewildered expression. Who am I? Where am I? Why is everything like this? Standing beside him was an elderly monk with compassionate eyes.

“Put down the butcher’s knife, and you can become a Buddha on the spot! Donor, as long as this humble monk is here, I won’t let you harm my master’s hair. Amitabha!” the monk said with great kindness.

Lin Beifan spread his hands out in a helpless gesture and said, “See, I told you not to resort to violence, but you wouldn’t listen!”

Prince Yunqing: “…”

“Father, how are you? Are you okay?” The Little Princess hurriedly helped Prince Yunqing up, brushed off the dust on his body, and checked his injuries. She found that he had only suffered superficial wounds, which relieved her.

She scolded him, saying, “Father, what’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly come to attack Lin Beifan? He doesn’t seem to have offended you in any way!”

Lin Beifan nodded repeatedly and said, “Exactly!”

Prince Yunqing’s anger flared up again. “He hasn’t offended me? My dear daughter, he has taken everything from you! How can I not be angry?”

“Taken everything from me?” Lin Beifan blinked his eyes and said with a sense of grievance, “Prince Yunqing, are you mistaken? It’s your daughter, the Little Princess, who has taken everything from me. My home is practically empty!”

The Little Princess recalled everything she had done in Lin’s Mansion and lowered her head with embarrassment. “Hmm.”

Prince Yunqing suffered another blow.

It turned out that his daughter had taken the initiative? Kids these days were really something!

But even if it was his daughter who took the initiative, it was unacceptable!

After all, in such matters, it was women who suffered! Prince Yunqing pulled his daughter behind him and said, “Daughter, mind your own business! Today, Father is sparing this man’s life for your sake. I will seek justice for you; otherwise, it would be in vain to be a father!”

The Little Princess was angry. “Enough, Father! What’s gotten into you today? Why are you acting like this? Lin Beifan hasn’t offended you. Why do you want to hurt him? He’s my friend. If you hurt him, how am I supposed to face people in the future?”

Seeing his daughter still defending that scoundrel, Prince Yunqing felt very distressed.

He wanted to hit him, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He wanted to scold him, but he couldn’t find the words. He sighed in helplessness, “Alas! Father is doing this for you. You’ve already given yourself to him, how can Father not be angry?”

The Little Princess was puzzled, Lin Beifan was puzzled, and everyone present was puzzled!

The Little Princess had given herself to Lin Beifan?

Oh my!

This news was explosive!

No wonder Prince Yunqing was so angry; anyone would be!

Everyone looked at Lin Beifan with strange eyes.

Could it be true that Sir Lin…?

Lin Beifan felt anxious. “Why are you all looking at me like this? I am a chaste and virtuous man, a true gentleman who doesn’t take advantage of others. I haven’t done anything!”

The Little Princess cast a flickering glance at Lin Beifan and said angrily, “Father, there’s nothing like that. Please don’t say such things!”

Prince Yunqing was dumbfounded. “Nothing like that? Didn’t you just say that you slept in Lin Beifan’s bed…?”

Finally, after some explanations, the truth came to light.

The Little Princess had indeed passed out in Lin Beifan’s bed due to excessive drinking, but Li Shi Shi had stayed with her to take care of her. Lin Beifan, busy with official duties, hadn’t returned home all night, so nothing had happened.

Prince Yunqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief; nothing had actually occurred.

However, seeing his obedient daughter and the affectionate exchange between her and Lin Beifan left him feeling uncomfortable. He beckoned to his daughter and said, “Dear daughter, come back with Father!”

“I’m not going back. You’ve embarrassed me enough. I need to make amends to everyone!” The Little Princess was not pleased.

“Return with Father first, I have an important matter to discuss with you!” Prince Yunqing’s face was stern.

“Alright then!” The Little Princess reluctantly waved her hand.

After returning to the Prince’s mansion, the Little Princess urged, “Father, please tell me what’s going on quickly. I still need to go back to make amends!”

“Yunying, from now on, stay away from Lin Beifan. Don’t look for him anymore.”

“Why?” The Little Princess became agitated. “We are very good friends. Why can’t I visit him?”

“Because he is a dangerous person!” Prince Yunqing said with a serious expression. “He is now the Prime Minister of the court and the Supreme Commander of the entire nation, with authority over tens of thousands. He holds a high position and great power, and he has already become a critical support for the imperial power.”

“If he were clean and righteous, it would be one thing, but he is incredibly corrupt!” Prince Yunqing continued. “His wealth is well known, and it won’t be long before he loses his head because of it.”

“So, Father hopes that you will stay away from him. I don’t want you to be involved with him, and I don’t want you to suffer because of him!”

The Little Princess continued to be agitated. “But he has done many good things. Empress Sister won’t harm him!”

“He has indeed done many good deeds, but they cannot make up for his mistakes!” Prince Yunqing said. “The reason the Empress tolerates him is solely because he has great talents and can handle important responsibilities. He has saved the Great Wu. But when he is no longer useful, his flaws will be exposed. A monarch is ruthless and will surely remove him!”

The Little Princess became even more agitated. “Then why didn’t you stop this earlier? Why are you telling me now?”

“Because in the past, you had very few friends, so I wanted you to make more friends and have a happier and more joyful life. Your friendship with Lin Beifan didn’t matter much because I was confident that I could protect you, and the Emperor wouldn’t blame you for it. But now, it’s completely different…”

Prince Yunqing sighed helplessly. “You clearly have feelings for Lin Beifan now. Father is afraid that you’ll be deeply entangled and unable to extricate yourself, harming both yourself and others. So, my dear daughter, forget about him. You are not a suitable match.”

“I won’t! I’ll go find Lin Beifan!” The Little Princess shouted.


The Little Princess closed her eyes and fainted.

Prince Yunqing caught her and gently laid her on the bed. He sighed helplessly, “My dear daughter, Father is doing this for your own good. Even if you hate me, I must do it!”

He walked out of the room and said to those around him, “Take good care of the Little Princess. She’s not allowed to leave without my orders!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Just then, an old eunuch arrived.

“Your Highness, Her Majesty requests an audience!”

Prince Yunqing bowed and smiled, “Grand Eunuch, please wait for a moment. I will be there shortly.”

Soon after, Prince Yunqing entered the imperial presence.

“Greetings, Your Majesty, long live the Emperor!” he said respectfully.

“Uncle Yunqing, there’s no need for formalities,” the Empress said. “I heard that you had a conflict with Prime Minister Lin at the Lin residence today.”

Prince Yunqing’s heart skipped a beat; the recent incident had already reached the Empress’s ears, and she was personally inquiring about it. The situation was unusual, and he needed to handle it carefully.

“Your Majesty, it’s true. However, it was just a minor matter, and it has already been resolved. Your Majesty need not be concerned,” Prince Yunqing replied with a bow.

The Empress shook her head. “Uncle Yunqing, you’re not being straightforward. Both of you are essential ministers of the court, and I don’t want any conflicts between you. Tell me the details, don’t hide anything. Do you understand?”

Prince Yunqing’s face sweated profusely. “Yes, Your Majesty,” he replied, reluctant but resigned.

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