Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Spending Too Much Money, Seeking Wang Yao for a Recharge!

On the way back, Lin Beifan carefully calculated.

Purchasing weapons and some other elixirs cost 11,000 points.

Buying 5 spiritual swords, 10 treasure swords cost 15,000 points.

The purchase of protective armor cost 5,000 points.

Adding some divine symbols cost 500 points.

“In less than a day, I’ve spent over 30,000 points. Money really flows like water!” Lin Beifan couldn’t help but sigh.

Even though this money wasn’t earned by him, he couldn’t help but feel distressed.

At that moment, Lai Xiaoqiang approached, greeted Lin Beifan, and said, “Brother-in-law…”

Lin Beifan, annoyed, replied, “Hmm?”

Lai Xiaoqiang quickly changed his tone, “Lin Beifan, long time no see, are you well?”

Looking at Lai Xiaoqiang’s swollen face, Lin Beifan was curious, “What happened to your face? Why does it look like this?”

Lai Xiaoqiang, touching his bruised cheek, said dejectedly, “It’s nothing, just trying to make some money!”

Lin Beifan lamented, “Xiaoqiang, how have you changed? Even if you’re short of money, you shouldn’t resort to such unethical methods like staging accidents! If your sister finds out, she’ll be heartbroken.”

Lai Xiaoqiang spat blood, “Lin Beifan, where did your thoughts go? Even if I’ve lost my principles, I wouldn’t stoop to staging accidents! I got beaten up because I dueled with someone in the arena just now…”

Lai Xiaoqiang explained the situation.

It turned out, to encourage disciples’ interactions, the Tai Xuan Sword Sect had built a dueling platform for the disciples’ convenience.

Where there’s a duel, there’s a prize, and where there’s a prize, there’s an opportunity to make money.

Seeing the lucrative opportunity, Lai Xiaoqiang couldn’t resist participating.

Lin Beifan realized, “I see! Judging by your appearance, you must have suffered losses, right?”

Lai Xiaoqiang, shocked: “How did you know?”

Lin Beifan disdainfully said, “You’ve just entered! Tell me, among all the disciples in the sect, who can you beat?”

Tears welled up in Lai Xiaoqiang’s eyes, “Life’s tough, don’t rub it in!”

“Honestly, how much did you lose?” Lin Beifan asked.

Lai Xiaoqiang, filled with sorrow and indignation, replied, “I lost 300 points!”

Lin Beifan remained calm, “Only 300 points, not much!”

Lai Xiaoqiang’s defenses crumbled a bit, “Not much? That’s all the startup capital my sister gave me! If she finds out I gambled it all away, she’ll definitely scold me!”

Lin Beifan still remained calm, “What’s the big deal? Aren’t you used to it by now?”

Lai Xiaoqiang hesitated, “…”

“Alright, I won’t say much. Go back and take care of your injuries. I have something to attend to. Goodbye!” Lin Beifan left Lai Xiaoqiang behind.

Lai Xiaoqiang shouted from behind, “Lin Beifan, where are you going?”

Lin Beifan replied, “I’m going to recover some points!”

After some thought, Lai Xiaoqiang caught up.

Lin Beifan quickly arrived at the dueling arena, finding it lively.

Extraordinary disciples, usually unseen, were mostly gathered here.

A duel was in progress, both sides fiercely engaged.

The audience below was crowded, cheers echoing, waves of excitement making one’s blood boil.

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqiang caught up.

Lin Beifan asked, “I want to participate in a duel. What should I do?”

Lai Xiaoqiang explained, “There are two ways. One is to actively challenge someone. If they agree, there’s no problem. The other is to post a challenge and wait for others to challenge you.”

Lin Beifan nodded, indicating understanding.

Looking at the challenge board on the wall, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

Because the rewards were too small, few exceeded 300 points.

“Never mind, even ants have meat!”

Lin Beifan took the initiative to challenge, but no one was willing to accept.

Lai Xiaoqiang gloated, “Do you know why? If you lose, you lose money. If you win, you offend Senior Brother and Senior Sister Bai. That’s why no one wants to fight you!”

Lin Beifan sighed, “It’s truly the troubles of the fortunate! But it’s okay, I have a solution!”

“What’s your solution?”

“Don’t worry, just wait and see!”

Lin Beifan mysteriously smiled and issued another challenge.

After a while, Wang Yao walked over with a stern face, “Lin Beifan, you want to challenge me?”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Exactly!”

“What a joke!”

Suppressing his anger, Wang Yao said, “Just with your little strength as a divine power practitioner, do you have the qualification to challenge me? Don’t think you can act recklessly just because you have Senior Brother supporting you and make a fool out of me!”

“I’m serious. As long as you’re willing, I’m prepared to offer 50,000 points as the reward!” Lin Beifan said.

Wang Yao’s interest was piqued, “Do you really have that many points?”

Lin Beifan immediately displayed his points card.

Lai Xiaoqiang, sneaking a peek from the side, envy evident in his green eyes, really wanted to snatch it!

Wang Yao became even more interested, “Alright, I accept this challenge! Since you proposed it, even if it goes to Senior Brother, I have a justification! However, the reward needs adjustment!”

“How much do you want to change it to?”

“Change it to 35,000 points!”

Lin Beifan was a bit dissatisfied, “Only 35,000 points, seems a bit low!”

Wang Yao became furious, “Lin Beifan, you need to understand. You challenged me! When gambling with me, it’s not about what you want to bet; it’s about what I have! I can’t even gather 50,000 points, how can I bet with you?”

Lin Beifan remained silent.

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