Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Boss Wei, help me!

Feng Ling and Feng Yan stared blankly as Su Hao pulled out a book, flipped through it quickly, and put it back, all within ten seconds.

It does seem like he’s picking books, but the speed seems a bit off!

As they watched, Feng Ling felt something was wrong and speculated, “Feng Wei’s memory is extremely abnormal. Could it be that he can casually flip through and remember all the contents?”

She startled herself with the thought and immediately shook her head, saying, “No, no, that’s impossible! Look, Feng Wei doesn’t even bother to flip through the books now, just touches them briefly!”

Feng Yan noticed Feng Ling’s odd expression and asked, “Little Feng Ling, what’s wrong?”

Feng Ling forced an awkward smile and said, “Nothing!”

Feng Yan pulled Feng Ling aside, lowering his voice, “Little Feng Ling, when will your master Feng Hua return?”

Feng Ling mischievously replied, “Master went to Qingyu Youzhou! Uncle Feng Yan, don’t worry, I’ll inform you as soon as he returns!”

Feng Yan frowned, “Hmph, that old guy is definitely avoiding this celestial maiden!”

Then, he puffed up his ample chest and eagerly asked Feng Ling, “Little Feng Ling, do you think your martial uncle is pretty?”

Feng Ling praised, “Extremely pretty, I’ve never seen such a beautiful celestial maiden before.”

Feng Yan grinned.

Feng Ling added with enthusiasm, “Uncle Feng Yan, you need to work hard. I think my master will be yours soon!”

“Is that so?” Feng Yan’s eyes sparkled, already planning the steps of administering the love potion in his mind.

‘Just don’t know what kind of potion can make a Golden Core realm cultivator fall for it…’

Su Hao focused on using his vitality to absorb all the information from the books in front of him into the pinball space.

At first, he pretended to shyly read, putting on a show, but when he noticed no reaction from his master and martial uncle, he became concerned that his martial uncle might change his mind. So, he completely unleashed his abilities.

Vitality surged out ‘carefully,’ collecting all the books row by row into the rebounding ball’s space.

Su Hao was getting into it, while Feng Yan beside him seemed to be reaching his limit with Su Hao’s wooden head.

He frowned, “Feng something…”

Feng Ling awkwardly added, “Martial uncle, it’s Feng Wei!”

Is his chosen name that hard to remember? ‘Wei Ran Cheng Feng,’ sounds good!

Feng Yan coughed and said, “Feng Wei, have you made your selection? I’ve flipped through all the books for you!”

Su Hao casually replied, “Almost done!”

Feng Yan, with a stern face, said, “If you ask me, I’ll help you pick ten books that suit you.”

Su Hao intensified his collection, responding without thinking, “Ask you? No need, no need!”

Feng Yan’s anger surged!

He turned to Feng Ling, “Little Feng Ling, forgive my frankness, your disciple is not great, a genius? I think you might have misjudged.”

Feng Ling glanced at Su Hao and whispered to Feng Yan, “Martial uncle, Feng Wei is truly a genius. Don’t underestimate him; I’m afraid you’ll regret it later.”

Feng Yan snorted, turning her nostrils to the side.

“I’ve made my choice!”

At this moment, Su Hao’s cheerful voice rang out. He walked lightly to Feng Ling and Feng Yan, asking, “Martial uncle, master, I’ve made my choice! When are we leaving?”

Feng Yan asked, “What about the books you picked?”

Su Hao pointed casually, “The first ten on that shelf.”

Feng Yan: “…”

He confirmed that Su Hao didn’t understand anything. Irritated, he pulled out ten books from various places and handed them to Su Hao, saying, “Take these to read, kid!”

Su Hao took them and sincerely thanked, “Thank you, martial uncle!”

Feng Yan snorted, “Remember to return them to me in a month!”

Su Hao hesitated, “I have to return them…”

Then he handed the books back, saying, “Martial uncle, thank you for the books. I’ll definitely read these ten first! As for these books, I don’t need to take them because… if I say I’ve memorized the contents, would you believe me?”

Feng Yan looked expressionless at Su Hao and uttered two words, “Arrogant!”

Su Hao sighed, “Does anyone believe the truth?”

If not for the sect, Feng Ling, and all these books, Su Hao wouldn’t care whether Feng Yan believed him or not!

Feng Ling added, “Martial uncle, Feng Wei really has an excellent memory. He might have remembered it.”

Feng Yan scoffed, “Whether he remembers or not is his business. I handed him the books only because of your face, Little Feng Ling. If he doesn’t appreciate it, it’s his problem.”

Then he said to Little Feng Ling, “You’ve misjudged him! This ignorant person is not worth cultivating. After a few years out of the sect, he’ll probably be among the first to die.”

Su Hao didn’t explain. He sincerely thanked Feng Yan for providing him with so much book material, “Thank you, martial uncle, for the gifted books. If there’s anything Feng Wei can help with in the future, I won’t decline!”

Feng Yan ignored Su Hao, turned his face away, and formed a spell with his hands, creating a passage in the mist. He didn’t say anything, leaving Su Hao to figure it out.

Su Hao glanced at Feng Ling, and she said, “Feng Wei, go back by yourself. I have something to discuss with your martial uncle.”

Su Hao nodded and left through the passage!

After coming out, Su Hao turned to look at the merging mist behind him, took a deep breath, and sighed, “This trip is truly fruitful, but these ‘female’ cultivators are not easy to get along with!”

For Su Hao, achieving the goal was enough. Who would have thought about so much? Understanding girls’ thoughts, making them happy – he wasn’t good at that! Plus, he was busy; he didn’t have time for these things!

Besides, why couldn’t girls be the ones to make him happy?

Thinking this, Su Hao quickly left the place and headed back to his residence.

In the mist, inside Princess Feng Yan’s castle, Feng Ling held Feng Yan’s hand, apologizing incessantly, “Martial uncle, I really didn’t expect things to turn out like this. I won’t bring others in again. Please forgive me this time!”

Feng Yan pulled her hand back, turning her nostrils to the side, “Hmph!”

Feng Ling said, “Martial uncle, I heard that Master Mei Yi recently created new little fairy dolls…”

Feng Yan said, “Little Feng Ling, I forgive you this time!”

Feng Ling grinned, “Actually, I brought him in to show off to you. Feng Wei is truly a genius. Once he glances at something, he’ll never forget it.”

Feng Yan frowned, “Really?”

Then, Feng Ling explained Su Hao’s remarkable memory skills to Feng Yan one by one and added, “Not only that, he is one of the most insightful people I’ve ever seen so far. And…”

Feng Ling said seriously, “And Feng Wei never stoops to lying! When he said he remembered, he definitely remembered! It’s not fake!”

Feng Yan asked again, “Is that so?”

Feng Ling nodded, “Absolutely true!”

Feng Yan questioned, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Feng Ling thought to herself, “You were angry, and I thought you wouldn’t listen!”

But on the surface, she said, “It wasn’t convenient in front of Feng Wei just now!”

Feng Yan suddenly had some thoughts about Su Hao’s excellent memory, revealing a silly smile on his face.

Su Hao was running among the grass and wildflowers, eager to get back to his room to check the formation materials. Unexpectedly, several messages popped up in the pinball space, catching his attention.

“Yashan?” Su Hao, while running, entered his consciousness into the pinball space and opened the message from Yashan.

“Calling for Boss Wei!”

“Boss Wei, help me! I’m being chased by cultivators!【Bone Demon】 and runes aren’t enough to fight them!”

“I’m done for…”

A bead of sweat formed on Su Hao’s forehead. He couldn’t help but feel a hint of sympathy for Yashan’s unfortunate situation.

He had already evolved Yashan to the level of 【Earth Lord】 and inscribed numerous runes, thinking that he would have some self-defense capabilities by now. Yet, it hadn’t been long, and he had already provoked cultivators?

Su Hao scanned the surroundings, seeing no one. With a thought, he quickly transformed into a 【Child of Fate】, and his body slowly disappeared on the spot, teleporting to Yashan’s side!

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