Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: These cultivators are too timid.

One month ago, Su Hao loaded all the accessories of Yashan, including “Earth Lord,” “Prophet,” “Life Detection,” “Dynamic Vision,” “Common Runes,” and “Universal Assistant.”

Fully armed, Yashan, armed to the teeth, planned to leave the mountain and seek revenge on the evil factions that had previously chased him. Those factions, with their extremely heinous deeds, had pursued him to the point of misery, a debt he held close.

Now, with greatly increased strength, he intended to reclaim his territory.

Of course, reclaiming territory wasn’t the main focus; the key was to spread the brilliance of civilization, making those evildoers understand that oppressing and harming the innocent is wrong.

Yashan didn’t demand that they ‘reach and benefit the world,’ but at least they shouldn’t ‘rely on strength to harm others,’ right?

In just half a month, Yashan took care of the factions he once disliked, showing no mercy where it was due.

Unexpectedly, while uprooting the radishes, Yashan unknowingly provoked cultivators. Initially, he could handle them with his flying speed, escaping when needed. However, a few days ago, an unexpectedly powerful cultivator appeared, rendering Yashan defenseless.

If not for the extraordinary vitality of “Earth Lord,” various defensive runes, and accessories like “Life Detection” and “Dynamic Vision,” Yashan might have been killed on the spot.


In the area where Yashan was, as night approached, a faint yellow light flashed from a distance, piercing through Yashan’s high-speed flight, unstoppable by his sturdy black crystal armor and reinforced with ‘hard’ and ‘barrier’ runes.


Yashan suddenly gained a massive hole in his body; his thick black crystal armor shattered and flew apart. Yet, Yashan’s flight remained steady; he had clearly taken quite a beating but adapted.

Yashan muttered under his breath, “Damn!”

His speed surged again, and the hole on his body quickly covered with a thick layer of black crystal armor, repaired in no time.

As the penetrating yellow light gradually dissipated, a wrist-thick flying shuttle emerged.

Yashan stared intently at the ugly white flying shuttle. This thing had poked so many holes in him!

Fortunately, he had ‘Dynamic Vision’ and, before the flying shuttle could blow up his head, he managed to move and hide it, avoiding becoming a lifeless corpse on the ground.

The shuttle circled around, changed direction, and flew back.

Just as Yashan sighed in relief, he sensed some movement behind him and couldn’t help but turn his head to look.

This time, when he turned around, he was stunned.jpg, then frantically layered armor on himself, ignoring even the wings behind him.

Just behind him, several yellow lights shot towards him rapidly. Counting them, there were six.

One light could poke a big hole in him, so what chance did he have with six? Was he supposed to move his brain to his hand?

Yashan couldn’t care less, immediately switching to the ‘Universal Assistant,’ opening the communication function, and desperately dialing and messaging Su Hao.

“Calling Boss Wei!”

“Boss Wei, save me!”

Yashan desperately fled, and the six yellow lights chased after him as if tracking missiles pursuing fighter jets.

Just as the six yellow lights got closer, about to pierce through Yashan, a tall figure suddenly appeared next to Yashan, covered in thick diamond armor, with a sleek and majestic design, incredibly handsome!

‘Boss Wei!’ Yashan was suddenly overjoyed; he knew he was saved.

‘Third-level – Barrier,’ ‘Third-level – Hard!’

The moment Su Hao appeared, the effects of two runes were immediately applied to Yashan.

At the same time, the six yellow lights continued to attack Yashan.

“Ding ding ding…”

The crisp sounds echoed, but Yashan suffered nothing more than the momentum impact.

Instead, the six yellow lights, like hitting an extremely hard steel plate, rolled back and flew away. The yellow lights dissipated, revealing six sharp shuttles.

Even with the hastily activated ‘Third-level runes’ by Su Hao, their strength exceeded expectations. They appeared to have extremely powerful attack capabilities, akin to an unstoppable flying shuttle weapon, unable to break through in the slightest.

Indeed, spiritual power restrained spiritual power!

It was only now that Su Hao had the time to set up a ‘Opposing Space Barrier’ for himself and Yashan. Then he said, “We’ll talk later, first, get a little farther away.”

After that, he guided spiritual power into the core rune in his body, instantly extending his radar perception to fifty thousand meters. At the same time, the outlines of creatures within the range entered Su Hao’s awareness.

In the sky, hovering a thousand meters away, a figure looked towards Su Hao’s direction, continuously forming hand seals, seemingly preparing for the next attack.

‘Surely, he’s the enemy. Judging by the aura, he should be a Foundation Establishment cultivator just like my senior uncle. I need to treat this cautiously!’

Su Hao locked onto the figure a kilometer away and extended his right hand.

“Ka ka ka~”

A diamond longsword materialized, quickly covered with various runic arrays on the blade.

‘Third-level – Sharp,’ ‘Third-level – Penetration,’ ‘Third-level – Hard,’ ‘Third-level – Corrosion!’

Following that, Su Hao continued to enchant his own armor with runes, ‘Third-level – Hard,’ ‘Third-level – Deflection,’ ‘Third-level – Barrier.’

And ready to activate ‘Opposing Space Barrier’ at any moment!

Su Hao took a deep breath, radar locked onto the figure’s back.


The next moment, Su Hao disappeared on the spot, appearing behind the Foundation Establishment cultivator, thrusting down with the sword.

The Foundation Establishment cultivator was startled. The moment Su Hao appeared, he sensed something behind him, instinctively activating a protective magical artifact.


A faint yellow shield enveloped the Foundation Establishment cultivator. Simultaneously, two flying shuttles hanging at his waist activated and shot backward.

All these actions were completed in the blink of an eye. The Foundation Establishment cultivator couldn’t even turn around to check.

Despite the cultivator’s swift movements, Su Hao was even faster, thrusting his sword.


After momentarily blocking Su Hao’s sword tip, the Foundation Establishment cultivator’s faint yellow shield began to collapse from the point of impact, spreading across his entire body.


A crisp sound, the longsword unhindered, continued to thrust forward.


Another crisp sound! Su Hao’s sword tip encountered resistance again, making him quite surprised. “There’s more?”

Nevertheless, he didn’t slow down, continuing the thrust.


The second layer of the shield shattered!


Su Hao: “There’s still…”

The Foundation Establishment cultivator, with a panicked expression on his yellowed face, exclaimed, “Oh no! Can’t hold on!”

Su Hao’s sword tip quickly broke through the third layer of the shield, firmly stabbing the Foundation Establishment cultivator.


Su Hao’s sword tip got stuck, seemingly caught on a protective artifact worn by the cultivator.

Su Hao couldn’t help but curse, “Darn!”

The runic effects on the longsword, after breaking through three layers of shields consecutively, significantly weakened. They ultimately stopped at the innermost protective artifact on the Foundation Establishment cultivator.

At this moment, the two flying shuttles unleashed by the cultivator also reached Su Hao’s face.

“Swish swish—”

The shuttles passed through Su Hao’s body, but there was no sensation of hitting the actual body. It felt as if they pierced through empty air.

Seeing his defensive artifact block the attack, the Foundation Establishment cultivator was overjoyed. He quickly activated his techniques, intending to retreat and move far away.

Just moments ago, an enemy suddenly appeared behind him, thrusting a sword, scaring him half to death. He thought he might turn to ashes, but unexpectedly, the protective artifact he spent a lot of effort having refined proved to be exceptional, saving his life in a critical moment.

As for how that person suddenly appeared, he couldn’t afford to think too much at this moment. Preserving his life was the priority!

At that moment, Su Hao casually gestured.

“Third-level – Lightning!”

“Ka-cha! Boom—” The sound of thunder rolled as intense light flickered between heaven and earth.

A massive lightning bolt struck the Foundation Establishment cultivator, and powerful currents burst into numerous winding arcs, scattering and spreading through the surrounding air.

The Foundation Establishment cultivator instantly transformed into a Super Saiyan, then silently collapsed to the ground.

Su Hao caught up with his sword, swiftly beheading the Foundation Establishment cultivator who had changed hairstyles.

“It’s still more convenient to just cut off the head. These cultivators rely too much on protective shields—too timid!”

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