Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: Simulating Natural Disasters

Su Hao stood beside the Foundation Establishment cultivator’s corpse, placing his hand on the remains. He infused his blood energy, recording all the data into the Bullet Space.

Then Su Hao furrowed his brow slowly.

Because he noticed that although this Foundation Establishment cultivator had died, the massive spiritual energy within him remained active, not rapidly dissipating with the cultivator’s death.

After careful perception, Su Hao murmured, “The residual spiritual energy of this cultivator is dissipating, but the rate is very slow!”

Su Hao thought for a moment. With his ‘Mind’ carrying spiritual energy, he entered the Foundation Establishment cultivator’s body, painstakingly guiding a trace of spiritual energy out and injecting it into a prepared ‘Intense Light’ rune.

The next moment, the rune flashed with intense light, illuminating the darkened surroundings as if it were daylight.

After the light faded, Su Hao opened his eyes, unable to hide a smile. “In a cultivator’s corpse, spiritual energy condenses and doesn’t disperse quickly. To think this cultivation world is even more interesting and brutal than I imagined!”

Perhaps many lower-level cultivators, eager to advance to higher realms, ended up becoming nourishment for certain ‘immortals.’

At this point, Su Hao also understood why Feng Ling asked him to delay his breakthrough, restraining his own radiance!

Indeed, as Feng Ling said, before a cultivator grows strong enough to protect themselves, predicting their future is uncertain!

Who says a genius will definitely reach the Nascent Soul stage?

At this moment, Yashan approached Su Hao, almost kneeling down to thank him!

If Su Hao hadn’t arrived in time today, Yashan believed that the one lying motionless on the ground now would undoubtedly be him.

Yashan handed the collected eight flying shuttles to Su Hao. “Boss Wei, I’ve collected these artifacts!”

Su Hao didn’t bother asking why Yashan was being chased by cultivators. Chase happened; as long as he didn’t die, it wasn’t a big problem. Yashan just needed to complete the tasks assigned to him. As for what Yashan did in his free time, Su Hao never restricted him – that was Yashan’s freedom!

He casually took one of the shuttles and observed it in front of his eyes.

The shuttle was about twenty centimeters long, pointed at both ends, with a baby’s wrist thickness in the middle. It was entirely white, emitting a faint glow in the night. Su Hao flicked it, and the shuttle felt like it was made of paper; he could barely feel its weight.

Su Hao first infused it with blood energy, recorded the shuttle’s information into the Bullet Space, then said to Yashan, “Yashan, go strip the clothes off this cultivator! He should be wearing an inner armor-type artifact.”

“Sure thing, Boss Wei!” Yashan moved quickly, and in no time, he handed Su Hao a set of compact chainmail.

Su Hao took it, feeling a slight weight. This set of chainmail was somewhat heavy, with an all-metal texture. There was also a chest protector at the heart.

Su Hao thought to himself, “Once my master teaches me the basics of ‘Artifact Refinement,’ I can compare these two artifacts. Perhaps I can quickly decipher the techniques of refining artifacts.”

Su Hao tossed the artifacts to Yashan, saying, “Put these two things in the storage room. As for this corpse…”

Su Hao initially wanted to keep the corpse for research purposes, but he wasn’t sure if there might be any hidden mechanisms in the body of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Thinking about it, he decided against it. Besides, there would be plenty of opportunities in the future.

“Burn the corpse clean and bury it!”

Yashan immediately responded, “Sure thing, Boss Wei!”

After some thought, Yashan added, “Boss Wei, it’s possible that my location has been discovered. I might need to change places.”

Su Hao asked, “Have you finished everything on your end?”

Yashan grinned, “All done!”

Su Hao said, “Alright, find a new location. Give me the coordinates stone.”

Yashan retrieved the inconspicuous treasure from his pocket and handed it to Su Hao.

After updating the location, Su Hao returned it to Yashan. “Let me know once you’ve confirmed the new location. I’ll head back first!”

With that, he teleported away.

Yashan sighed in relief, watching the corpse on the ground. He quickly got to work, and after a moment, carrying the two artifacts, he swiftly left the area, thinking, “These cultivators are too formidable! It’s better to keep a low profile. If I provoke even stronger opponents and Boss Wei doesn’t arrive in time, it’ll be disastrous! Fortunately, I’ve already dealt with things on my end!”

After Su Hao returned to the Yunzhong Valley, he locked himself in his room, entered the Pinball Space, and delved into the study of formations. He had gained a substantial amount of knowledge on formations from Senior Brother Feng Yan, enough to keep him occupied for a while!

With nothing particularly urgent on his plate, Su Hao immersed himself in the study of formations.

What exactly were the formations in the cultivation world?

Su Hao’s curiosity was piqued, and his mind felt like thousands of little kittens scratching at it.

Currently, the formations he had experienced were the protective mountain mist array on Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak. While in the mist, he not only lost his sense of direction but also suffered a significant suppression of his radar perception.

Su Hao still couldn’t understand why the formation could suppress his radar perception!

This left him extremely curious about the principles behind the protective mountain mist array. He even speculated that the principles of formations might be similar to his rune array disc!

In the Pinball Space, Su Hao simulated a modern-style study. Sitting at the desk, he took out ten formation books that Feng Yan had selected for him.

Concentrating his mind, he opened the first page and started reading.

“Formations embody wisdom…”

Su Hao smiled, “They get straight to the point. I like this tone!”

As Su Hao earnestly delved into his studies, time quietly passed. It flowed through his vibrant pupils, over the fingertips flipping through books, and across the lively words and diagrams…

With each deeper dive into his reading, Su Hao gained a rough understanding of the formations in this world.

The formations in this world were entirely different from the principles of Su Hao’s rune array disc!

The phrase “Formations embody wisdom” at the beginning of the books already explained everything.

In Su Hao’s view, the formations in the cultivation world were a complete set of tools for studying nature, essentially a form of “science”!

“This is another systematic natural science!” Su Hao couldn’t help but exclaim.

He discovered that whenever he delved into understanding the civilization of a world, he could inevitably harvest the wisdom of that civilization.

To thoroughly understand “formations” in this world, it wasn’t enough just to study their “forms”; one needed to understand the “history” of how formations came to be.

Merely studying the formation’s array disc and function without delving into the development process would only lead to acquiring its form without grasping its essence.

It was akin to studying mathematics; if one seriously delved into the history of its development, the understanding of mathematics would transcend the dry aspects of “solving problems” and “taking exams,” revealing the beauty inherent in numbers.

Su Hao aimed not only to study the form of formations but also to unravel the wisdom contained within them!

After reading several books, Su Hao didn’t rush to find practical operation books on formations. Instead, he turned back to the books that recorded the history of formation development and began to study them carefully.

The birth of “formations” traced back to ancient times when people began to fantasize about the magnificent power of nature…

“Lightning and thunder leaping in the clouds, incinerating everything in its path.” “Majestic rain triggering flash floods, devouring everything.” “The scorching sun bursting forth, a desert stretching endlessly.” “The deep sea roaring, surging seawater flooding the earth.” “The sky collapsing, earthquakes burying living beings…”

Natural disasters did not make those indomitable souls submit. They attempted to decipher the causes of disasters and sought to turn disasters into something they could use.

Naturally, these attempts failed until a transcendent genius appeared. This genius, who still shone brightly today, was the first to cultivate “mind” successfully. Using “mind,” he managed to control the energy of spirit power, an “active and randomly changing” force.

From this point, people’s ambitions grew. Perhaps they could use spirit power to harness the power of disasters!

After countless years of relentless research and summarization by numerous individuals, they found a set of tools for studying natural laws.

Thus, “formations” were born!

Su Hao calmly stated the core elements of formations, “Formations use spirit power to manipulate the forces of nature, simulating natural disasters!”

“Wow, that’s awesome!”

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