Chapter 369

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Chapter 369 The Destruction Array

The deeper Su Hao delved into the world of array formations, the more he marveled at the wisdom of the cultivators in this world.

In his view, these intricate array structures were no less impressive than the “mechanical structures” of modern society. According to their cleverness and difficulty levels, they could be classified as advanced structures. Of course, they couldn’t compare to the cutting-edge hydrogen bomb configurations!

After all, even after experiencing so much, Su Hao hadn’t gained any knowledge about hydrogen bomb configurations.

“I still have many unanswered questions! Unfortunately, it seems that Feng Yan can’t help me solve these problems! I’ll have to research them myself from now on!”

Ultimately, many things still depended on oneself.

Su Hao quietly teleported next to Yashan and said, “Yashan, step back a bit. I want to test the newly designed runic array!”

Yashan complied and moved aside. As a genius [Prophet], he sensitively detected the difference in Su Hao’s words and exclaimed, “Runic array?”

In the past, it was all about ‘array plates,’ but now it’s ‘array formations,’ which obviously are two different things.

Now that Yashan’s basic runes had gradually improved, he truly felt the mysteries hidden beneath those patterns from another dimension. He was immensely impressed by Boss Wei’s ability to design such powerful and complex rune array plates.

Now that Boss Wei had come up with something new again, Yashan couldn’t help but feel excited.

Golden armor surged under Su Hao’s feet, quickly spreading over a range of fifty meters. The outermost layer of the golden armor protruded, dividing into inner and outer rings, which Su Hao evenly divided into eight parts each, totaling sixteen blocks. These sixteen areas transformed independently, each becoming a separate component, adjusting positions, interconnecting, and forming a very sophisticated structure. Both locally and as a whole, they formed a unique beauty, reminiscent of the intricate mechanical structures of modern society.

“Next, I need to draw runes on these structures, using sixteen combined runic array plates to replace sixteen different magical instruments!”

Su Hao concentrated slowly, assisted by Little Light, and began to draw various runic array plates according to the pre-designed array composition.

These included ‘oscillation,’ ‘constraint field,’ ‘weakening of molecular forces,’ ‘high temperature,’ ‘collapse waveforms’…

These runes, specially modified by Su Hao, were quickly drawn and combined cleverly together in the structure.

Su Hao paused, withdrew from the array formation, thought for a moment, and waved to Yashan, “Yashan, step back even further, at least five hundred meters away!”

“Okay, Boss Wei!” Yashan was even more curious, quickly retreated five hundred meters away, then widened his eyes and stared at the array formation intently.

Su Hao wasn’t very confident in the array formation he designed. Although it was the most basic array configuration, it still relied on activating runes with spiritual power. If it went out of control and exploded, it might hurt himself.

Su Hao moved another hundred meters away from the array formation, transformed into a [Child of Fate], and put on all his protective gear. Through the conversion of golden armor, he remotely input spiritual power into the array formation.

All the runes were activated almost simultaneously!


A buzzing sound followed, gradually increasing in frequency, the tone becoming piercing, soon surpassing the audible frequency range for humans, and then the sound vanished.

A circular light curtain rose around the array, reaching straight up into the sky.

Only at this moment did Su Hao finally breathe a sigh of relief. “Just as I expected, the ‘Material Shattering Array’ I personally designed worked!”

As for whether it could achieve the desired effect, it still needed testing. Su Hao bent down and picked up a stone, then threw it into the array.

The stone traced a beautiful trajectory and entered the light curtain.

In the blink of an eye, the stone disappeared!

“Hiss—” Yashan had transformed into [Earth Lord] at some point and ran to Su Hao’s side. Seeing the scene, he gasped in shock.

He saw the entire process of the stone disappearing, which made his hair stand on end!

After entering the light curtain, the stone turned into a handful of dust. With a gust of wind, it dispersed and vanished.

Yashan couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Wei, what is this?”

Su Hao smiled and said, “This is the ‘Material Shattering Array’ I designed. It seems to have succeeded! Let’s try with a larger stone!”

Without Su Hao’s command, Yashan eagerly ran to pick up a basketball-sized stone, lightly shouted, and threw it towards the array light curtain.

The large stone quickly followed the fate of the previous one. Upon entering the light curtain, it turned into dust in an instant and disappeared!

Yashan’s scalp tingled. “Boss Wei, this ‘Material Shattering Array’ is too terrifying. If a person is thrown in there, they’ll turn into dust in an instant! It’s like an instant cremation, skipping the crematorium!”

Su Hao was surprised. “I didn’t intend to throw people in… I just wanted to try using it to shatter unused documents and items, like a paper shredder!”

Yashan sincerely exclaimed, “Boss Wei, your paper shredder is amazing!”

Su Hao did indeed intend to use the array to directly shred some unused items, which would not only be convenient but also leave no trace.

“However, this array is too large. If it’s to be used as a shredder, it needs to be scaled down!”

While Su Hao was contemplating how to optimize it, Yashan had already condensed a fist-sized black crystal armor with ‘Barrier’ and ‘Hardness’ runes attached, and then threw it into the array.

After the black crystal armor ball entered the light curtain, the red faint light of the barrier disappeared in a flash, and then, after persisting for a second, it turned into dust and vanished.

Yashan watched with clenched teeth, unable to help but shift on his tiptoes.

He wondered whether if Boss Wei asked him to try it out, he should extend his hand first or extend his foot first.

Then, Su Hao had a new idea and looked at Yashan. “Yashan, activate the runes, try to resist with all your strength by reaching in.”

“Okay, Boss Wei!” As expected, Yashan scratched his head, gathered his courage, approached the light curtain, activated the runes with his blood boiling, and then reached his hand into the light curtain.

After only enduring for two seconds, flesh flew, bones shattered. Yashan’s entire arm disappeared without a trace.

“Crackle crackle~”

Yashan’s wound surged with a large amount of black crystal armor, rapidly regenerating into a new arm. In the blink of an eye, the arm was restored.

Yashan, still trembling with fear, moved his new arm and said, “Boss Wei, it’s impossible to withstand it! My blood qi was completely dispersed!”

Su Hao then entered the sphere of the array, observing the entire process of Yashan’s arm being shattered with interest. “I didn’t expect the paper shredder to have this effect. I wonder how it would fare against the ‘Wind Spirit Shield’ and ‘Level Two – Barrier.'”

With that said, Su Hao also approached the light curtain and activated the ‘Level Two – Hardness’ and ‘Level Two – Barrier’ runes on his arm’s golden armor, while simultaneously using his fingers to cast the spell ‘Wind Spirit Shield.’


A faint cyan light enveloped Su Hao’s entire body.

Without hesitation, Su Hao extended his hand into the light curtain of the ‘Material Shattering Array,’ encountering no resistance.

At the moment of reaching into the light curtain, a bone-chilling coldness engulfed his entire arm, but it quickly lost sensation, followed by a tingling sensation at the position of the light curtain.


The Wind Spirit Shield shattered! It lasted for two seconds!

The Barrier also collapsed and dissipated, lasting for five seconds!

After a while, Su Hao’s arm turned into dust-like fragments, crumbling and dispersing like gas into the air, gradually vanishing.

Altogether, it lasted for less than twenty seconds.

Su Hao stepped back two steps, golden armor surged from the broken arm’s stump, generating a new arm. He couldn’t help but murmur, “Is this still a basic array? Then imagine what a large-scale destructive array is capable of.”

With runes replaced by spiritual power as the energy source, the effect was raised by a dimension, and by combining arrays, it directly brought the effect of these runes to its peak.

This amplification even exceeded Su Hao’s expectations. He didn’t even have the confidence to last ten seconds in the ‘Material Shattering Array’ himself, let alone come out unscathed.

“At the moment my hand went in, although various protective shields blocked the initial high-frequency oscillation shock, a slight ripple leaked out, which, in a very short time, destroyed my flesh and made me lose consciousness.

In other words, although the hand remained intact, it was already rotten inside! And this was only the simplest basic array I casually designed! What effects could those advanced arrays achieve?”

Su Hao quickly connected this to himself. “The cultivation civilization of this world has developed for many years and must have stronger attack methods than the ‘Material Shattering Array’! And I can’t withstand it!”

However, Su Hao did not lack a backup plan. Regardless of the situation, he was confident that he could use spatial teleportation to escape…

“The next step’s primary goal is to quickly develop a versatile defense array that can be activated rapidly. It’s what we call absolute defense!”

If the defense is not strong enough, Su Hao always feels a bit lacking in confidence in speech and action.

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