Chapter 370

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Chapter 370 Feng Cheng Junior Brother, You Have a Chance to Become Immortal

On this day, it was again the day when Feng Ling and her two disciples gathered at the peak to teach.

At this moment, the peak had been transformed into a small pavilion by Feng Cheng. The three sat inside the pavilion, enjoying the spring-like scenery of the Immortal Sect, feeling very comfortable.

Su Hao said, “Master, I’ve finished reading all the books you got for me. Are there any new ones? Those few are just not enough!”

Feng Ling hesitated, “Well… aren’t you learning formations from Senior Uncle Feng Yan? Focus on learning formations for now! As for books, we’ll talk about it later.”

Su Hao said, “I’ve almost learned formations. And ‘Sister’ Feng Yan said he’s going into seclusion recently, so he can’t teach me for a while!”

Feng Ling widened her eyes in disbelief, “Huh? You’ve almost learned formations already?”

Su Hao sighed and said lightly, “Master, I’m a genius!”

Beside him, Feng Cheng poured tea for Su Hao and couldn’t help but interject, “Master, Senior Brother has almost learned formations since a month ago! It’s quite normal. Could you please pay more attention and find some books for Senior Brother? I’m worried for him too!”

Fairy Feng Ling turned to Feng Cheng and asked, “Feng Cheng, your progress in cultivation has increased significantly! You’re already at the second level of ‘Qi Induction,’ much faster than I expected!”

Feng Cheng smiled shyly, “Senior Brother is a divine-level genius! Hehehe!”

Feng Ling couldn’t help but ask, “Did your Senior Brother teach you?”

Feng Cheng nodded, “Yes! Senior Brother is really amazing!”

Feng Ling was shocked, “Isn’t genius innate? Can it be taught?”

Feng Cheng proudly said, “That’s why I said Senior Brother is a genius! It’s normal for him to do what others can’t! And, I secretly went to see Junior Brother Qin Ke Fan… oh, now he’s Junior Brother Yun Chu! He’s hailed as the most talented among our fifty-sixth generation disciples, but he’s only at the first level of ‘Qi Induction’ now! I’ve surpassed him by who knows how far! If we really compare, he can only rank third, hehehe! But don’t worry, Master, I’m too lazy to compare with them. I prefer quietly practicing with Senior Brother!”

Feng Ling only realized at this moment that these two fourteen or fifteen-year-old boys had only been disciples for less than a year!

The fastest one could already attempt to break through the Foundation Establishment stage, while the slowest was already at the second level of Qi Induction!

What was she doing in her first year as a disciple? Probably still struggling to cultivate her ‘Mind Consciousness’?

Back then, she actually thought of herself as a cultivation genius!

Feng Ling felt a bit down and even slightly anxious: “The world is changing too fast, I can’t keep up…”

Su Hao took a sip of tea, and Feng Cheng promptly refilled his cup.

Su Hao said, “Master, it’s just a few books! Is there any difficulty?”

Feng Ling sighed, “It’s not that difficult. As long as you have enough merit points, you can transcribe books from the sect’s library. But when I reached the fourth level of Foundation Establishment, ‘Sustaining,’ I used all my merit points to exchange for spirit stones and pills. I can’t transcribe for you in the short term.”

Su Hao asked, “I see! How do you earn merit points then?”

Feng Ling replied, “As long as you complete tasks for the sect, you’ll earn a certain amount of merit points. For example, for mentoring disciples like me, you’ll earn one hundred merit points every two years. But I’ve already used up this year’s! In a little over a year, I’ll be able to receive another one hundred points. So, for your books, wait another year, and I’ll transcribe them for you after I receive the merit points.”

“A year…” Su Hao felt helpless, it ultimately came down to poverty!

Su Hao asked, “Besides sect tasks, are there any other ways to earn merit points?”

Feng Ling thought for a moment and said, “You can exchange with pills, magical artifacts, and spirit stones. As for other ways… oh, there’s the ‘Senior Brother Token Competition’ in a month. The ultimate winner not only gets the Senior Brother Token but also five hundred merit points!”

Su Hao noticed that there were more and more cultivators in the sect, probably because of the upcoming three-year competition!

Feng Ling added, “But the difficulty of this is too high, it’s not something we can easily obtain. Each Senior Brother Token competition has a predetermined winner!”

Su Hao was puzzled, “Isn’t it supposed to be contested? Why do you say there’s a predetermined winner?”

Feng Ling smiled, “Each time, there’s a universally recognized strongest genius disciple, such as our Foundation Establishment stage disciples, who have a universally recognized strongest Wu Xing Senior Brother. Unless something unexpected happens, this session’s ‘Foundation Establishment Senior Brother Token’ will fall into his hands. Isn’t that predetermined?”

‘Predetermined’ can be understood this way too! If speculation becomes reality, then it’s predetermined; if it’s wrong, then it’s unexpected.

Feng Ling continued, “It is said that your Qi Induction stage also has a ‘predetermined’ disciple, probably from the Yun lineage! Now, after seven years of cultivation, just a step away from Foundation Establishment, he probably wants to break through after obtaining the Senior Brother Token!”

Su Hao was still more concerned about his own books. If they could be exchanged with points, waiting another month wouldn’t be a problem, and he was also very curious about that Senior Brother Token.

Su Hao asked, “Can I participate?”

Fairy Feng Ling smiled and said, “Oh, interested? I’m interested too, but I know my strength. I’d probably be eliminated after just two rounds! All disciples within the sect can participate, so of course, you can too. Just don’t expect too much! Even if you’re a genius, you’ve only been a disciple for less than a year! Perhaps in the future, you’ll be able to surpass all others, but right now, it’s simply impossible to win against disciples who have been here for seven years.”

Before Su Hao could speak, Feng Cheng immediately interjected, “Master, you should have confidence in Senior Brother. You know nothing about Senior Brother’s talent!”

In front of these two genius disciples, Feng Ling felt that her authority as a master had long since vanished. Hearing Feng Cheng’s words, she just felt dejected!

Su Hao said, “Master, could you help me register?”

Feng Ling replied, “There’s no need to register. During the competition, the six lineages of ‘Yun, Yue, Feng, Yu, Chen, and Xi’ will each set up a stage. Any disciple can compete, and it lasts for one day, until each lineage decides on a champion. Three days later, there will be a competition between the six lineages to select the strongest one! The reward is the Senior Brother Token!”

Su Hao thought for a moment and said, “Master, if I win, will it be too ostentatious and affect you?”

Fairy Feng Ling sighed, “Do you really think you can win…”

She sighed, feeling that Feng Cheng was right. She really knew nothing about geniuses, not only about their cultivation speed but also about their extraordinary thoughts compared to ordinary people.

Feng continued, “If you win the Senior Brother Token, it would indeed be too ostentatious… but it won’t affect me much, as long as you don’t break through to the Foundation Establishment stage.”

After Feng Ling left, Su Hao reached out to Feng Cheng and said, “Feng Cheng Junior Brother, let me check your cultivation progress.”

Feng Cheng obediently stepped forward, extending his hand to Su Hao, showing his wrist.

Su Hao recorded the blood and qi information, and after checking, he smiled, “Feng Cheng Junior Brother, it seems your talent is really good, with a chance to become immortal!”

Feng Cheng’s face lit up with a smile, “All thanks to Senior Brother’s guidance.”

Su Hao said, “Keep up the good work and strive to reach the second level of Qi Induction as soon as possible. By then, I’ll teach you a method to quickly enter the third level! You’ll be ahead of all your fellow disciples for sure!”

Feng Cheng exclaimed happily, “Thank you, Senior Brother!”

After reaching the fourth level of Qi Induction, Su Hao gained a certain understanding of the entire Qi Induction stage. According to his own thoughts, he made some changes to the “Yunzhong Spiritual Technique” and planned to give it to Feng Cheng to practice!

Su Hao’s idea was: “Does the third level of Qi Induction ‘Storing’ really have to store spiritual power in the meridians? Not necessarily! The ultimate goal of the Qi Induction stage is to construct a new life cycle structure, so isn’t simpler better? Simply refer to the principle of the ‘Mobius strip’ and create an endless circular spiritual power structure for Feng Cheng. Hmm, let him try practicing first. If he messes up, I’ll save him, so he won’t lose anything…”

As for how Feng Cheng should continue to practice after reaching the Foundation Establishment stage…

“He hasn’t reached the Foundation Establishment stage yet, so we’ll know when the time comes! No big deal!”

I wonder if Feng Cheng knows that his Senior Brother has such thoughts, will he still be so confident in his Senior Brother Feng Wei.

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