Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: The Power to Destroy the World

Su Hao immersed himself in the ocean of formation knowledge, tirelessly studying day and night.

Whenever he felt the ingenious ideas within, Su Hao couldn’t contain his excitement, playing the most exhilarating music and creating the coolest visuals within the pinball space!

“The combination and conception of formations are simply fantastic!”

“Damn, this idea is amazing! Who would think of such a structure? Truly a genius!”

“Why didn’t I think of this formation pattern? Oh, damn~”

While reading formation books, Su Hao admired the predecessors who delved into formation knowledge, feeling helpless about his own wooden-headedness.

He was like someone holding a pile of “rune treasures” but achieving the most mediocre effects!

Yes, Su Hao, with the formation knowledge he learned, came up with his own rune combinations!

In this world of cultivators, where there isn’t an abundance of “rune” knowledge, practitioners still manage to solidify the changes in spiritual energy into artifacts. Through clever structural combinations, they connect with the forces of nature, harnessing natural power for themselves.

And Su Hao? Despite having a variety of powerful runes, he could only unleash the effects of individual runes, at most stacking a few layers.

For example, he liked to stack runes like “hard,” “sharp,” and “penetrating” on his knife!

Su Hao always thought this was the best stacking state. Now it seems, it’s not as artistic as a pile of dog poop.

Su Hao facepalmed, unable to look at his past self: “I’m too amateur. Even after experiencing so much, my wisdom is still that of a mortal! Compared to those astonishing geniuses, the gap is very evident.”

Su Hao had a premonition that once he harnessed the wisdom of “formations” in this world for himself, his runes would truly undergo a revolutionary change.

Activate rune power with spiritual energy? That’s just child’s play!

As long as Su Hao mastered “formations” and successfully combined runes, he would wield a world-destroying power—the power of calamity!

To what extent could this calamity reach?

Su Hao estimated that, with enough spiritual energy, he might be able to destroy the entire surface of this planet!

The planet is like an egg, with the solid ground people tread on as the thin eggshell. Beneath the shell, there’s nothing but scorching magma, and if…

Su Hao shook his head, dismissing the terrifying thoughts!

Why mess with a perfectly fine planet?

“Oh? Master and martial uncle, why are you here?”

Su Hao’s radar sensed Feng Ling and Feng Yan flying towards him. He had a premonition that these two were looking for him.

Su Hao thought for a moment, feigned ignorance, closed his eyes, and focused.

Sure enough, Feng Ling arrived with Feng Yan at Su Hao’s door, knocking and saying, “Feng Wei, I’ve brought the books on ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refining’ for you! Come out quickly!”

Su Hao opened his eyes, quickly got up, and exclaimed, “Master, you’re here! Wait a moment, I’ll be right out!”

Regardless of the reason, getting hold of the knowledge on ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refining’ first was the real deal.

The insights from ‘Formations’ greatly inspired Su Hao, fueling his anticipation for ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refining.’

Su Hao reached into the air, pulled out a teapot and several teacups from the storage space, and took out some premium tea leaves.

Pouring water, activating the ‘high temperature’ rune, he divided the tea leaves into the cups and brewed it!

Soon, the unique fragrance of tea, accompanied by a faint smoke, filled the small room.

Having completed the guest-serving process, Su Hao walked out, smiling, “Master, senior uncle! Why have you come? Please come in!”

Feng Ling and Feng Yan didn’t find it inappropriate to enter the ‘boudoir’ of a fourteen-year-old, walked into Su Hao’s room confidently, only to be surprised by the extreme simplicity of it!

Turning their attention to the neatly arranged tea on the stone table, Feng Ling exclaimed, “Feng Wei, you even have time to drink tea for yourself!”

Su Hao chuckled, “Master, this is pre-prepared tea for you. Please, have a seat!”

Pre-prepared? Who’s he trying to fool?

Feng Ling and Feng Yan exchanged glances, the bright eyes containing a hint of laughter, treating Su Hao’s words as a joke.

Without much fuss, they sat down, inhaling the faint tea fragrance, and commented, “Good tea!”

Su Hao also sat down, pointing to the books beside Feng Ling, “Master, are these the books on ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refining’?”

Feng Ling placed the stack of books she was carrying on the table, “Certainly! I didn’t forget your books. Here they are!”

Finally unable to hold back, Feng Yan said, “Kid! Weren’t you studying formations? Why bother with these ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refining’? Learning should not be distracted; focus on formations; that’s the real path!”

Su Hao replied, “Senior uncle is absolutely right! Please enjoy the tea, senior uncle!”

Su Hao couldn’t wait to grab the stack of books, placing them by the bedside. He then pretended to pick them up for a casual browse, feeling a surge of excitement. Quickly, he stored all the books into the pinball space, and only then did Su Hao relax.

Curious, Feng Yan asked, “Kid, were you really reading those books just now?”

Su Hao walked back and sat at the table, casually saying, “Just flipping through them randomly.”

Feng Yan questioned again, “Do you remember them?”

Su Hao replied, “I probably remember them.”

Feng Yan’s breath momentarily caught, then she pointed to the third book, “What’s the content on the third one? Kid, recite it for us!”

Su Hao’s good memory was no secret, and in his current good mood, he didn’t mind giving a performance for this well-endowed and attractive senior. He readily started reciting.

Feng Yan immediately got up to pull out the third book, flipping through it while listening to Su Hao’s recitation.

Not a single mistake!

Feng Yan was completely stunned.

Then, she blurted out, “Kid, how about you become my disciple!”

Feng Yan always understood one thing: helping others was fine, but it had to be others seeking her help for her to agree. Taking the initiative wouldn’t lead to good results; he believed that being proactive would only invite trouble and accusations of meddling in others’ affairs.

He had been deeply hurt by this before!

‘I, Feng Yan, will never take the initiative to help again, hmph! Of course, except for Senior Brother Feng Hua! Hmph!’

However, but this kid’s talent was just too exceptional!

Photographic memory! This was truly a photographic memory, is there anything more suitable for learning formations?

After encountering Su Hao, Feng Yan had been restless in his princess room for nearly a month, completely uninterested in cultivation or sleep!

Unable to resist any longer, he sought out Feng Ling, bringing her to find Su Hao.

‘I, Feng Yan Little Fairy, will never take the initiative to help again, except for Senior Brother Feng Hua and this kid, hmph!’

He also understood one thing: to get what he wanted, he had to take the initiative! The so-called fate, whoever believes in it is awesome!

This statement nearly made Su Hao and Feng Ling spray out all the tea in their mouths.

Feng Ling widened her eyes, pointing at herself, and weakly said, “U… Uncle… What about me?”

Feng Yan pushed Feng Ling aside, then bent down in front of Su Hao, saying, “How about it, become my disciple! I’ll teach you formations and guarantee you’ll become a legendary master of formations!”

This kind of pressure from a well-endowed ‘woman’, Su Hao experienced for the first time and involuntarily took a step back.

Feng Yan’s request was something Su Hao hadn’t expected.

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